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Monday, October 24, 2011

ZOMBIES: report from ZomBcon! had a great time at the event.  Here's a potpourri of videos and pics of the event.

ZomBcon was making headlines in the news.

At the end of the event, the Permuted Press authors celebrated the event with a local brew, Dead Guy Ale.

One of the stars of the "Day of the Dead" series, Anthony DiLeo, was in attendance.  He played Miguel.

Permuted Press authors DL Snell, Jason Hornsby, Craig DiLouie, and Peter Clines.

Perhaps my favorite costume of the event:  Zombie Mommy and Zombie Baby. takes a moment to take a picture by the ZomBcon photo op wall.

Had a great conversation with Judith O'Dea.  She was Barbara from "Night of the Living Dead". was located at the Permuted Press table with other amazing writers from the stable. visited the grave of Bruce Lee as well.  It was an honor.

This was a tasty treat at Pike Market.

Her name was Ann, and she was all glammed up for the Z-Poc.

Here is noted CosPlay artist Linda "Vampy" Le making a fashion statement.

From "Dawn of the Dead" '78, David Emge.

ZomBcon guest and Permuted Press author Eloise J. Knapp decked out in her Zombie Hunter gear.

Here's mastermind at the Anarchy Championship Wrestling event in Austin, Texas.  This is where author Bowie Ibarra ended his Sunday after the ZomBcon.  He's drinking a Miller Light and wearing a fashionable Robert Elrod custom shirt.

And this is Robert Elrod, sporting a shirt.

While at Pike Market, I had Madam X tell me my future.

Talk about a zombie costume.  I thought she was real.

While in Pike Market, took in the infamous 'Bubble Gum Wall'.

Iain McKinnon, author from Permuted Press, flew all the way in from Scotland to attend the event.  He wore his traditional kilt with the McKinnon tartan.  "Have a go if you think you're hard enough". had a chance to sit down with Iain, who talked about zombies in Europe and his book, "Remains of the Dead".

Iain also had a chance to say hello to Judith O'Dea.

Also, with a Zombie Burlesque dancer.

Ian McCullough of Lucio Fulci's "Zombie" fame helped me understand how to correctly pronounce my name. "Bo-E" over "Boo-E" is the correct pronunciation.  As he was telling me, it's more "masculine" and "metallic".

Someone was actually sporting an "Ilsa" themed shirt.  Pretty cool.

Jarlath Conroy shared some time with and the fans.

Here's Bowie Ibarra with his foster dad, Jacob Kier, the owner of Permuted Press.

"For only 10 cents a day, you, too, can help poor Mexicans children like Bowie have hope."

Lori Cardille was amazing, and enjoyed hearing thoughts about the acting and motivation of the actors in "Day of the Dead." was also in attendance at the Moody Survivor's Facebook Group party.  It was a good time to be had by all, including noted Bram Stoker award winner, Johnathan Maberry.  Also, it was Shawn Riddle's B-day, so we celebrated.

I also attended a screening of "Day of the Dead", sponsored by Austin, Texas' own Alamo Drafthouse.  Dismember the Alamo.  Great to see a little bit of Austin influence in the pacific northwest.

This is Frank and Laura.  They flew in all the way from the Netherlands for the event.  The world loves zombies.

Pike Market.  They were throwing fish around.

Some of the first zombies that attended:  Zombie Pochahontas and Zombie Cinderella.

Norman Reedus was also in attendance.  Here he is skipping by the Permuted Press table.

Jill Valentine was there, too.

Big photo op with the whole Romero zombie movie crew.  Four generations of Romero zombie movies represented in the pic.

And in a most amazing moment of Romero appreciation, members from "Dawn.." and "Day..." asked to take a picture of the shirt.  Dr. Steven Schlozman, author of the Romero-optioned "The Zombie Autopsies" set up the picture.  They requested that they pose in reverence to the shirt.  It was the greatest moment of the event for, and the picture was even sent to George Romero by Dr. Schlozman!

George Romero played a priest in Romero's "Martin".

Sid Haig was at the event, and had some chuckles ribbing the Permuted Press table each time he passed by.

A cold is the last thing you should be scared of catching from this wild zombie temptress.

Did I mention the zombie burlesque show?

I made sure to tell these dudes I was sorry about what happened to Roy Tucker.

A true zombie tattoo dedicated to the true upcoming Seattle zombie apocalypse.

Micheal Gornick, director of "Creepshow 2", and John Amplas of 'Martin' and 'Day of the Dead' fame.

Even Voodoo zombie masters were represented at the event.

One of the best products was the ZombieAlert, where you could have the necklace stamped with what you want your loved ones to do to you when you turn.

Also representing  You can go to that website and network with other zombie fanatics.



Then, returning to Texas, the first beer that was grabbed was a Lone Star.  Home again.

In the end, it was an amazing event.  I hope to make the next one and experience the fun and brotherhood again.  Also, @zombcon owes me a whiskey shot.


BOWIE IBARRA is the author of the 'Down the Road' zombie horror series from Permuted Press and Simon and Schuster.  His last book in the series, "The Fall of Austin", features a battle for survival in the capitol of Texas.

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