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Monday, February 27, 2012

ZOMBIES: Recap - Walking Dead "18 Miles Out" explores the old social roles in a living dead world. Ep. 10, Season 2

by Bowie Ibarra

Our favorite zombie apocalypse novela returns for another fun-filled week of living dead drama.  This week the show opens with an artsy-fartsy WTF is going on, featuring Rick, Shane, and Randall in trouble out in the field with zombies.  After the opening credits, the show goes back a few hours before said attack.  

The show separates the women and the men as its theme in two different conflicts appropriate for the gender.  For the males, its physical solutions to conflict resolution.  For women, its emotional solutions.

The Rick and Shane (with Randall bound and blindfolded in the back) pull up to a crossroads.  And its appropriate, because this is a symbolic crossroads for Rick, as he has a 'come to Jesus' meeting with Shane.

Arthouse shot of the symbolic crossroad of Shane and Rick
 Rick opens the conversation with putting the rumor that Dale had been circulating around camp about the 'Otis incident' on the discussion table.  Rick puts words in Shane's mouth, and Shane runs with it, saying he did it for Carl and claiming Otis was a weak link anyway.  Shane calls Rick the good guy, but Rick says he isn't, as he'd also do anything for Carl.

Rick tells Shane Lori's opinion of him, and how he felt when she told him Shane had knocked her up.  Rick emphatically states he's Lori's man, and that Shane needs to deal with it.

Shane brings up how it all played out between him and Lori at the advent of the Zpoc, claiming he found strength in Lori and Carl and that it was never his intention to bang it out with her.

As they get back into their zombie deathmobile, Rick says they need to start using knives to put zombies down to save ammo and not attract attention.  Rick says the winter weather will help defend against the zeds as Shane watches a lone zombie meander through the field in the distance.

Hyundai - The vehicle zombie smashers choose
The mission was to travel up to 18 miles in their Hyundai Zombie Deathwagon and drop off Randall, but Rick goes a little further to an old Public Works facility, where Rick walks the walk and takes out a ghoul with a knife strike to the head.  Shane follows suit, and they enter the premises to scope it out.  They find the place trashed, and also a curious heap of burned bodies and an abandoned school bus.

More great artsy framing

They notice the first two zeds weren't bit.  They can only assume scratches infected the dudes.

So they bring in the Hyundai Living Dead Dominator-mobile to drop Randall off.  Randall pleads for his life, and Rick leaves a knife for him.  But when Randall mentions that he went to school with Maggie, Rick and Shane realize the dude knows the family.  That would mean he would know where she lives, which would mean he could potentially bring his old running buddies back to the farm.

In what came across as an Aries/Libra battle of opposites, Shane was about to blast Randall in a fit of emotion, but Rick stops it.  Rick says he needs to take a day to rationally think over killing a living dude.

The philosophical discussion about 'rule changes' and their rational argument suddenly becomes physical when Shane says again that Rick is incapable of leading the fun bunch back at the farm.

The two go all Roddy Piper/Keith David from "They Live", smacking each other around in a fight for supremacy while Randall crawls to the knife.  Shane picks up a giant wrench and tosses it at Rick, but it smashes through a window.  Then in what might be a bit of foreshadowing, Shane sees his reflection in the broken glass and looks like a zombie until a real zombie rises from the broken window, quickly followed by a small gang of ghouls.

And now, the zombie smashing action everyone claims the show lacks begins.

Randall ends up freeing himself, and after using a chauvinistic slur to a dead zombie that tried to get him, stabs the woman in the back of the head several times. 

Rick almost eats it (or, perhaps, gets eaten) by zeds.  After a struggle on the ground, he ends up blasting them.  Check out the pic below of some great Nicotero effects.  Who needs CGI when a dummy works just as well.

Shane gets cornered in the bus, and using a tactic Rick used earlier (cutting himself and using blood as bait), he rubs his blood on the edge of the bus door to give him a clear shot with his knife.  And it works.

But he does it again, rubbing his open wound on the blood that the first zombie licked.  Ummm, blood-bourne pathogens, anyone?

Randall convinces Rick to run, and Shane is suddenly put in the Otis position as he watches Rick and Randall run away.

But before Rick can run completely away, he sees the dead security guards and is motivated to make a move to save Shane.  Randall takes the wheel of the 2012 Hyundai Zombie Reaper while Rick rides shotgun and they rush to Shane's aid and drive away.

They end up securing Randall again, and Rick says if Shane wants to kill him, he's going to have to do better than a wrench.  He then says they're probably going to kill Randall, but he still has to think it over.  Rick then once again emphatically states he's Lori's man and the leader.  But he invites Shane to walk in line with his party line.

As they drive back to the farm, Shane sees that lone zombie walking out in the field.  Alone again.

And, as usual, the final moment takes on an artistic shot of the zombie just shambling away, reminiscent of the Andrew Wyeth's 'Christina's World'.  


Lori and Maggie are making lunch for the still emotionally injured Beth and Lori talks about Glenn and how he's changed.

Lori brings Beth the food and suggests a walk, but Beth brings up Lori being preggo and can't believe she still wants to have the baby.  Lori steps out of the room, leaving Debbie Downer to the meal.

Lori returns a little later to see how Beth is doing, and she's weeping.  Lori tries to empathize, but Beth is going full emo, saying life is pointless at this juncture.  Lori emphasizes her family, and Beth thanks her for the support.  When Lori goes to take the walk after putting her meal back in the kitchen, she notices the steak knife is gone.  So she goes back to get it from Beth, who gives it up without a fight.

Lori goes to Andrea and asks for Herschel and/or Maggie, but they're nowhere around.

When Maggie arrives, he throws a guilt trip on Beth about wanting to kill herself and calls her a quitter.

As the sisters argue it out, Lori and Andrea disagree on how the sisters are handling it.  Andrea takes a more pragmatic tone, while Lori plays mama bear and defending Maggie and Beth.  Lori goes after Andrea's more militant turn, saying the zombie smashing should be left to the men.  But Andrea gives Lori her Shane-esque dose of reality, saying Lori can't lie to Beth, and Beth needs to make her own decision.

Maggie lays the guilt on thick, when Beth takes a different angle to her desperation:  She asks Maggie to kill herself along with her.  Beth feels there's no hope, and that her destiny is to be 'gutted'.  She begs her sister to join her in a duet suicide later that night.

Andrea comes by the room and lures Maggie out to give Beth room to make her choice by leaving the emo to her own devices.  It doesn't take long for Andrea to leave the room and let Beth sort it out herself.

Soon after, Lori and Maggie hear Beth crying and find her locked in the restroom.  Glass shatters before Maggie jimmies the door open and finds Beth's wrists bleeding.  

Maggie confronts Andrea.  And though Andrea sees the silver lining for Beth (she chose life for not going all the way with the suicide), Maggie doesn't see it that way and banishes Andrea from the house.  Lori lets Mags make the move, and defends Andrea's assessment that Beth chose life after Andrea leaves.

It's another good episode for the series, and we'll see how things play out next week.


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Bowie Ibarra is the author of the 'Down the Road' zombie horror series.  When describing Ibarra's most recent novel, "The Fall of Austin", Jonathan Mayberry (NY Times Bestselling author) said, "Bowie Ibarra kicks undead ass."

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

FIGHTS: RECAP - UFC 144 travels to Japan!

by Bowie Ibarra

UFC brings the modern version of the ancient and, may I say, hallowed tradition of dudes fighting it out for money to a land that appreciates the warrior spirit: Japan.

In Japan, its called 'Budo', what we could call 'martial arts'.  And like when UFC travelled to Brazil, it was like they just changed the word 'Brazil' with 'Japan' in regards to their pandering to the origins of MMA.  And though most of the warriors don't exactly express everything that 'Bushido' represents (I don't consider owning a Hummer or other high priced vehicle as 'simple living'), the self-discipline and bravery on display in the cage is always top-notch.

At any rate, we return to MMA's 'spiritual home' in the Saitama Super Arena for UFC 144.

The epic first confrontation at the UFC I tournament, First Round match.
I have to say, the new historical opening is fantastic.  It features digitally remastered moments from actual fights from UFC's past amid a crumbling stone environment.

It opens with Gracie/Shamrock, the blood feud that financed UFC for several shows in its early SEG/Art Davie/Rorion Gracie days.  I don't know about you, but I would have rather seen Dutch kickboxing rogue Gerard Gordeu kicking sumo Telia Tuli in the mouth,  knocking his tooth into Bill "Superfoot" Wallace's beverage.  Let's face it, that was the first fight of UFC, and it was a true harbinger of the brutality that was to arrive that we've all come to know and love.

More luminaries from the past are put on display in some of their greatest moments and transitional periods in UFC.  They include Tito Ortiz dropping the late Evan Tanner on his back and knocking him out and cracking the pavement as well.  Redneck stomper Matt Hughes big comeback against Frank Trigg, dropping Trigg in a running slam.  Chuck Liddell just pwning bully Tito Ortiz against a digital wall that falls apart at his might.  BJ Penn sends a flying knee to Sean Sherk, knocking Sherk through a digital wall.  George St. Pierre knocking out Matt Hughes with a high kick.  Randy Coture making history by knocking out heavyweight Tim Sylvia.

It moves into the modern era with Rampage knocking out Wanderlai Silva.  Brock Lesnar punching Heath Herring in the face, making Heath literally roll backwards, giving Brock a chance to spear him as he rises.  Rick Franklin KO'ing Nate Quarry.  Junior Dos Santos KO'ing one of the dirtiest fighters in the game, Gilbert Yvel, who once punched a ref and knocked him out.

Then there's an amazing German Suplex.  I wish I knew who those two were, but it's awesome.

Featured next is the legendary Griffin/Bonnar Ultimate Fighter I Finale.  Then Cain pwning a scared Brock.  Another throw.  Bones Jones' spinning elbow.  Anderson Silva and his Segal-taught front snap kick to Vitor Belfort.

Basically, it was an awesome opening, and it seems to be the new one replacing the old 'Gladiator' rip-off intro.  Unfortunately, its still the same douchbag-heavy soundtrack.  I guess I should be thankful its not a BroStep version.

Joe Lauzan's fight name, "J-Lau" is stupid.
There.  I said it.
With that said, 'J-Lau' was doing alright until Pettis kicked him in the face and knocked him out.  In the end, Pettis petitioned for a shot at the winner of Henderson/Edgar.  Why not, I say.

These two dudes went back and forth between rounds.  But Hioki dominated the third round with grappling science on the ground.
This was a great fight, and Hioki takes the decision win.

As a fan of pro-wrestling, its hard for me not to support a guy whose nickname is an open homage to Japanese pro-wrestling legend, Jushin 'Thunder' Liger.  And you can't help but like a guy who uses one of the most fearsome images in history to completely supplement his crappy non-fighter first name.  And then these two threw down.

I was disappointed Tim didn't come into the 'Conan' theme as he had before.  And, naturally, that means I'm upset Yushin didn't come in to the Jushin Liger theme song.  But then again, if I heard that, I'd expect a masked dude in red and white coming into the Octagon to whip ass.  Anyway...

For two solid rounds, 'Thunder' dominated 'The Barbarian' with crisp jabs and assorted strikes.  That was, until the third, when Boestch decided to use some dirty boxing and simply hold on to Okami's head against the cage and punch him about the face until he fell to the mat, in which he then continued to pepper Okami's face with punches until the ref stopped the fight.  Winner: Tim 'The Barbarian'

"Time tooooo say Goodbye"
Actor, singer, and fighter, Yoshihiro Akiyama is the renaissance man of MMA.  He sings to sold out crowds and also whips ass.  Of course, he enters to "Time to Say Goodbye" by Boccelli/featuring Sarah Brightman, and does the O-Rei, which is always awesome.

At any rate, Shields just looked stupid and desperate during this fight, throwing punches with no meaning or power.  I don't remember him looking so scared as he fought, either.  He threw a lot, but none of the punches really had meaning.

Meanwhile, Akiyama defended many shots at his legs and took down Shields with Judo techniques like trips and gorgeous hip tosses.  He didn't throw as many strikes as Shields.  But every time he did, it was solid and precise.  You wouldn't know how well Akiyama was doing hearing Rogan, who spent the whole three rounds getting Shields over.

Generally, Akiyama made Shields look stupid for two rounds, and part of the third, where Shields finally did something and got one takedown.  Shields may have 'peppered' Akiyama with strikes, but Nick Diaz does the same thing, but they actually hurt.

Many people saw the same thing.  Even editors thought the same thing.  But apparently, the judges saw another fight and gave the decision to Shields unanimously.  Whatever.

Two heavyweight sluggers threw down in another fight, and both had potential for quick knockouts.  And it didn't take long for the 'Oceana SuperFighter' (sorry, UFC, I like his old Pride moniker over the new title) to pop Kongo in the face, stunning him before a flurry of heavy punches knocked him out for good.  Hunt takes it.

Rampage looked like garbage, and was easily picked apart by a game and hungry Bader.  In fact, he missed weight and gave up a part of his purse to Bader.  He did, however, make up for it by coming in to the old Pride music, which was cool to hear again after so many years.

Throws!  Yes!
As usual, Rampage started hot, even picking Bader up and dropping him on his head.  It almost busted Bader's arm.

Rampage is such a good fighter, but you could tell that he just sometimes half-asses his training, and it showed here.  At the end of the fight, he was smoked, and just remained there in the middle of the ring for a few moments before the decision to Bader was done.

The Benson Henderson/Frankie Edgar match was a high-speed, hard hitting affair.  The two guys were swinging for the fences, striking each other with precise and brutal strikes.

Edgar had a tendency this match to catch kicks from Henderson.  At one point early, Henderson tried to hit an Enziguri/Back Brain Kick on Edgar, who very luckily ducked it.  Eat your heart out, Fighter Hayabusa!

In the second round, Edgar had Henderson on the ground and was hit with an upkick that broke his nose.  His face was a bloody mess for the rest of the fight.

But Edgar is as tough as a two-dollar steak from an east coast dive diner, and stayed in the game to take and dish out more punishment.

In the end, Henderson took a decision win over Edgar, who thought he won the fight.

Yeah, you look like the winner, Edgar.  Go back to the Garden State, GTL, and get back to the drawing board.


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Bowie Ibarra is the author of the 'Down the Road' zombie horror story.  His upcoming book, "Pit Fighters: Baptism by Fire", is a combat sports themed action/adventure book.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

ZOMBIES: REVIEW - Ursula Raphael's "The Survivor' is a journey into a nightmare...

by Bowie V. Ibarra

'The Survivor' by Ursula Raphael is a short story detailing the cruel evolution of a 'survivor' in a horrifying apocalypse.

Noting the efficiency of words and identification of characters by broad description and not names, (ex. The Survivors, The Sadists, Them), I was reminded of theatrical pieces done in the expressionist style that de-emphasize the identity of the characters, while emphasizing the spiritual transformation of the characters in the context of the story.

The story follows the transitional evolution of a woman during this fearful time.  Lost, alone, and struggling to survive, her previous self is slowly destroyed by the cruel truth of survival.

However, the societal role she played in the civilized past (a mother) resurfaces when she hears the fearful cry of a boy during her hopeless quest for survival.  However, the new mother that manifests is tragically different than the civilized one in the new world.

The piece is very short, and a perfect download for a short bus trip, or a nightmarish story before bed.  The abstract nature of time within the piece gives it the nightmare quality you will experience from the first words to the cruel ending.

Ursula Raphael effectively puts together a cruel story of transformation in a world shattered by a nightmarish horror in "The Survivor".  If are looking for a quality piece of expressionist zombie horror that makes for a good short read, this is the story for you.

You can download the short story to your Kindle for .99 or for Free if you are Prime Member here.


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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ZOMBIES: Recommends More ZPoc Weapon Options

by Bowie Ibarra

The best zombie weapons will always be debated as we all wait for the imminent zombie apocalypse.  Loyal blog followers will remember that has endorsed the Hanzo sword as the ultimate weapon of the zombie apocalypse.  We have also noted that the downside to that sword is the need for training. has also endorsed the Flanged Mace as the equally ultimate zombie smashing weapon of the Zpoc.  This weapon needs no training, just general motor skills.

We would like to emphasize that we also support the firearms of your choosing, recommending smaller caliber weapons as, if the theory is correct, all you need to do is penetrate the head and destroy the brain.  Remember, the bigger the firearm, the heavier the ammunition.  And you're the one that has to carry that.  Also, the need for a melee weapon is extremely important once the ammunition runs out.

Our research team has found three more weapons that we would like to recommend that have the same cruel efficiency of the Hanzo and Flanged Mace, but are more affordable.  And you don't have to be Cynthia Rothrock to use one.  But she would be bad ass with one.

All products listed below are available for between $50-$100 dollars before taxes and shipping.

Consider the following.


From the website:

THE ASSEGAI was invented by the legendary Zulu king Shaka in the early 1800s, revolutionized tribal warfare in Southern Africa. Cold Steel's version is available with your choice of two different shaft lengths.
Weight: 12.8 oz (Spear Head)
Spear Width: 2mm (2 1/2") Wide
Head Length: 13 1/3"
Steel: SK-5 Medium Carbon
Overall: 6Ft 9 1/2" (Long) 3Ft (Short) Handle: American Ash
Sheath: Secure-Ex®

It's a great distance weapon that can be used for thrusting.  The staff is so heavy that the other end can also be used for smacking or pushing zombies away.  Our concern, of course, is penetrating the skull and striking the brain, and with some training, this can be accomplished with this weapon.

Variation on a theme:


From the website:

THE BOAR SPEAR is a modern recreation of a design that dates back to the European Renaissance. It is cold forged out of medium carbon SK-5 Steel and, like Cold Steel's other spears, is heat treated to a spring temper. The Boar Spear shaft is made of extra stout premium ash wood.
Steel: SK-5 Medium Carbon
Weight (Head Only): 1 1/4 Lbs
Weight (With Shaft): 4 1/4 Lbs
Blade Thick: 2.5 mm
Head Length: 18 1/2"
Overall: 82 1/8"
Sheath: Secure-Ex®
Handle: 71" X 1 1/2" Premium Ash w/ Dark Walnut Stain

Here again, a great distance weapon that can be used for penetration or striking/pushing.  Once again, with some basic training, something that could be used effectively.

And then there's this final one.


From the website:

No one knows when the ball headed war club first appeared. It was in common use in the early 16th century and was popular with the war-like tribes of the American eastern seaboard, eventually spreading to the Great Lakes region and northern Canada all the way to the Great Plains west of the Mississippi.
It has been speculated that the wide adoption of this weapon was because it was relatively easy to manufacture, in that it required little or no metal, and because it was unspeakably effective.
The better clubs were carved from a naturally curved hardwood root burl, sapling or tree branch. This insured that the wood grain would curve in parallel lines though the handle and into the ball itself, avoiding the pitfalls of cross grain which could weaken the club and cause it to break at an ill-timed moment. Hornbeam (Iron Wood), a hard dense timber that was strong and was resistant to impact forces, was the most preferred material, even over such stalwart choices as Ash, Maple, Oak and Hickory.
In battle, a dedicated blow from the ball of the club could easily break a limb or crush a skull like a bat going through a watermelon. For added dynamism, and increased effectiveness, the ball was sometimes spiked with an antler, bone, knapped stone, or even iron.
Cold Steel president, Lynn C. Thompson, is an admirer of the ball headed club (especially after watching “Last of the Mohicans” about a dozen times) and when he saw an example made by custom blade smith Rich McDonald, he jumped at the chance to work with Rich to reproduce it.
Our version is approximately 2 ft. long and features a 3 1/4” in diameter ball. It is fitted with a removable blunt, short steel spike. Hornbeam is scarce and not readily available in commercial quantities, so our club is injection molded out of black Polypropylene which is practically unbreakable. It will never rot, crack warp, splinter, swell, shrink mildew, or fade. For historical re-enactors the surface has a realistic wood grain finish that can be easily customized with paint and can be ornamented with brass studs, tacks, or feathers.
Indian War Club
Weight: 27.6 oz.
Ball: 90mm diameter
Overall: 24"
Spike: 19mm diameter
1055 Carbon Steel w/ black oxide coating

Made from that 'space-age' polypropylene, the stick is unbreakable.  Considering you won't be attacking pieces of iron for the most part, this weapon goes up there with the flanged mace.  But it's also much cheaper. Same brutal efficiency for 1/6 of the price of most battle-ready flanged maces.

You can see a demonstration of the Indian War Club's efficacy here.

We thank you for visiting.  We know it's important to have options for that inevitable day.  Thanks, and don't forget to check out our great zombie books and other networking resources as well at

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Bowie Ibarra is the author of the 'Down the Road' zombie horror series.  His latest zombie story, "The Fall of Austin", features the living dead vs. contingents of military, law enforcement, criminals, and civilians deep in the heart of Texas.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

FIGHTS: Elimination Chamber '12 - E-Lame-ination on the Road to 'mania

by Bowie Ibarra

Part II of a III part 'Road to Wrestlemania' recap from

All I know is I'm glad I got in to watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 for free.  Rumble '12 was alright, but this PPV did not get me excited for Wrestlemania in the least.  That didn't make me feel good.

Part of it was arriving to a WWE PPV immediately after watching a marathon indy show with ACW. Late.  The other part was these strange and bloodless Chamber matchups.  

It's a moot point, but I think it needs to be said again.  The Elimination Chamber has been castrated of all its potency when you take blood out of the mix.  It's time for WWE to retire this match.

Good thing CM Punk kept his title, however.  His chamber match opened the show against Kingston, Ziggler, Miz, R-Truth, and Jericho.  Punk eliminated Truth.  Then, the remaining stars mixed it up until Jericho came in and wrecked shop, eliminating Ziggler and Kingston.  But Jericho then got KO'd by a kick from Punk that knocked him out of the cage when the door was open to let Kingston out.  He could not recover enough to return.  So Punk fought the remaining Miz and won, retaining the title.

Jericho contends he was never beat, just KO'd.  Well, if ring officials say you couldn't go, that's a TKO, brother.  Tough luck.

Beth Phoenix retained the title in a Diva's match.

Then, the next Chamber match occured.  Champ Bryan vs. Santino vs. Khali vs. Rhodes vs. Barrett vs. Big Show.  It had some highlights, including Big Show smashing through the chains above Bryan's pod and entering the pod to whip up on him.

It ended with Santino being last and put to the test against Bryan.  He even had a chance to hit the Cobra for the pin, but didn't get it.  Bryan quickly reversed it into a LeBell Lock for the victory.

But then, hypocritical centerpiece for the 'Be a Star' anti-bullying campaign, Sheamus, comes down to the ring, fresh, to attack a post-Chamber Bryan.  The Irishman bullies Bryan, who tries to stick up for himself and defend himself with strikes for the unwarranted attack before being dropped into a Celtic Cross, a V-8 variation of Davey Vega's move.  ;)

What a dick.  I don't know how anybody could cheer this guy for jumping a dude after he just competed in an Elimination Chamber.  I know he won Rumble, and Bryan tried to pull his punk card on Smackdown.  But what kind of future champ jumps a dude after he wins a brutal battle?  I hope Bryan trashes this guy come Wrestlemania.

Then, the All American American defended his US title against Justin Gabriel.  

Finally, the Ambulance Match.  First person to stuff a person in an Ambulance wins.  It was an alright brawl, with Cena hitting his FU off the top of the ambulance for the ultimate win.

And that was it.

All I know is Rumble '12 was better than this PPV.  I hope Wrestlemania isn't as bad a letdown as this PPV was for me.

Or maybe I shouldn't go to a good indy show before a WWE PPV again.


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Bowie Ibarra is the author of the "Down the Road" zombie horror series from Simon and Shuster and Permuted Press.  His upcoming "Pit Fighters: Baptism by Fire" is a combat-sport themed story featuring fighters from around the world competing in No Holds Barred competition.

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FIGHTS: Pics from ACW's The Show Must Go On' at Hoolligan's

by Bowie Ibarra

ACW brought their brand of pro-wrestling action to Hooligan's once again Sunday, and as per usual, it was a marathon night of action.  Here's some pics from the show.

The show opened with a great opening mixed tag four corner match, featuring some of the luminaries of ACW.  I couldn't help but notice the unusual number of yoga pants worn by the competitors.  That's not a complaint, mind you.  Just an observation.

Curiously present at ringside was Lady Poison, watching the match.

Is this 'downward dog?'
Vega would put his TV title on the line later in the evening against his own friends, Gary Jay, Abernathy, and Gelistico.  He would also retain that belt.

Here, BOLT BRADY suplexes HIGHROLLER HAYZE of Team Sex.

Word of note, JC Bravo had problems again with his association with Chingo.  JC was jumped by his former partner, who left the match shortly after.

One of the featured matchup was primadonna BARBI HAYDEN taking on the sinister LADY POISON.  Here, Lady Poison displays an ensemble of crows feather bra and beltline, with monster blood accentuating her stomach.

Barbi is wearing her favorite:  Tiger Print hot pants with matching bra and knee pads.  The pattern contrasts with her neon pink and shredded top.

Bari had a hard time finding the motivation to mix it up with the little devil woman, and had to be coaxed into wrestling.  In fact, it took about five minutes before Barbi would mix it up.  After that, it did not take long for Poison to turn up the heat.

In the end, Barbi tasted the poison kiss, and left the ring with a loss.

JT LaMOTTA just doesn't know how to make friends.  He claims this is his last year of wrestling, so he comes out yet again saying how great he is and calling out wrestlers to fight.  One man was ready to take the LaMOTTA invitational challenge, and it was STAN 'DA' SINNA' SUMMERS, who answered the call first, doing his best to take it to the wily guido.  But LaMotta came out on top, even going so far as to make a little girl cry behind me as he beat the little man up.

But JoJo Bravo got the call next to challenge LaMotta.

 One half of the tag champs, JASON SILVER, traps GREG JAMES in a headlock.

RACHEL SUMMERLYN took on perpetual rival ATHENA in another Joshi matchup.

Athena hits a huracanrana on Summerlynn.

These two have thrown down multiple times, and the madness of Rachel Summerlyn was once again unleashed.

Athena hit her 'O-Face' finisher, but before she could cover Rachel, Lady Poison jumped in the ring.  She taunted Rachel before giving a Poison Kiss to Athena.

In a show of respect for the fallen grappler SPIRO, MIKE DELL returned to the ACW ring to take on former running-mate JAYKUS PLYSKIN in a tribute for Spiro.  It was a great, scientific bout between the two noted wrestlers and close associates of Spiro.

SCOT SUMMERS got a measure of revenge against antagonist AWESOME ANDY, who had been interfering in Summer's match for the past few months.  It was a brutal matchup that found them fighting around the ring and all over the bar.  Even with the assist from the "Gun", Summers made it happen.

Summers locks out Andy, getting his revenge.

MATT FITCHETT teamed with MASADA to take on THE TAKEOVER combo of CARSON and CLAXTON.

MIA YIM took on Joshi Champ ANGEL BLUE in a hard-hitting affair. 

Here, Angel Blue fights dirty, fish-hooking Yim.

Mia locks in a Tarantula.

And hits a great arching German Suplex.

The girls didn't get to finish the match as the men from the main event jumped in.  SHAWN VEXX, ACH, and CHILDS threw down in the main event.

Childs hits a big senton splash.

ACH flies high for a splash and double pin win!

It was another great night of wrestling, and another proud night of 'rasslin' in Texas.

If you call yourself a fan, urges you to seek out and support good indy pro-wrestling in your area today.


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