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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ZOMBIES: Timothy Long of Permuted Press brings Zombie Horror to Seattle

There's only a few days between the nations most ardent zombie enthusiasts and the ZomBcon, a World Fair of the Zombie genre.  The event will feature artists, stars, and a (zombie) horde of enthusiasts from aroudn the world.

Joining the Permuted Press fun bunch at their featured booth will be none other than Timothy Long.  Timothy talked with about the excitement surrounding the upcoming event.

Tim, is ZomBcon going to be one of the greatest events for fans of zombie horror this year?

====  This is THE zombie cultural event of the year. I have been waiting 365 long days for the second zomBcon and can’t wait for it to get underway. I’m a huge fan of all things zombie so it is a real treat to get to meet so many others that are into the genre. Plus, you can’t beat ‘convention spirit’ to really help focus on current projects like finishing books.

What is something you look forward to seeing or attending?

====  I’m thrilled to be a guest but I can’t wait to meet and hang out with some of the biggest and coolest people in the horror scene. Everyone from Tom Savini to Bill Mosley, and Sid Haig. Awesome writers like Jonathan Maberry, Cherie Priest, and Scott G. Brown. Not to mention you, Bowie, and all the fantastic Permuted Press authors.

====The best part will be meeting fans and friends.

What book will you be featuring at the Permuted Press booth?

====  I will have two Permuted Press books at the zomBcon. The first is my latest novel which is premiering this week. The book is called Beyond the Barriers and is my first traditional zombie novel since 2009. The second is the Permuted Press reissue of my first book Among the Living, a zombie novel set entirely in downtown Seattle.

You have a hammer, a bat, or a knife.  Which one do you use to put down a zombie and how?

====   Bat all the way. I like a good sharp knife but they tend to get stuck at the worst times. Even a machete can get caught in a skull and there goes your chance at a second strike. A hammer suffers a similar draw back. If you get a good strong strike you run the risk of having the flat end get wedged in something.

====   Now a good bat, you can wail away all day and it will still be the same blunt force instrument you started with. Until it breaks. Then your best weapon is your feet. RUN!

Where can the attendees of zomBcon find more info about you and your written works?

====   I have samples of all my work and even a few audio chapters recorded on my website.

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