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Monday, October 24, 2011

ZOMBIES: An open letter to everyone I met @ZomBcon!

To everyone I met at ZomBcon,

As the ZomBcon recaps and pics come in, I want to make a shoutout to all of you, the friends, fellow authors, and readers who made my experience at the event a fantastic experience.  It was great to be in a world of wild fantasy for a few days.  It makes the horror of the real world that awaits me when the sun rises again a tad more bearable.

To my Permuted Press collegues, Jason S. Hornsby, Peter Clines, DL Snell, Jonathan Maberry, Craig DiLouie, Iain McKinnon, Tony Faville, Eloise P. Knapp, Timothy W. Long, and Jacob Kier, it was a real privilege to hang with you guys.

To Shawn Festering Corpse Riddle, Jeremy Mahan, Chip Fehd, Lyle Perez, Robert Elrod, and the rest of the Moody fun bunch that made the event a blast, thank you so much.

To ZOMBCON-SEATTLE - Thank you for the opportunity to meet such great and influential people of the zombie genre.  Meeting the people that moved me so many years ago to write was a wonderful experience.  Thank you so much!

And to all the new Facebook, Twitter, Blog followers, and new readers of the library that I met at the event, I thank you so much for the opportunity to entertain you.

Please keep in touch with me at the networking links at, and message me any time you'd like with questions, critiques, interviews, or comments.


Bowie V. Ibarra


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