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Monday, October 17, 2011

ZOMBIES/BLOOD - DL Snell gears up for ZomBcon with Permuted Press

Just like on Sunday night, when the Zombie world was counting the seconds for "The Walking Dead", the Zombie World now counts down to the countrys biggest celebration of the Z-Poc, ZomBcon.  Friends, fans, and stars of the genre will be in attendance, including Permuted Press and a stable of their authors.

One such author is DL Snell, who will be ready and waiting for the zomBcon doors to open! had a chance to talk with him about his upcoming guest appearance.

DL.  ZomBcon is later this week in Seattle.  Are you excited?

=== Definitely! At my first few cons, I got to meet so many people I’d only spoken to over the Internet—lots of Permuted Press folks and guys like Jonathan Maberry. It’s a blast to meet these people in person, and at zomBcon I’ll get to meet even more; you know, guys like you, Bowie! It’s also thrilling to meet fans of the genre and of my work specifically. There are some wonderfully bizarre and interesting people out there, and it’s great to get to talk to them, and to sign some books. Very excited!

What do you look forward to seeing or participating in at the convention?

=== Well I’m definitely looking forward to the Permuted Press panel, which I’ll be a part of, along with Permuted writers like Peter Clines, Craig DiLouie, my sort-of neighbor Tony Faville, and Eloise Knapp. In fact, I’m looking forward to the author panels in general.

What book will you be featuring at the Permuted Press booth at ZomBcon?

==== I will be promoting several zombie-themed works—my first novel, Roses of Blood on Barbwire Vines; and The Undead: Headshot Quartet—but I’m also excited to be talking about my new novel, DEMON DAYS - Angel of Light. Now, fans of the walking dead might not think a book about demonic possession and ancient prophesy has anything to do with zombies. But if they check out this book, they will discover a huge surprise! I can't say any more, because I don't want to ruin the twist. The book is part of the DEMON DAYS franchise, which I co-author with screenwriter/producer Richard Finney. The scope is larger on this book, more ambitious than the first one, so we can hardly wait to get reader feedback, including feedback from readers who love the undead!

How many zombies would it take to finally capture and eat DL Snell and why?

=== One zombie: my wife or son. I don’t care if it’s stupid not to put them out of their misery—it’d be fucking hard.

Zombies, Fights, or Blood?

==== All three! Stage the fight on a grated platform so that the blood runs down and feeds the zombies in the pen below.

Where can attendees at ZomBcon find more information about your written works before they can meet you at the event?

==== Right now on Finney and I are running a giveaway for DEMON DAYS: Special Edition. This version of the very first book includes a special bonus—the first 200 pages of DEMON DAYS - Angel of Light! You can find the details about the giveaway, and about all my books, at, where I also interview magazine and anthology editors about what type of submissions they’d like to see for their market.


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Get your tickets and more information about the great lineup of guests and events at

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