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Tuesday, December 20, 2011 wishes everyone a Happy Holiday!

To all the readers of the ZombieBloodFights blog, thank you.

We're going to go ahead and call it a year at the blog.  We've had so many exciting blog entries, and next year  is looking to be bigger and better.  More interviews, more zombies, more previews of upcoming books, more zombies, more reviews of zombie books and movies, more blood, more zombies, more fight recaps of indy wrestling shows, and combat sport PPV's.  And of course,

If you've read a blog and you like the entry, leave a comment.  Even better, press the Facebook, Google+, or Tweet button and share it with your friends.  Follow the blog if you're a blogger as well.

Here's hoping everyone reading this has a happy holiday 2011.  Here's hoping your year was great, and here's to an even better year ahead.  I have a lot of fun writing the blogs, and hope you enjoy reading them.  I hope to get even better at it in 2012.

Did I mention there would be even more ZOMBIES?

And, as always, may your new year be filled with plenty of Zombies, Blood, and Fights!


Bowie V. Ibarra

Thursday, December 15, 2011

FIGHTS/BLOOD - ACW Delusions of our Childish Days, Dec. 2011

It was yet another wild night of wrestling to wrap up the year for Anarchy Championship Wrestling.  Delusions of our Childish Days started with a bang with several great opening matches featuring the stars of the organization.  As usual, it was great fun.

Before the main card began, there was a tribute to a fallen wrestler from Anarchy Championship Wrestling.  Spiro, one of ACW's biggest stars and best technical wrestlers, passed away only weeks before.  In a great show of respect, Jaykus Plyskin and Miss Maulie came to the ring and shared a few words with the respectful crowd before Spiro was given a 10-bell salute.

Then the show began.  Here are some of the highlights.


These two monsters of ACW have had bad blood brewing for a while.  The fun-loving Slim Sexy could not stand the bad attitude of Killah Ka$h.  Killah could not stand the the Sexy one.  A war of words was fought over Twitter before the big guys finally threw down.  Slim even brought soap to the ring to wash out Killah's mouth.  Ka$h didn't even make it to the ring when Sexy went on the attack.

"Living with a hernia..."
The fans knew the power game was going to be on display, and both competitors were not ashamed to show it off.  Here's Ka$h body slamming Slim in the seats of the infamous ACW Stage SuperFans.

With both wrestlers evenly matched in the power game, Slim turned to a technical game, unleashing some slick science on Killah to keep him grounded.

Slim wanted to take it to the skies with a dive from the top, but was stopped by Ka$h, who quickly took advantage.  In a tremendous throw, Killah Ka$h hit an amazing suplex on his foe to the delight and horror of the ACW crowd.

Ka$h took the win.


It's not a Delusions of our Childish Days without a "Gift Wrapped Deathmatch".  Darin Childs and "The Springwood Slasher" Kris Wolfenstein threw down with the Children of Pain Sky DeLaCrimosa and Jason Silver.  DeLaCrimosa posted he was doing some 'Pain Exercises' on Twitter.  It might have came in handy as the fight began.  Here's some snaps from the fight.

Darin Childs throwing Jason Silver like a boss
Things got wild early and often as the teams threw down.

Slasher went after DeLaCrimosa, who quickly began to utilize the skills he worked on with his pain exercises. I just prayed for the safety of the man's beers.

The Springwood Slasher was kind enough to distribute forks to the fans.  Here he is asking for one of them to use on Sky.

Darin Childs took advantage of an early Christmas, and took a moment to open some gifts.  That would prove bad for him.

Here's a shot of Slasher and Sky outside the ring, and Childs applying direct pressure to a serious wound he suffered in the ring.

Did I mention metal spikes were also utilized?

It was a wild time for the ACW SuperFans.  Here's a group pose from some of the fun bunch that showed up, doing it up ATX style.

Portia Perez also competed, and she had to pull a dude's punk card for patting her on the back during a match.  When she's wrestling, Portia's like a dog eating.  You just don't bother her or risk getting your hand bit.

This night also saw the frightening return of one of the most devestating stables in ACW.  The Takeover returned, trashing guido Jake LaMotta.

They also added a new member, Ken Carson.  There might be no free rides in ACW, but Carson just got put in a power position quick by faction leader Jaykus Plyskin.

On a controversial note, during the Davey Vega and Gerald "Gary Jay" James match, Scot Summers came to the ring to get a shot at Gary.  Unfortunately, he missed Gary and crushed Vega with a spear.  Needless to say, Vega was upset.  Here's hoping those two ACW stars can sort out their differences out of the ring.


El Generico made it to the ring with his usual energy and fanfare.

It was great to have him back in ACW.

Evans tried to use his signature science to ground Generico.

And it was a fantastic all around match.  But then someone came out to the ring seeking revenge.  And that person was Portia Perez.

After attacking Evan's genitals, Portia vowed revenge on Evans.  Evans has cost her the Queen of Queens title, as well as another match just months before.  Now it seems Evans must face a reckoning with the wiley Canexican, Perez.

On a fun note, Slasher used a bit of pro-wrestling nostalgia by wielding a STOP sign once used by hardcore legends Madman Pondo and NecroButcher.  I would imagine it would be best to wear gloves and have sanitizer at ready when handling the sign.  The blood-bourne pathogens on that sign could destroy a small planet if allowed.

As ususal, it was another great night of wrestling.  To all the wrestlers I cheer and jeer, thank you.


Bowie V. Ibarra is the author of the zombie horror series, "Down the Road" from Simon and Schuester and Permuted Press.  His most recent novel, "Big Cat", is a story of friendship in a hunt for a deadly beast.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ZOMBIES: Interview - Photographer & Lover of the Written Word, Louie Neira steps in the ZombieBloodFights Pit

"Watch out for each other. Love everyone and forgive everyone, including yourself. Forgive your anger. Forgive your guilt. Your shame. Your sadness. Embrace and open up your love, your joy, your truth, and most especially your heart.” ~Jim Henson

ZombieBloodFights:  It's great to have you visit the ZombieBloodFights Blog, Louie. Now you're very active with the news and growth of our hometown of Uvalde. What are some good things going on in town?

Louie Neira:  “The best thing I can see happening is that Uvalde is now moving forward. In the past, it was content to stay a sleepy border town, but with economics the way they are, the town is having to fight to stay alive. Many businesses have gone under, but the ones that are making it have learned a valuable lesson - change is inevitable. To grow is to survive.  The Uvalde HEB now has sushi, believe it or not, and the new Walgreens will give both HEB and Wal-Mart a run for their money. There is growth; it’s small, but it’s steady.”

ZBF:  Has the buzz been positive for the two new downtown venues, The Huddle and Urban Lounge? Is this something enough members of the community will embrace as a change of pace from the standard country and tejano fare?

LN: The Huddle’s novelty has worn off, but it’s still a good place to go. I go there for the darts and the oft raising of a pint of Guinness. It’ll also have to change if it wants to stay open. Unfortunately, Uvalde’s not quite ready for something “upscale.” Country and Tejano seem to have a death grip on the town and anything else (including mainstream rock) will have trouble getting a foothold. 

For whatever reason, people seem to find a required dress code offensive. Same with Urban Lounge. It’s a great place and I’ve been there several times, but it’s struggling to keep its head above water. It speaks to the impoverished mentality that think things should cater to the lowest common denominator. Good ‘ol Uvalde… some things never change.

ZBF:  You're the editor for La Voz de Uvalde County. What's it like running the newspaper? 

LN:  It has its share of challenges. The newspaper, like Uvalde, is a living entity that changes and grows according to the needs of the people. When I was working at the Leader-News, I saw nothing but the same stories repeated over and over every year – only the names changed. With La Voz, we’ve tried to make it something that gives solid information readers can use to decide in making educated choices.

ZBF:  What are your thoughts on electronic media and the rise of e-readers in regards to the future of print?

LN:  Newspapers aren’t going away, but they’re not what they used to be. I see laptops being phased out, being replaced by Smartphones, tablets and readers. Free Wi-Fi is already everywhere, especially in larger cities (Uvalde, not so much). The main reason my newspaper isn’t available online –except of Facebook – is because we would lose almost $300 a month in newsstand sales.

ZBF:  It's clear you enjoy the written word.  Who are some of your favorite writers?

LN:  Stephen King, JK Rowling, & Philip K. Dick

ZBF:  Have you been keeping up with "The Walking Dead" and the big zombie wave that has consumed the world, so to speak?

LN:  My nephew Jerry is a bigger fan than I am, but I watch it as well. As you know, I’m more of a Doctor Who fan. As for the zombie craze, I see it as a metaphor for today’s society. Too many people seem to be mindless pieces of flesh just trying to stay alive and in doing so, consuming those who stand in their way. It’s a dangerous time to be alive that I compare to living in the 1950s. Everyone was afraid of the bomb and the Reds, trying to live nondescript lives and imagine we existed in a perfect world where technology would make things better.

ZBF:  What are some things you look for in a zombie story, whether it be in print or film?

LN:  As in everything, I look for the human element. It doesn’t matter what disease or element is ravaging the planet, the main idea is for the protagonist(s) seek their inner truth and find strength in it, regardless of the outcome. No matter if it’s “28 Days Later” or “Shaun of the Dead,” the character has to find redemption through a triumph of the spirit, even though all is lost.

ZBF:  Lets hear it. Zombies, Blood, or Fights?

LN:  Zombies, of course. a race of fiends and freaks after my own heart (literally).

ZBF:  Any last words for the ZombieBloodFighters?

LN:  Don’t just watch, READ. The printed word combined with imagination is so much stronger than experiencing it vicariously through someone else’s images and interpretation. Even if the only books on your shelves are zombie masterpieces, don’t cheat yourself out of what can come out of your mind.


Bowie Ibarra is the author of the zombie horror series, "Down the Road" from Simon and Schuester and Permuted Press.  His latest book, "Big Cat", follows two friends as they are thrust into a search for a deadly beast who attacked a girl they both liked.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

FIGHTS: RECAP - Mayhem lets America down in TUF 14 Finale

By Bowie Ibarra

Well, Mayhem let America down.

You couldn't go on Twitter and Facebook or any site where people could rant about Season 14 of The Ultimate Fighter where people were hoping, praying, lighting candles, killing cats, what have you, to see Mayhem trash the British hooligan, Bisping.  It didn't quite work out that way.

But before we get to that, salutes the athletic John Dodson in his stunning and emphatic victory over TJ Dillishaw.  The fight moved fast, as both guys were quick with their moves.  And it was that kind of speed that Dodson unleashed on Dillishaw, who had his hands down after an exchange.  Dodson knocked him down with a strike and didn't look back.  After the ref stopped the fight, he tumbled off the cage like a demented Mega Man, flying and rolling like a video game character.

This fight was great, but frustrating, as Bermudez took it to Brandao early.  Bermudez showed great aggression and precision with strikes and knocked Brandao down.  He had the chance to finish, but that goddamn Brazillian fighter came back with a great technical armbar, locking Bermudez out and winning the fight.

In an undercard match, UFC vet Yves Edwards took on super douche Tony Ferguson.  Ferguson took it to Edwards in round one with some great aggression and almost knocking out the vet.  But Edwards kept it very competitive in the 2nd and 3rd, looking like he would take the fight.
But the judges gave a unanimous decision (WTF?) to Ferguson.  I imagine, as usual, when going to the judges, the takedown that Fergie scored was enough to put him over the top for the win.  I think Edwards got hosed, but that's what happens when you leave it to the judges.

Mayhem Miller showed up with great enthusiasm, but garbage conditioning and a bush-league striking attack to the British brawler Bisping.  Bisping picked Mayhem apart with science, landing clean strikes compared to Miller's unorthodox strategy of just putting his head down and throwing wild strikes.  
As the match wen forward, you could see Miller's gas tank running low as Bisping finished the fight with a cruel set of knees, punches, elbows, and kicks.

It was a good night of fights, and we'll see what the future holds for these stars.


Bowie Ibarra is the author of the "Down the Road" zombie horror series from Simon and Schuester and Permuted Press.  His upcoming books, "Pit Fighters: Baptism by Fire" and "Pit Fighters: Double Cross" feature adventures of a fight stable in the world of combat sports.

You can network with Bowie at his website:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

FIGHTS: A (San) Uvalde for the 21st Century

by Bowie Ibarra

There was a time when my mother and father were not allowed in to one of the drug stores that used to be near the downtown plaza of Uvalde, Texas.  They could spend their money for an ice cream from the sidewalk, but they couldn't go inside the store.

That was then.  This is now.

Downtown Uvalde dried up when I was young, and remained that way for many years.

Today, many of the people from my generation and from the past are trying to revitalize downtown.  For me, it was all words until a recent visit.  New business, specifically a restaurant bar called "The Huddle" and a lounge called "Ultra" are bringing a little big city flash to the 'ghost of Uvalde past' that was downtown.  I have to admit, it was a bit of a shock to see this happening.

But inroads have been made by city councilmen who were from my generation, and their enthusiasm and resources have made some of them make a run downtown and do their part for the city.

I sincerely hope this growth continues.  After visiting such south Texas towns as Carrizo Springs and Crystal City, I don't want to see the skeletons of dead downtowns visit our fair city.

To my Uvalde, this hijo salutes you.  I pray that you won't let the old ways and politics interfere with the new life the other  hijos of our fair city are trying to provide with their heart, resources, and love of our town.  May it continue forward with blessings and positive vibes.


Bowie Ibarra is a proud hijo de Ugalde.  He is a published author of zombie horror from Simon and Schuester and Permuted Press.  His upcoming book, "Big Cat", is a horror story about an beast roaming the south Texas countryside near the Nueces River, and the two friends who are thrust into a hunt for the beast.

You can network with this proud hijo at his website: offers condolences to the family and friends of 'Spiro'

Followers of the ZBF blog are well aware of the fun I have at Texas pro-wrestling shows.  Specifically, the fun I have at Anarchy Championship Wrestling shows.

The Texas Indy scene lost one of its best wrestlers yesterday.  Cameron "Spiro" Bates passed away, and Texas lost one of its best mat technicians.

I met Spiro many years ago when I had the opportunity to announce an Austin pro-wrestling show.  I later found him wrestling for ACW, where the fans loved to hate him.  He carried himself with a professional strength that was evident to all around him.  He wrestled all around south Texas.

The man was an amazing grappler.  I'll never forget a match he had with Jaykus Plisken in San Antonio that was a scientific extravaganza.

To all the family and friends of Spiro, I offer my condolences.

To Spiro, thank you.  Thank you for reminding people of the glory of great scientific wrestling.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ZOMBIES: Interview - Story editor Doree Anne visits ZombieBloodFights

by Bowie Ibarra is proud to welcome avid book reader and editor Doree Anne to the ZombieBloodFight pit.

"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."  == Nietzsche

ZombieBloodFights - It’s great to visit with you, Doree. Now, you’re in the editing and proofing business. What are some common mistakes writers tend to do consistently that get your goat?
Doree Anne - Thank you for this Bowie, it’s an honor. What gets my goat? It’s been a long time since I heard that one. I have to say weapon and character consistency is at the top. Sometimes, I read a manuscript and the weapons are not fitted for a scope or a revolver has a clip. Or a character that didn’t have a cell phone gets one out of nowhere. Or sometimes, it’s just simple comma placement. It’s very easy to create a run on sentence.

ZBF - You clearly have read a few books from your work. What are some upcoming books zombie readers should be looking for?
DA - Well, there are quite a few. I’ll recommend my favorites. Craig DiLouie’s Infection has a sequel to come out in early 2012 called, The Killing Floor. Mark Clodi is currently working on The Zombie Chronicles 4. It’s a much different take on the traditional zombie but it really scared the crap out of me. Mark Tufo is currently working on the Zombie Fallout 5. Mark has a way with wit and sarcasm that is very entertaining. The suspense will keep you restless. I am currently working on the edits for Zombie Dead by Ian Woodhead, which is about to release soon. Of course, I am looking forward to the release of Big Cat.

ZBF - Tell me a little bit about Brains Magazine and its contribution to zombie culture.
DA - The magazine is set to launch in January 2012. The first issue is being put together as we speak. It looks seriously impressive. Chris Beier is the owner of ZEP (Zombies Eat People) and has quite the creative eye and many contributors with a vast knowledge in all things zombies. I also plan to get written interviews from talented writers in the zombie genre. BRAINS Magazine will be the absolute in all things zombie, from primitive Survival to modern comedy. It will have crossword puzzles and a full comic strip. An appreciation for the female anatomy with zombie centerfolds for the guys, short story contests, to a study of the mind by a psychologist AND SO MUCH MORE!

ZBF - Is Brains Magazine an extension of Zombies Eat People, or are they separate entities?
DA - Brains Magazine is a magazine sponsored by ZEP. The magazine and the website are two separate entities. The website for ZEP is more or less the publisher for the magazine. ( &

ZBF - Tell me a little bit about your work with Zombies Eat People?
DA - My work with ZEP consists of editing and proofing inside articles and outside written contributions to Brains Magazine. Chris has many creative directions he would like to take both the website and magazine. The website will include a blog, where I would like to post book reviews and top picks on all books relating to a Zombie Apocalypse. I am also an Administrator for their Facebook page where I can also post on ZPOC related subjects.

ZBF - In your opinion, what should authors be aware of when putting together a good zpoc story?

DA - In my opinion, Bowie, I believe a good ZPOC story should be intense and suspenseful. It should have that component that helps you relate to the characters and become attached to them, to root for them. I also think that writers shouldn’t be afraid to kill a character off even if they are one of the main characters or just some passerby. It’s a colossal plus if the writer can be as gory and bloody as descriptively possible. I also love when an author can take a ZPOC and give it a horrifying twist. Like for example, zombies that adapt, can open doors, or evolve by using cognitive and motor skills again. I guess, what I mean a good ZPOC story is to me, where the writer holds nothing back, breaks the mold and lets their talent shine.

ZBF - What are readers of zombie horror looking for?

DA - Some of the readers I talk to are looking for more blood, guts and gore. I’ve had a few say that most ZPOC book characters have no clue that a zombie apocalypse is happening or are just plain nosey and clueless and this annoys them. With the genre quickly on the rise almost everyone knows what a zombie is. I myself would have to agree, I would like to see a zombie slayer rise up and kick butt off the rip. For most of the readers it comes back to blood, guts and gore. 

ZBF - What is a quote you like?
DA - Ahh, you’d have to be specific. Are we talking books or movies? I’ll give you both. My favorite movie quote is from the original 1978 Dawn of the Dead by George Romero. Francine, Stephen and Peter are talking about why “they come here”, to the mall. Peter says, “They're us, that's all, when there's no more room in hell.”  Stephen says, “What?” Peter tells him, “Something my granddad used to tell us. You know Macumba? Voodoo. My granddad was a priest in Trinidad. He used to tell us, ‘When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth." That gave me the chills and nightmares that stuck with me to this very day. They're us, that's all, when there's no more room in hell.”  

My favorite book quote is from Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil.
 “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

ZBF - So what’s your pick? Zombies, Blood, or Fights?

DA - I’d have to say ZOMBIES! Without them there would be no blood or fights! 

Thanks again, Doree.



Great book reviewer, great interview.  Check it out.

Good news everybody!  We found Sophie!
ZombieBloodFights blog takes a look at the mid-season finale of "The Walking Dead"

Reviewer of great horror movies, leader of BonerJams, and loves bush, boobs, and blood.
He's Bryan Schussler of Shu-Izmz, and he visited the ZBF Pit for an interview


Bowie Ibarra is the author of the "Down the Road" zombie horror series.  His upcoming book, "Big Cat", is about a killer animal roaming the south Texas countryside, and the two friends who are thrust into a hunt for the monster.

You can keep up with Bowie at his website,


Monday, November 28, 2011

ZOMBIES: Recap - The Walking Dead "Pretty Much Dead Already" Ep. 7, Season 2

Hey, you guys.  Everybody can relax.  We found Sophie.

That's right.  Everybody had been complaining about Sophie being missing and dragging out over the course of several episodes.  "Find Sophie, already" they said.  Well, they found her, alright.  Here's how it all played out in Episode 6 of 'The Walking Dead' - Pretty Much Dead Already.

The show opens with Glenn outing the 'walkers' in the barn.  There is a general freak out, especially with Shane, who is ready to blast all the dead in there.  Rick says hold off, he'll talk to Herschel about it.  But old man Herschel holds his ground because the 'walkers' are not 'dead', they're sick.  And its his land, so its his rules.  No negotiating.

Daryl and Carol are playing the love/hate game when she shows concern about Daryl running off into danger to find Sophie.  She sticks beside him, even when he insults her.

Well, the show continues with the growth of the relationships.  Maggie and Glenn are also playing love/hate.  Playing the same game is Dale and Andrea, revolving around Dale's concern for Andrea being so trigger happy all of a sudden and 'becoming' like Shane.

In what might become a symbolic gesture, Dale throws Glenn his hat.  Was that a metaphorical passing of the moral guard?  Maggie even offers to wash it later in the show.

And speaking of Shane, Shane and Lori play love/hate.  After Rick tells Shane Lori's preggos, Shane consults with Lori about how he will share the baby with Rick and her.  Lori emphatically states that's not happening.  Shane pleads his case that he's 'mas machista' than Rick, having 'saved' Lori's life over and over.  Shane claims Rick 'is not made for this world', but Lori holds her ground.  He then walks past young Carl, who is wearing his daddy Rick's hat.  Shane gets a chance to play daddy when the boy cusses.

That's when Shane discovers Dale has run off with the guns.  That doesn't sit well with Shane.  Dale tries to hide them but is quickly found.  Shane challenges Dale to shot him after Dale calls him Otis' killer.  Dale lifts the gun, but Shane pulls Dale's 'punk card' because Dale can't close the deal.  Dale tells Shane he's 'made for this world', and though he might not survive the Zpoc by hook or crook like Shane, at least he didn't sell out his soul.

Herschel tries to tell Maggie that the people need to leave.  Maggie regrets being such a turd as a child, but throws Herschel's Bible back in his face in regards to the survivors.  She tells her dad what he told her during her wild young days, saying, "Love one another as I have loved you".  It's also a phrase her dead mother, who, by the way, is in the barn, used to say to her.

That's when Herschel is called out to the swamp because "it happened again".  Herschel enlists Rick for this mystery mission that is discovered to be two of Herschel's neighbors, dead, and stuck in the bog swamp.  The three help the dead out with assistance from two long implements.

Shane returns to camp ready to make a move on the barn.  He arms the camp with the guns, including handing one to the precocious young Carl.

But Shane completely goes apeshit when the fun bunch Herschel and Rick come back with the dead neighbors to deposit in the barn.  At that point he proves the beasts are dead by shooting the female dead lady Herschel held with his tool.  He then goes off into an angry rant about survival, rule changes, and the need to exterminate the 'walkers' in the barn before forcing everybody's hand and opening the barn.

And, as you might imagine, here comes the dead.  Shane gets the party started, followed by his acolyte, the  women's libber, Andrea.  You know Daryl's ready to go.  Then T-Dogg jumps in the mix.  Maggie gives Glenn the nod, and he jumps in the fray.  Lori holds Carl back.  Rick stands by in disgust, along with poor Herschel, who is now watching his dead family and friends blasted.

When the final 'walker' hits the ground, Dale shows up.  It was the massacre he was trying to prevent.

Well, everybody had a good time, blasting zombies, having fun.  It was a great time in the Zpoc neighborhood until the last one finally comes out.  And it was the last zombie they ever expected.


Now, everybody was all happy for blasting Herschel's family, a family they didn't know or care about.  It was a good time and means of 'survival' in the black new world.

But now that the zombie was one of their own, was the girl they had been looking for over several days, Sophie, now nobody wanted to play anymore.  Now it was real.  Now it wasn't just dead no one cared about, making it easy to blast them.  It was one of their own.

Shane didn't want to play.  Neither did Andrea, or the others who were okay crushing Herschel's family.

Now they knew how Herschel felt.

In the end, it turned out the only one ready to make the move was the one that, supposedly, wasn't ready to deal with this world.  


It was a harsh finish to the 'mid-season' finale, but yet again a good one.

And that's the real question.  Herschel was being 'civil' in a 'now-uncivilized' world.  It's been said before, when it comes to survival, civilization is thrown out the window.  Katrina, anyone?  Segments of Africa, where the young are armed or killed by warring warlords.  The streets of America.  Hell, the world.

The zpoc has always been a metaphor for the real world since our Lord and zombie saviour, George A. Romero, put his story to film in "Night of the Living Dead".  Most of us who are fortunate enough to have these great technological resources to blog and Tweet and Facebook also have opportunities for work, shelter, and food.  Many around the world don't, and its a fight for survival.

A zombie survivalist I know mentioned the fact that the survivors were actually being very civil themselves.  Let's face it.  They have the guns.  They could have made the rules on the Herschel ranch upon their arrival, but they didn't.  The shackles of civilization still held fast to their hearts.

Would a death squad from the Darfur region done the same?  Or thugs from the streets of Anytown, USA?

Shane thought he could make that philisophical jump, but ultimately couldn't (literally) pull the trigger when the cold dead truth looked him in his black heart.  He was still more human than animal to do it.

It's ironic and sad that Rick, the torch-bearer for Hope and the return of civilization, had to step up.  He put no bullets into the strangers, the people who meant nothing to him.  Rick put a bullet into the one person that had kept the team together for the past few days, the person that meant the most to everyone.

In fact, Rick only pulled his weapon to do the most humane thing for Sophie, the most civilized thing he could do for one of their own.

Looks like Rick has the stones for 'this world' after all.



All that is hidden in darkness will see the light.
The cats fly out of the bag in episode 6 of "The Walking Dead" - 'Secrets'

What happens when a zombie mob faces a team of vampires?
"Deadliest Warrior" answers that question with pure awesomeness!

Zombies bum rush a FEMA camp in the Permuted Press classic
"Down the Road".  Read an excerpt here:


Bowie Ibarra is the author of the "Down the Road" zombie horror series.
His upcoming release, "Big Cat" is about two dorky friends who are thrust into a dangerous hunt for a man-eating animal on the south Texas countryside.
Check out Bowie's books at:



(in best UK accent)
ZBF:  Well, I have good news and I have bad news.  Which would you like first?

NotZBF:  The Good News

ZBF:  Well, the good news is we've found young Sophie, and she's dead.

NotZBF:  What's the bad news?

ZBF:  The bad news is that one of us is still going to have to shoot her in the face.

(UK audience laughter)

Monday, November 21, 2011

FIGHTS: Sin Cara sidelined!

It's a sad time for lucha libre.

Mexican lucha libre phenom Sin Cara has been sidelined with a serious knee injury.  Doctors believe the knee injury will put Sin Cara on el banco for up to nine months.

Sin Cara has had knee problems for a while.  The 'wellness policy' violation he was subject to a few months ago was allegedly because Sin Cara was treating an injured knee with steroids.  This could possibly be the same knee that has been giving him problems for some time and was injured Sunday.

As an avid supporter of Mexican lucha libre culture, I was sad to hear this news.  He has had a hard time getting his feet under him in WWE, and though he had turned a corner with the historic mask vs. mask match against rival Hunico (then Sin Cara Negro), this is yet another disappointing drawback. sincerely wishes Sin Cara well, and that he has a speedy recovery.


Author Bowie Ibarra of just wants 'Red Dragon' of The Rain City Superheros to respect Lucha Libre history and tradition.  That's all.

The historic WWE Mask vs. Mask match: Sin Cara Azul vs. Sin Cara Negro.  It's a true salute to Mexican Lucha Libre!

Ring of Honor TV is the best pro-wrestling on TV today.  Old School, represent!


Bowie Ibarra is the author of the zombie horror series "Down the Road" from Simon and Schuester and Permuted Press.  His upcoming book, "Pit Fighters: Baptism by Fire" and "Pit Fighters: Double Cross" are combat-sport themed books featuring a Mexican luchador that crosses over into MMA.

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BLOOD - Jude Felton rises from the "Lair of Filth" to talk to!

by Bowie Ibarra

"If this style of movie doesn’t usually float your boat there is probably not too much that will change your opinion. However, fans of batshit crazy Japanese mayhem will lap this up. It is the perfect party movie to watch with your own legion of the undead."

== Jude Felton, from his review of the Blu-Ray release of "Helldriver"

ZombieBloodFights blog is proud to present one of the best reviewers of horror on the web today.  His reviews have been featured at and, as well as his personal review page,  Please enjoy the following interview with Mr. Jude Felton.

ZBF:  Jude, I hope you are well. And I got to start with this question. There’s been a real transition from the 80s horror I remember into the 90s and today. The most recent outings seem to have an emphasis on torture and nihilism. Granted, I haven’t seen most of them, but what are your thoughts on this recent trend in horror as compared to its predecessors?

JF:  Hey Bowie, I’m doing great thanks!  Am digging this question as it’s something that has been on my mind recently. I think for the main part horror flicks seemed to be more fun back in the 80s/90s. Sure they were violent, they’re horror films after all, but I think there was more of a detachment; you knew you were going to see a film. Now I think there is a definite shift towards ultra-realism and an underlying cruelty to many horror films. Don’t get me wrong, there are many that I thoroughly enjoy, but I do find myself looking for that fun-factor sometimes. There’s also a case of overkill, as in any era, with the success of the Saw and Hostel franchises there have been many flicks made that don’t so much as worry about a story, rather just trying to shock viewers.

ZBF:  Are we also moving towards extreme horror with releases like “A Serbian Film” and “The Human Centipede” franchise?

JF:  Truthfully I believe that the extreme influx has kind of had its day, to a point. There’s always going to be someone somewhere with a great idea to stir up the pot. However, I think we are going to see more scare-based flicks coming along in the wake of Insidious and the Paranormal Activity movies. Hopefully scares and FUN will return. If a movie is extreme, fantastic, let’s just make it worth seeing by adding something new if possible.

ZBF:  What are your thoughts on the zombie craze our current pop culture is consumed with?

JF:  I’m all for it if it means fresh, hmm probably not the best choice of word, good quality movies and books come out of it all. I think the trend has been steadily moving along since the Dawn of the Dead remake came out a few years back. Back then there was a saturation of below par products being released, with companies just eyeing a quick dollar, with little concern of quality. The cream rises to the top so-to-speak, even though there is still a good amount of crap coming out.
I would also say that literature has benefited more so than the world of film. Writers such as yourself and Wayne Simmons have definitely shone, and even more established writers such as David Moody have been given increased, and deserved, exposure.

ZBF:  Have you kept up with “The Walking Dead”? If so, what are your thoughts on the Zpoc finally making it to television?

JF:  I have and about bloody time. I think AMC have done a solid job with the show, although it is starting to show that they haven’t given it the budget it deserves. I’d also mention that the British mini-series Dead Set was damned good too. Well worth checking out.

ZBF:  As a horror aficionado, you must have seen a zombie movie or two. What are a few of your favorites?

JF:  Obviously older movies such as Romero’s trilogy, we won’t include any of his zombie flicks made after Day. The Living Dead at the Manchester morgue is another good one. Fulci’s movies such as The Beyond and House by the Cemetery are also wonderful. More recently I have really enjoyed [REC], [REC]2, Grace, DeadGirl and Rammbock: Berlin Undead. 28 Days/Weeks Later aren’t what I would consider zombie movies, but they are both excellent in their depiction of a zombie-like outbreak. Zombie Strippers and The German flick Night of the Living Dorks were fun too. Oh, and the Aussie short Axed was a blast!

ZBF:  Care to share any links to any zombie movie reviews you’ve written?

JF:  Sure, here’s a couple…
Rammbock -

ZBF:  What makes a good zombie story, either book or film, in your eyes?

JF:  First and foremost good characters and a solid plot. If I don’t care about the charecters I’m probably not going to care where you take the story. Guts and gore will only get you so far. It doesn’t have to be the most original plot, but as long as it is thought out well and executed with conviction it can go a long way.

ZBF:  So Zombies, Fights, or Blood?

JF:  Blood. There has to be blood my friend!

ZBF:  Where can my ZombieBloodFighters keep up with you and read some of your reviews and commentary?

JF:  Most of my work these days is done on my blog, The Lair of Filth ( due to my time being limited, but I do still try and write the occasional piece for and

ZBF:  Thanks, Jude, for taking the time to visit with us.



Bryan Schuessler of Shu-Izmz likes his movies filled with Bush, Boobs, and Blood!  Check out the awesome!

You think the zpoc in the US is bad?  Try Ireland?  Author Wayne Simmons knows how bad it'll get.

Zombies vs. TASERS!  An excerpt from "Down the Road: The Fall of Austin" by Bowie Ibarra


Bowie Ibarra is the author of the 'Down the Road' zombie horror series from Simon and Schuester and Permuted Press.  His upcoming winter 2011 title from Twisted Library Press, entitled 'Big Cat', is about the power of friendship in a south Texas town ravaged by a bloodthirsty beast roaming the countryside.

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