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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BLOOD: SATX Horror Aficionado Reviews 'Evil Dead' Rebirth


By Bowie Ibarra

Well, I didn't write this review.  I admit it.

I pretty much ripped it off from SATX Bloodthirsty Thursday Mastermind Kelly Warren Hammond's Facebook page.  Hey, I did reach out and ask his permission (I hadn't heard back from him.  Doh!).

Do me a favor.  Click on that Bloodthirsty Thursday live link in the previous paragraph and 'like' it on
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You might remember the SATX Bloodthirsty Thursday events previously mentioned in the blog, including interviews with people leaving the 'Return of the Living Dead' screening, and a review of a screening of the underrated 80s classic, "My Bloody Valentine'.

I'm reposting the Facebook review here because it is a great review from a noted horror hound that I think needs to be read by others looking forward to the movie, like myself.

So, here it is.  There is a bit of a spoiler at the end about a cameo, so consider that before reading.

Again, my apologies to Kelly.  The review was just too awesome to keep under wraps.

I owe you a beer, Kelly.

Check it out and get ready for April 5th!

"The GOOD, The BAD and "I'm the Guy with the Gun" Review:

1. THIS_IS_NOT_A_REMAKE!!! rather, as the ED2013 official web site says, "It's a Rebirth" so, with that said you can take the movi...e one of two ways. simply, it's a "rebirth" or re-imagining of the original concept OR it's a semi-sequel. you watch it. you decide.

2. there was more blood, gore (and profanity?!!) than had seen in an R rated horror flick since....well, possibly DEAD ALIVE. so no fear blood, guts and gore lovers there is plenty and i do mean PLENTY of it to go around. :)

3. as some "critics" would had seen ED2013 just a couple of weeks ago pointed out that the "character development" slowed down the pace of the movie. i can NOT disagree more! the movie starts off with a *punch* in the face/gut, then moves into character development (and with only a handful of characters, and 2 of them are main characters who cares), then sets you up for what is about to happen and it comes, BOOM!!! non-stop AWESOMENESS there after.

4. unlike EDII and the "third installment" AOD, this 2013 version actually feels like you are watching an "Evil Dead" movie but with out the campyness.

1. to many "cut to black screen" at the end of scenes. one or two, OK i'm fine with that, but 4 or 5 of them? made if feel like the director and editor couldn't really decide on how they wanted certain scenes to end and/or flow into each other. oh well....

2. if you've watch either the Green Band Trailer or the Red Band Trailer there's a very popular piece of footage that is shown in both, but not in the actual movie. *shugs* dunno why, maybe it seemed like over kill (no pun intended) but it's just not there.

3. Mia has 2 corny lines towards the end of the movie. had they cut it down to just one, i would have been happy with that. BUT... at least they weren't as bad as the lines (and the line delivery) like in the recent TCM3D movie: "Welcome to Texas, asshole...!" and "Do your thing, cousin!"

"I'm the Guy with the Gun"
1. yes, Yes, YES Bruce Campbell has a cameo. you'll need to stay to the very tail end of the credits because it's quick and cool. :)"
Thanks, Kelly.  I hope you don't mind me sharing it.  It was a great review.  I'll buy you a beer at the screening on April 5th. 

And expect a review on the weekend of April 5th, the official release date of 'The Cruel Fate of Dr. Brewster McGill', incidentally, in paperback and Kindle.


BOWIE V. IBARRA is the author of the 'Down the Road' zombie horror series from Permuted Press and Simon and Schuster.  His latest release, 'The Cruel Fate of Dr. Brewster McGill', is the story of snake oil, Aztec magic, and the dead rising from the grave in the old west.  You can find the book and many others on Bowie's page.

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