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Sunday, April 24, 2011

FIGHTS: Reviewer and Book Lover wenj of BlackLagoonReviews wants to read about a good fight!

 "...when he is best, he is little worse than a man, and when is is worst, he is little better than a beast..."  - Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare

Code Name/Alter Ego: Wenj
Primary Specialty: Graphic Designer
Secondary Specialty: Student
Favorite Word: Shanningans
 Q – wenj, let’s start with the Dorchester/Leisure controversy. Are you familiar with what’s going on with that? If so, what are your thoughts.
 *crickets* Um...runs to Google.
 Wow. I honestly hadn't been aware of that, but I have heard of several authors running into similar problems with other publishers. It's extremely sad and pretty despicable how the authors are being treated. To actually sell their books in e-format without the authors' consent, especially when they aren't receiving royalties for their already published works is theft, pure and simple, several times over it would appear. I wish those authors luck with resolving this issue, but know that relief will be a long time in coming in a matter such as this. Very disappointing and maddening.
 Q – wenj, you’re a part of a large community of people that takes the time to read books and review them. What made you decide to pursue that endeavor?
 Honestly, it just seemed like a good idea at the time. I was already pretty established on GoodReads with a lot of my friends interested in the novels that I was reading and my thoughts on them, but I wasn't really happy just giving general thoughts without any analysis. I suppose I can thank my high school English teachers for that, they were always eager for me to more fully explore the novels that I read and really break them down. While I certainly don't go in to that amount of depth for my reviews, I still feel that I do give a more in depth idea what is good and/or bad about the novel without being overly critical. I definitely believe in being honest about what I read, whether it be positive or negative.
"I'm expecting papers from some of you.  I'm not joking. This is my job."

Q – How many books to you read a month, on average?
 On average I would say at least 15 a month, sometimes more, but it depends on the time I have available and the length of the novel.
 Q – With the advent of Kindles, Nook, and Smashwords, do you find yourself reading books from these new devices?
 At the beginning of the summer I invested in a Nook and absolutely love it. I don't know what I would do without it now because I am constantly reading from it. It makes books instantly accessible which is something that I really enjoy, especially if I finish a novel and find myself needing the next installment. I always hated having to wait until I could make it to the store, or which was more common, waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I love my Nook!
The Nook.  The future is wow.

Q – What do you anticipate for the future of printed text?
 Honestly, I don't see E-Readers making printed text obsolete. As much as I love my Nook, I still also love reading hard copies and often find myself picking them up while browsing at the store and I know other people do too. There's just something about an actual book that can't be replaced and I think a lot of other people share this opinion as well.
 Q – As a reader, you must have books that are special to you. Share a few.
 CHRISTINE by Stephen King which was the first full length novel I read so, so, so many years ago, DRACULA by Bram Stoker gave me my love for vampires in literature, BRAVE NEW WORLD by Aldus Huxley, and THE THINGS THEY CARRIED by Tim O'Brien which gave me insight in to war and it's effects on those who fought in Vietnam which gave me a great sense of respect for soldiers.
A classic horror story

Q – When you’re writing reviews, what criteria do you use to judge it?
 There are certain things that I expect from novels, the most important among them are characterization, world development and the quality of the writing. These aspects, to me, are extremely important in drawing a reader into the story and creating a atmosphere that takes root within the imagination. When judging novels, I look at these qualities and determine how enthralled I was by the story. Did it speak to me in a way that will make it unforgettable? Did I care about the characters and the relationships that they formed? Was the plot interesting? All of these things culminate to make a novel more then just mere words. They make it really come to life which is something that I am always fascinated by.
 Q – So, Zombies, Fights, or Blood?
 Fights, definitely. I love the struggles that characters have to endure, be it physically or metaphorically.
 Q – If you could listen to an author from any era speak about writing, who would it be?
 Oscar Wilde. I loved his novel THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY. There were such great themes of dealing with the duality of man and the effects of good and evil on the human soul. His writing is always so eloquent and I just think he would be fascinating to hear speak about writing.
Oscar Wilde once visited the haunted Menger Hotel in San Antonio

 Q – Which of the titles you’ve read would you like to see made into a movie?
Recently I read one entitled STATE OF MIND by Sven Davison. It's an amazing novel about a society ruled by technology. It's edgy, smart, and thought evoking with lots of action and subterfuge that is perfectly suited to the silver screen. Another one I feel is wonderfully suited to being made into a movie is THE PASSAGE by Justin Cronin. I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about this novel, but I adored it. Lots of great themes and wonderful characters that I would love to see brought to life.
Q – What would you like to say to authors?
Thank you. Without authors, life would be so dull. It's through their wonderful imaginations that readers, myself included, can get lost in worlds so unlike our own where monsters really do lurk in the shadows or in an era long since passed. So much creativity and wonderful talent is shared with the world and I really think it's taken for granted. Writing is hard. Putting characters and worlds spawned from your imagination out there for others is even harder, especially when it's open to blogger reviews. It has to be scary and I think that's truly admirable, so just, thank you.
Q – What are things you look for in a good book?
Good stories, good characters, and a plot that will keep me interested. If there's some nice steamy romance, who am I to say no.
Q – Where can people check out your reviews online?
People can find my reviews at my blog, Black Lagoon Reviews ( and GoodReads (
Q – Any shout outs to your blog followers?
I just want to say thank you to everyone who follows my blog and takes the time to read what I have to say. I'm glad that my reviews are helpful and that people have found some titles they might not have taken the time to read otherwise. It's a very humbling experience and I deeply appreciate everyone who supports my blog. I've met some truly wonderful people, authors, bloggershope that I can continue to provide the quality reviews and features that they've come to expect.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

FIGHTS/BLOOD - ACW - Peace, Love, and Anarchy 2011! - The Forgotten Night...

ACW, a mind-erasing birthday bash, and a smart phone used as a weapon.  Yeah, that's the Cliff's notes version of my experience at Anarchy Championship Wrestling's Annual Peace, Love and Anarchy show.

Here's what I've pieced together throughout the week in what I documented with my camera.

Lady Poison and "The Goddess" Athena threw down for the Joshi Title.

ACW Joshi's

From what I can recall, both brought the action, with Athena hitting Poison with double flying knee off the rope.  But, it was a well timed "Poison Kiss" by The Green Death, Lady Poison.


And now, an update from my Davey Vega blog.  Looks like he is seperating himself from his Submission Squad brothers after all.  The dastardly Pierre Abernathy and Evan Gelistico had this to say to their friend:

Submission Squad and Vega draw lines in the sand... and me being very obnoxious.

And, naturally, with a tag team partner in the form of "The Son of Anarchy" Matt Palmer, it was now on!

Gelistico utilizing a St. Louis Cravat, circa 1850

Davey Vega using a Austin Steel Chair, circa 2011

Chris Adams-style Superkick on "Big Red"(WTF?) Pierre Abernathy

Vega and Palmer took the victory over the St. Louis rogues.  But then, Vega had this to say afterwards.

Vega throwing down the gauntlet

Then those SOB's of The Takeover came out.  I'm not sure what was going on at this point.

"Booooo Biohazard Jaykus Plisken"

Then Scot Summers took the call for an absent Masada and took it to Submission Squad member, Gary Jay, in a Hardcore match.

"A sweet mix of science and hardcore.  Summers Suplexes Skinnyman into chairs.

I was so blitzed, I knew enough to move.  But my iPhone had fallent to the ground.  Little did I know, Summers was about to use it as a weapon.

Gary Jay kicks Scot Summers in the face as he picks up my white OtterBox encased smart phone.

Summers swats Skinnyman with SmartPhone.  My SmartPhone.

You won't get that with WWE!

Here's actual video footage of the moment above.  The video starts just where Scot picks up my phone and whacks Gary Jay with it.  It's taken from a fan cam.

Summers/Jay final moments

I remember someone handing the phone back to me, covered in blood.  I wiped it off and replaced it on my belt, so blitzed that I didn't realize he had used it as an offensive weapon until I viewed these pictures.

It ended up back in the ring with Gary Jay utilizing some science and strength to get Summers over with a tremendous throw.

But in the end, the ring technician Scot "Showtime" Summers finished the match with a scientific juji-gatame armbar.  I thought Summers was going to take the arm home with him, as I remember cheering for his victory.

Portia Perez competed in a match I vaugely remember.  Video footage found days later show that I lifted up my shirt and asked her to chop me.  She moved away in disgust, accompanied by her pet robot, Super-Electro.  That footage I'm going to go ahead and keep to myself.  I was at the height of "Release the Kraken" mode, and it's a little embarassing.

Portia (to me) - "Don't lift your shirt up like that again, you Drunxican"

Apparently, I admired "The Father of Pain" Darin Child's new shirt.  I think his choice was an amazing pick from his last shirt.  I sincerely hope he continues to choose cool new shirts and retire the mangled and dirty white one.  This shirt pick receives my five star award for best of show-shirt division.

Then, apparently, Rachel Summerlynn came to the ring.  I guess she was part of the match.

Then, I think, my battery ran out.  I somehow had enough battery to take a picture with Paul London later, who was a kind man to my drunken self.

I seem to remember singing the chorus of "Major Tom" to him when he was in the ring as I took in his ring attire.

And I also picked up a Slim Sexy bandana somewhere along the way.

As always, to all the wrestlers I cheer and jeer, thank you.  And I sincerely hope you'll forgive me for being particularly obnoxious this past show.


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Monday, April 18, 2011

ZOMBIES/BLOOD - Wayne Simmons slings his brand of zombie horror from the Emerald Isle

"An it harm none, do what ye wilt"

Wayne Simmons

Vital Stats
Full Name: Wayne Simmons (I was never given a middle-name. Maybe I should make one up - how does 'Zaltor' sound?)
Code Name/Alter Ego: Zaltor... Zaltor of the Zaltans!
Primary Specialty: Ruler of Zaltania!
Secondary Specialty: Well, I guess I should mention those books I write...

Q – Wayne, as a writer far and away from my good old Texas countryside, where exactly are you located across the pond?
 I'm just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland. It's the place you might have seen in the news over the years, where folks can't get on so well and so bomb and shoot each other. Apart from that, it's a great place to live!
Q – They tell me Smithwick’s is a true Irish beer. Is that true? What are some other beers you would recommend I seek out?
"Even zombies need to bust open a cold one every now and then."

Smithwicks? Is that a stout? Not sure. I'm a very bad Irishman when it comes to drinking. I don't like Guiness. I do like Smithwicks, mind. Harp is a rather tasty Belfast brew - esepcially the new 'Ice Cold' Harp. To be honest, my favourite beer is Becks, which I think is either Dutch or German? 

"Beck's.  It's good."

Q – You are very active with Tell us about your work there?
 DCS is a community of writers, all working within horror or urban fantasy. We have Thomas Emson, Sean Cummings and myself (all Snowbooks authors), Christina Henry and Nancy Holzner (Ace/ Roc), Erin Kellison (Kensington Books) and Gary MacMahon (Abaddon Books/ Solaris/ Angry robot). We're all very different writers, appealing to a rather diverse audience. We blog together on common themes. Last week, we all donated for and blogged about the GENRE FOR JAPAN eathquake appeal.

Q - Along with writing, you also have a great interest in tattoos. Tell us about that.

"Gorgons Rock!"
Tattoos are a passion. An addiction, even. The whole process appeals to me: from choosing the artist; working together on the design, right through to actually getting the tattoo. I like how colourful my tattoos are. I like how they represent things I have enjoyed throughout my life, things that represent me - like horror. I seem to collect Medusa tattoos in particular, so far having three of them. My ghoulfiend and I travel to tattoo conventions (where I often do book signings), regularly attending Liverpool's convention but also having vistied the Cardiff and Amsterdam cons. I've loads more plans for tattoo - finding the time and money's a thing!    


Q – Are bookstores seeing the same kind of decline in the UK that we are seeing here in America?
 Unfortunately yes. Our largest chain, Waterstone's, are experiencing difficulties. They've closed stores and are currently up for sale. Independent stores are struggling, too, unable to compete with the likes of Amazon and supermarkets that can undercut them significantly. Oh, and then there we have e-books....
 I think the challenge to book stores is to adapt, to change with the market and find something unique to offer the customer in order to survive. E-books aren't going to go away, but neither is the demand for print. There's room for all types of book selling on the market - as long as each service offered brings something
unique to the table.

"Find it now.  Then, read it."
Q – Your book “Drop Dead Gorgeous” was drop dead glorious! The pacing was fantastic, and the climb to the finish, steady. The payoff was amazing. Tell us about the story, especially what inspired it and if there is a sequel on the way.
   Thanks, Bowie! glad you enjoyed it man!
 It's an odd tale, revolving around a ragtag group of people left scratching their heads after 99% of those around them drop dead. Like my zombie horror novel, FLU, DDG is set in my home city of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Yet, it's not a trad zombie story at all. Most of the focus remains on the people, on how they deal with the shock and grief of their situation, how they get on with each other (or not!). 
 The supernatural threat builds throughout the book, only reaching fruition in the last third of the novel. In many ways, therefore, it's easy to spot the influence of Asian horror cinema in DDG.
 It's still pulpy, but isn't just as fast-paced as FLU. In fact, I would almost describe DDG as a cross between a ghost story and a zombie story.
 I'm very proud of it. The sequel, DOLL PARTS, is due out from Snowbooks in 2012.

Q – Tell us a little bit about “Flu”.

"This is a flu you actually want to get."

FLU is a fast-paced, pulp horror tale about a mutated flu virus that turns the infected into zombies. It's a traditional, post-Romero tale with z-action from the prologue right through to the epilogue. There's still a lot of character development: readers are encouraged to invest in the survivors' plights, to love or hate them, and grieve the death of those they were cheering on. The sequel to FLU, to be called FEVER, should be out through Snowbooks on Halloween. It picks up from where FLU left off, introducing more characters as well as continuing the story of those left alive from the first book. I'm very pleased with it.
Q – I really enjoyed the Euro vibe from your work. Do you think placing the Z-Poc in regional segments of the world is a good idea?
I think the setting of FLU and DDG offers something fresh. Lots of z-novels follow Romero's formula very closely, even in their setting, and while that's cool, I think there's room for alternative locations for z-stories. We've seen some fantastic z-flicks from France (MUTANTS, THE HORDE) and Spain (REC). This is particularly exciting for me, as the Spanish language version of FLU sees release through Dolmen Editorial in October.

Q - When you’re writing, what do you do to keep your focus? How do you keep moving forward?
 I put my headphones on and disappear into my own world, regardless of where I am or what's happening around me. I have learned to write on trains and buses, in airports, on the beach or sitting next to my ghoulfiend at home. I try not to isolate myself when writing. Activity inspires me.      
"I'm with the CDC.  No, really.  I am."

Q – So, Zombies, Fights, or Blood?
 All three in equal measure, I say! :)

Q – If you could date a celebrity, who would it be?
 Probably Vampirella. Or Elvira. Or both of them.   

"Elvira, Mistress of the Dark"

The answer is yum!

Q – Which of your titles would you like to see turned into a movie?
 God, all of them! Hah! I would often find myself daydreaming, thinking of soundtracks, or actors and actresses who might play the characters within DDG or FLU. I tend to write in a fairly visual way, so hopefully it might happen some day. Who knows?

Q – What would you like to tell all your fellow writers?
 Keep writing. I love a lot of the work my peers do: David Moody, Brian Keene, Andre Duza, Joe McKinney, your good self, Bowie - I write z-horror because I'm a fan of z-horror. So, please guys, keep writing!

Q – What are things you look forward to in a good book?
Day Keene said that plot and characterisation is what folks pay their dime for and I absolutely 100% agree. I want a story where I can invest in the characters and get immersed in the plot. I don't read books for the fancy word-play. In fact, the less of that the better: so murder your darlings, writers!!

Q – Where can people check out all that you have to offer online?
 Probably the best place is via my website: You'll also find me on facebook, twitter and over at DARK CENTRAL STATION ( Please drop by and say hallo! I answer every e-mail and message I am sent.

Q – Any shout outs to your fans?

"That dog can read."



Need superheros vs. zombies?  Peter Clines delivers.

Bowie Ibarra is the author of the zombie horror series "Down the Road".  You can find out about him and his books at

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Monday, April 11, 2011

FIGHTS/BLOOD - Davey Vega, ACW's Charismatic Scoundrel...

"Your true friends will stab you in the front."
-Davey Vega

The roster of Anarchy Championship Wrestling is chock full of talented and fun wrestlers.  One of which is "Spitfire" Davey Vega.  I had a chance to talk with Vega about his life and times in wrestling.  Check it out.

Vital Stats
Full Name: Joshua David Vega
Code Name/Alter Ego: Davey Tiberius Lamar Winnifred Benson Alowishus Vega
Primary Specialty: Wrestling
Secondary Specialty: Luscious hair

Quote or Favorite phrase/word:

“He ain’t got no defense, he too cute”
“You’re true friends will stab you in the front”.

Q – Davey, I wanted to do a fluff piece with you, but after the last show, I’ve got to ask how you felt after the big tag team throwdown at ACW’s “Chain Reaction of Evil”? Specifically, what “Showtime” Scot Summers had to say to you?

Vega and the "Best in Texas" Scot Summers about to mix it up.

Vega - The match was insane but I knew that going in. Whenever you step into the ring with Masada or Scot Summers, you know you’ll be fighting for your life. As far as what Scott said to me at the end of the match, it definitely struck a chord. I mean, you have ACW’s Heart in the middle of the ring putting his stamp of approval on you, letting you know he has your back if needed AND telling people you are the future of ACW…’s definitely an eye opener.

Masada and Summers opening Vega's eyes

Q – Now, I’ve got to ask what the deal was with your so-called friends, Pierre Abernathy, Evan Gelistico, and Gary Jay, The Submission Squad, after the match? Why did they attack you like that?

Abernathy and Gelistico of the Submission Squad, yelling at their "friend" Vega after the defeat.

Vega - I honestly haven’t come up with an answer to that as I haven’t gotten an answer from anyone but I’ll try to put it into my perspective. The Submission Squad always has been about the greater good of the Submission Squad, one for all and all for one. I think tempers flare a bit due to the fact that, for some reason or another, fans have taken a liking to me (possibly due to my antics, MAYBE my wrestling ability and heart). When that greater good is compromised, then there are conflicts of interest which are a no no. That’s as far as I’ve gotten with an answer to what happened. As far as them “attacking” me, I want it to be known that they didn’t physically attack me and that it was more of a verbal berating. I’m going to assume this happened due to us having the numbers in the situation and still not coming out on top.

Q – Are you still friends with them? I know they’re your brothers on the road. But did ya’ll sort things out afterwards?

Vega - Yea we are still friends. I feel that what happened was more in the heat of the moment than them disliking me or what I do. I’m a pretty forgiving person too so I wasn’t mad at them for long. I guess that’s the perks of traveling with people you consider family.


Q – When did you get into wrestling?

Vega - I started watching wrestling sporadically when I was 8 years old then constantly when I was 11-12 range. I started training to be a wrestler in January of 2006 and made my debut in December of 2006.

Q – How would you describe your current journey in the wrestling world?

Vega - My current journey in wrestling is a learning experience on acid. You never stop learning in wrestling and I feel that keeps me sharp but then you just have those weird moments with people or things that happen at shows that are ingrained into you for an eternity. For the record, I’ve never taken acid but I can only assume what I’ve gone through in wrestling is close to what an acid trip is haha.

Q – You’ve had a chance to face some big names on the national and international scene. Tozawa. Davey Richards. Are there any other match-ups like these on the horizon?

Vega - Reading this question and answering it is crazy. I used to watch a lot of these wrestlers (Richards, El Generico, Arik Cannon, and Jerry Lynn) before I even became one and it’s so surreal that I’ve been in the ring with them at this point. I feel that as long as I keep improving and showing everyone I deserve to be in the ring with these guys then yea I think there are more of these matches on the horizon.

Q – Have you considered traveling to Japan or Mexico to wrestle and train?

Vega - I think about this on a daily basis. Training in either of these places would make me a happy person. The amount of knowledge that I would gain from either of those places would be tremendous. I’ve done an extended stay at the Chikara Wrestle Factory and that was an enlightening experience so I can only imagine the experience factor of Japan or Mexico.

Q – What is your signature finisher? How do you like to set that up?

Vega - My finisher is the V-8(Air raid crash). Normally I just hoist them into it from a standing position but that seems to be getting countered more frequently so I’ll have to go back to the drawing board.

Q – Who are some Indy Wrestlers you enjoy watching?

Vega - Wow, so many. Chris Hero, Mike Quackenbush, Claudio Castagnoli, Davey Richards, Young Bucks….we would be here all day really. Japanese wrestling wise I enjoy watching the DragonGate wrestlers and NOAH.

Q – So, Zombies, Fights, or Blood?

Vega - I enjoy a little bit of all of this stuff but too much blood is overkill.

Chris Adams-style superkick!

Q – If you could put together a dream match between wrestlers from any era, what would it be?

Vega - Hulk Hogan vs Kenta Kobashi would be insane.

Q – If you could attend any wrestling event in history, which one would it be?

Vega - Wrestlemania 1

Q – What would you like to tell all the fans who cheer or jeer you?

Vega - Whether you like me, hate me or just neutral about me, I appreciate every bit of it. I appreciate every little bit of support that is given to me and to the companies I work for.

Q – If you could book yourself into any wrestling match anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would you wrestle?

Vega - Madison Square Garden or Tokyo Dome (can I have 2??). I’ve never been one to put myself in the ring with someone of higher caliber so I’ll leave it up to the fans to decide who I wrestle.

Q – Where can people find more about you and what you are doing?

Vega - People can email me at or catch me on facebook keyword Davey Vega.

Q – Any last words for the fans?

Vega - Support Indy Wrestling!


You can see Davey Vega and the other stars of ACW at Mohawks in Austin, Texas this Sunday.  Doors open at 5:30.  Tickets are ten bucks general seating, and fifteen reserved.  And there's beer there.  Lots of it.


Here's a highlight reel of Davey Vega, courtesy of KingLudvig's YouTube page:

Here's me trying to tell Vega not to go on with the DeathMatch with Masada, courtesy of MadAshSamuels YouTube page:


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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

FIGHTS - Wrestlemania 27 and a Monday Night PLANCHA!!!

"Ain't no 'mania gonna keep my body down."

A lot has been said about WrestleMania 27.  I'm not sure what people were expecting that they thought it was so bad.  In my opinion, considering the Rhodes/Mysterio, Punk/Orton, Del Rio/Edge matches, it was actually pretty good.  I especially liked how Rey used the mask of Rhodes to deliver Mil Mascaras-style flying headbutts.

And Taker/HHH?  I thought that match was gold! 

For a minute in, I thought it was just going to be a rehash of Michaels/Taker I and II.  But they had to up the ante in brutality with the NHB match, and they did.  The attacks and throws were vicious, and the chair shots were out of control.  And the strike to 'Taker's head.  Well, I think it was great. 

For once in a very long time, a chair shot was used and it actually MEANT something.  Yes, 'Taker took it.  Yes, HHH let him have it.  Yes, 'Taker was hurt by it.  But he's been there before.  Albeit, a very long time.  But he's old school.  Chair shots to the head were a convention of old school wrestling that became way too much during the Attitude/Hardcore era in the 90's.  But I believe the use of the chair was justified in this match, and made it actually mean something again.  And the finish was perfect, considering HHH made 'Taker look like an animal that had just been run over in the road, seriously wounded, trying to sit up like he had for decades to no avail.

Personally, for me, all it needed was some blood.

"That should have been Michael Cole, that sonovab**ch!"

Meh 'mania moments:  SnookiMania, Coorreee vs. Other guys, and the Rock in general.  The "host" concept for Wrestlemania clearly just made it Raw with a $50 price tag.  I could have done without the comedy spots, but I guess I can appreciate Vince giving wrestlers a chance to get a 'mania payday.

However, it was at the expense of Shemus/Bryan Danielson for the US Title.

Cole/Lawler?  Lawler deserved better.  And though I got the Fist Drop from the second turnbuckle, I was praying for a Lawler-style pile driver on Cole.

And the main event.  C'mon, now. 

The Miz video package was great.  The choir of singers from, I guess, a local Georgia Pentacostal Church just needed (the ghost of) James Brown/Cleofus James and Shaka Khan, and (the ghost of) John Belushi breaking it down in a black suit with Dan Aykroyd, Blues Brothers style. 

However, I don't know who the dude was who put together the Adobe Illustrator TitonTron of Cena's new color theme and decided a blue ribbon with white stars on a red field behind the new Cena symbol would not evoke some kind of Confederate flag/South will rise again imagery for Vince's Great White Hope.

All that aside, the match was alright and picking up steam when the "double count out" occured, bringing The Rock in to restart the match, only to punk Cena.  A main event title match at the grand daddy ended in a screw job.  Double-U Tee Eff?

Mania 27?  3 out of 5 stars, mostly for the main event getting ruined.  I still enjoyed a majority of it.

And then came Raw...

Somewhere, the real Mil Mascaras is smiling.

While the Monday aftermath of 'mania 27 was alright, I was looking forward to the appearance of Sin Cara.  I thought they might redo the Shemus/Bryan match, which they did.  But it was so close to the end of the show, I thought Sin Cara would wait until Smackdown.  But he came out and saved Bryan from the beating Shemus was giving him after the bell.

I have to admit, considering the promo videos, this had quite the potential to be a ShockMaster moment.  Whose the ShockMaster you ask?  Check out this video.  You only need to see the first few seconds to get it.


I have to admit, I was expecting a lot.  And when he ran to the ring, I prayed he would hit the trampoline correctly and not end up like those guys that hit the trampoline on Ninja Warrior.  In truth, he was athletic enough to hit the trampoline and make it over the rope in spite of an imperfect takeoff.  I didn't see him do the huracanrana and land on his feet, either.  Hmmmm.... 

It was all looking a little unspectacular until he hit a true, high lucha-style plancha on Sheamus that everyone finally came to their feet.  It was glorious!

Here's the official video.


Oh, and Cena and Rock are fighting at 'mania next year.  We'll see how that plays out.

In the meantime, Go, Sin Cara, go!

Oh, and learn English as soon as possible.


The return of the Lethal Lottery

A chain reaction of EVILLL!!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

ZOMBIES/BLOOD - Gina Ranalli's heart explodes on the ZBF Blog!

I love my readers so much my heart is going to explode & cover the planet in a gooey mess that drips from noses and tastes like cherry jam.”
--- Gina Ranalli, from an April Twitter post (@GinaRanalli)


Today is the first installment of an interview series for the ZombieBloodFights blog, which will feature people across the spectrum of Zombies, Blood, and Fights. 

Today, kicking off the ZBF Interview series is noted author Gina Ranalli.  Without further ado, here she is!



Vital Stats
Full Name: Gina Ranalli
Code Name/Alter Ego: The Mighty G!
Primary Specialty: word slinger
Secondary Specialty: impervious to caffeine
Quote or Favorite phrase/word: "Bloody hell!"

Q – So, Gina. This is my first time doing a web log interview with an author. Should I be afraid?

Nah. I'll be gentle.

Q – Gina, you’re one of the many authors out there making a run at writing. You have a lot of books out that sound great. What made you decide to write?

I didn't really have a choice. It's just something I've always done and it's at the top of a very short list of things I'm good at.

Q – How am I doing so far?

Pretty good.

Q – I see your updates on Twitter (@GinaRanalli) through out the day. What do you think of all these great networking tools that are available to the world these days?

I think they're fantastic. If used properly, they are extremely useful for self-promotion, which, for a writer, is almost as important as the writing itself.

Q – With bookstores in crisis, what do you anticipate for the future of printed text?

I'm not really sure. Time will tell, but I do think there are still a lot of folks who will always want a physical book in their hands. If they disappear completely, it won't be for a long time, but it's interesting to imagine a far-off future where they only have hard-copies in museums. Sad-interesting, but interesting.

Q – How about now? How am I doing?


Q – When you’re writing, what do you do to keep your focus? How do you keep moving forward?

Usually threat of death is what keeps me going. Publishers and editors are fierce creatures. Writing is similar to being a gladiator. And I'm only half kidding.

Q - Tell us about your most recent work.

Well, I have a couple of new things coming out in May. Unearthed (Delirium Books) which is my first attempt at writing something vaguely Lovecraftian. Also in May, Dark Surge (Dark Regions Press) will come out and it's a nasty little novel about persevering in the face of a bizarre, terrifying and unknowable evil.

Q - Which piece is your favorite?

I have to say I really like the new stuff (the ones I just mentioned) along with House of Fallen Trees, which is basically a classic haunted house tale best read by candlelight.

Q – So, Zombies, Fights, or Blood?

I can only pick one? Gotta go with Zombies, those lovable, misunderstood walking abominations. They're just hungry, after all.

Q – If you could date a celebrity, who would it be?

Good question. I think I'd have to say Batwoman and Shemar Moore could be our Cabana boy. Best of both worlds.

Q – Nice!  Which of your book titles would you like to see performed as a theatrical piece?

Hmm. Probably House of Fallen Trees or Suicide Girls in the Afterlife, because they're both sort of self-contained stories that would work well on a stage. Same with Wall of Kiss, which would be especially easy as it would be a one-woman show.

Q – What would you like to tell all your fellow writers?

"Are we nuts or what?"

Q – So, how was the interview?

Excellent! Is it over already?

Q – Where can people check out all that you have to offer online?

All things Gina and then some can be found at my official website, come say heyyyyyyy!

Q – Any shout outs to your fans?

Yes! you guys rock harder than Elvis's hips! Love you madly!!



ZombieBloodFights would like to thank Gina Ranalli for taking the time to participate in the blog.  Keep rockin', Gina!

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