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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ZOMBIES-Permuted Press author Tony Faville looks forward to ZomBcon

Permuted Press and members of its stable of authors will be sharing their brand of zombie horror with other zombie afficionados at the nations biggest zombie hoedown, ZomBcon at the Sea-Tac Hilton October 21-23, 2011.  Guests from the leading edge of the zombie genre will be in attendance, including Permuted author Tony Faville. talked with Tony in anticipation of the Z-Con.
Tony, how excited are you to be a part of ZomBcon with Permuted Press this year?

==== To be honest with you, I am very excited, this is only my second Con attendance, and my first time in a "official" capacity of any sort. Not only that, but being able to be there as part of such a great group as the Permuted authors, heck yeah I am excited!

What is something you look forward to doing or seeing at the convention?

==== Finally being able to meet Jonathan Maberry is going to be one of my best memories. He and I have communicated a bit over the past couple of years, and I am even listed in the acknowledgments for his latest book due to some technical help I was able to provide in a scene he was writing. Also, it will be my first time meeting someone I have grown to have a solid relationship with over the past year, artist Robert Elrod. Oh, and actress Jenny Spain from DeadGirl, I actually got her the invite from the folks at Zombcon….she promised me a picture. =)  Add in the other friends I will be either seeing again or meeting face to face for the first time and it will be a most memorable trip.

Which book will you be featuring at the event?

==== I will have two books there, my Permuted release of Kings of the Dead, and another one that I have self published and testing the waters with titled Avery Nolan: Private Dick of the Dead. It's a homage to the pulp fiction and detective stories of the 50's and 60's.

Zombies, Fights, or Blood?

==== Zombies all the way. They have been my driving force for many, many years now.

What would be your weapon of choice during the z-poc?

===== I have so many to choose from, but if I could only have one, believe it or not, it would not be an AK or AR. Nope, you would find a .30-30 lever action carbine slung over my shoulder. Trust me on this, 30+ years of firearm experience and a LOT of thought has gone into this choice. If I could round out my weapons, I would have my H&K USP .40 on my right hip, and my blade of choice on my left hip.

Where can ZomBcon attendees find more info about you?

==== Well, I have a website at , I am on Twitter @tfaville , and you can find me on Facebook.


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