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Monday, October 17, 2011

ZOMBIES: Permuted Press author Bowie V. Ibarra prepares for ZomBcon!

ZomBcon is about to take Seattle by undead storm this weekend October 21-23rd at the Sea-Tac Hilton Convention Center.  And with it will come a (zombie) horde of guests and featured stars of zombie horror.

One of those guests will be Permuted Press author Bowie Ibarra. had a chance to sit down with Bowie and ask a few questions about his thoughts on the event.

Bowie, the day is finally approaching.  ZomBcon.  Are you ready?

===  I've very excited and honored to be a part of it with the Permuted Press fun bunch.  I think it's going to be a real good time for all.

What are you looking forward to do while you're there?

=== Some of the star guests are amazing, especially the performers from George Romero's movies.  I look forward to that.  But also, ironically enough, visiting the grave of Bruce Lee.  That's been something I've been wanting to do all my life.  From there, meeting readers, hanging with the Moody's Survivor Facebook crew, watching Fulci's 'Zombie' on the big screen, drinking regional beer, and dancing the night away at the Zombie Prom!

What book are you featuring at the Permuted Press booth?

==== I'll be featuring the magnum opus of the classic Permuted Press series, "Down the Road:  The Fall of Austin".  Readers have been calling it the best in the series.  I'll also have a few others available, and will be offering prizes to visitors to the Permuted Press booth.  If readers buy a copy of any of my Permuted bretheren's books, I'll offer them one of mine at deep discount!  They'll also get a chance to register for somegiveaways from  

So, Zombies, Fights, or Blood?

====  All in good measure.

Where can attendees of zomBcon find out more about you and your written works?

===  It's a simple trip to  I look forward to seeing some great zombie horror and having a good time with my zombie horror circle of friends.


Tony Faville of Permuted Press brings the zombie horror to ZomBcon 2011.
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A family deals with a member bit by a zombie in an excerpt from "Down the Road: On the Last Day"

Bryan Schussler brings the awesome in every review he does.  You won't find someone who loves boobs, bush, and blood more than this man.
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Tickets for zomBcon are still available.  Check out the website at to see the guest list and all the other great things going down in Seattle.

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