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Saturday, March 16, 2013

ZOMBIES: Wild Spec. for 'Prey', The Walking Dead

By Bowie Ibarra

This week, the always capable Jackie Druga takes the Wild Speculation helm.  Here are her thoughts:

JACKIE DRUGA, author of the Permuted Press title 'Flu'

My speculation for the first of the final three.

I’m gonna extend my speculation to episode 15 as well, because if I am wrong, I can change it next week.

Merle rocks. He does. The people in the prison need to listen to him.  He makes sense. Look for Merle to really shine, to get on our good side.

Michonne will find out via Herschel that she is the trade for peace and she’ll turn herself in. Not without a plan. Merle will go with her.

Remember the episode where Andrea rallied the town of Woodbury. Has anyone considered instead of the cliché good verses bad war, that Andrea is able to rally Woodbury and secretly turn the town against the Governor. I am going to make that speculation.

Look for the first of Andrea conversions to take place. She will rally the town, we as viewers won’t see it until the last episode. This episode will be about preparation. Watching Merle rise to the occasion, Tyrese turning to the prison, and Andrea doing an inside job. (Not a sexual reference). Again, watch for clues that she is going to have the town turn.

Did anyone else but me notice that Andrea didn’t know about Shane’s baby and to know that Rick’s weapons were combat ready takes an insider. Milton also gave the Governor a walkie talkie a few episodes back, that never was mentioned again. Insider at the prison … Maggie.

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