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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FIGHTS (Kind of) - The MC of ACW: Barry Savant

"Change from day to day, hour to hour, moment to moment."

Vital Stats
Full Name: Barry Savant
Code Name/Alter Ego: N/A
Primary Specialty: N/A
Secondary Specialty: N/A

Q – Barry, I have to say, if it wasn’t for your former blog San Antonio Indy Wrestling Scene, I wouldn’t be so supportive of the great indy wrestling fun happening all around south Texas right now. What inspired you to start that several years ago?
=== I have always been a big fan of wrestling, especially fro the time before pro wrestling became “sports entertainment.”

=== In 2005 I started attending wrestling shows I had read about in the upcoming events section of the San Antonio newspaper, primarily Texas Wrestling Entertainment (then called Extreme Texas Wrestling) and River City Wrestling. I instantly became enamored by the intimate and accessible aspects of Indy Wrestling.

=== Neither of these promotions had effective web pages at this time, so if I wanted to find out about the upcoming shows, I had to actively look for the announcements. In December of that year, I missed a show featuring Steve Corino because it was not announced on the internet until after it happened. I decided then to create an online presence for potential fans looking for information about local wrestling shows. In January of 2006 The San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene made its debut.

Q – I was sad when the blog went down. But you’re doing a new blog now. Describe that?
=== Over the years, the SA Indy Wrestling Scene underwent numerous changes, growing in coverage, but shrinking in detailed content. Eventually it became more than 1 person could handle. Politics and lack of cooperation from some promotions added to my frustration.

=== I came up with the idea for as a possible solution. WTF is a message board where fans, wrestlers & promoters can post information about their own favorite promotions. I simply moderate there. Indy Wrestling message boards in Texas have a bit of a negative image, so the drive to success on this has been slow going.

Q – What are your thoughts about all the indy wrestling going on in Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding areas?
=== There’s good & there’s bad. Many of the promotions are too preoccupied with what the other guy is doing. There is far more opportunities for wrestlers to find work in the area, but not all of them are making the best decisions. If wrestlers begin to realize that the increasing number of shows means that they have more control than they’ve had in the past. The competition among promoters to get the best wrestlers should be a positive negotiating tool for the wrestlers. They just haven’t seen it yet.

Q – When did you get into wrestling?
=== I assume you mean when did I start working for wrestling companies? At the beginning of 2007, the old American Championship Wrestling went out of business and Anarchy Championship Wrestling slid into the space that they had vacated. At first they were using the ring announcer that American Championship Wrestling had used. That guy, as good as he is, just didn’t fit the Anarchy profile so they were looking for a replacement. Dusty Wolfe, with whom I had gone to high school, suggested to ACW owners that I be given a try-out. It took about 4 months for me to get the hang of it, but ACW stuck with me and for that I am greatly indebted. Later Southern Championship Wrestling offered me the position on their shows. I have been offered other jobs, but over-exposure can damage the product. Also, I feel that showing loyalty to these companies is something of value.

Q – How would you describe your current journey in the wrestling world?
=== As my online involvement in Texas Wrestling grew I began broadening my involvement in wrestling, spreading myself thinly over an increasing territory. While rewarding in one way, this has proven unfulfilling in another. My current goal is to increase my involvement by getting deeper into a more focused target. This stage has barely begun and the possibilities are innumerable.

Q – You used to attend as many wrestling shows as you could. Has that been curbed these days?
=== I still go to a great many wrestling shows. 13 weeks into 2011, I have attended or worked on 19 shows for 11 promotions. That’s not quite as much as before, but still a considerable amount of wrestling. I have pledged to go to as many different promotions’ shows as possible in 2011, but I no longer feel that I have to go to a show just because it’s happening. Gas prices have also curtailed my travels slightly. I go to shows I think have a chance of entertaining me. If you see me at a show, you know that’s why I am there.

Q – As a wrestling fan, what do you look for in a good night of indy wrestling matches?
=== It’s all about the Nachos. If the Nacho Cheese is colder than the Sodas, than it’s a bad night all around.

Q – Why do you have such a passion for pro-wrestling?
=== I have a passion for Indy Wrestling… as opposed to the product put out on TV. Indy wrestling is a community of people who share the same passion, a passion that often is subject to ridicule. We share our unabashed glorification of something the rest of the world just doesn’t get. And who wouldn’t rather be part of a community than just a speck in the universe?

Q – Who are some Texas Indy Wrestlers you enjoy watching?
=== I am enjoying the Joshi division immensely right now. Not just those women that are part of ACW, but all of them fighting for their fair share of respect. As for the basic question, I enjoy almost all the wrestlers, not always all the matches.

Q – So, Zombies, Fights, or Blood?
=== I’m not sure I understand the question here. I’ll say “Fights” but reserve the right to change my answer if I have an epiphany.

Q – If you could put together a dream match between wrestlers from any era, what would it be?
=== I don’t know, because the era I would choose is the next one. I would much rather watch the wrestler who is going to be famous someday than the one who is clinging to whatever fame he has left.

Q – Will pro-wrestling ever die?
=== No. Next question.

Q – What would you like to tell all the wrestlers working hard on their craft?
=== You are appreciated. If I ever tell you something critical, it is because I believe in you and want you to be better than you are.

Q – If you could put any indy wrestling show up in any arena, guaranteed to pack the place, where would you want to have that show?
=== The initial response would be the largest venue in the world since you are guaranteeing a packed house, but that’s not right. What makes Indy Wrestling great is the intimacy that is provided by a smaller venue. I suppose a correct answer would be to have the show in a place of my own where I control concessions, door and other aspects.

Q – Where can people find more about you and what you are doing?
=== Look for me at the shows. I’m probably the fat guy in a hat.

Q – Any last words for the blogsphere?
=== Prurient, Swag, Luddite, Vertiginous

An epic and historic night in Austin at the Lone Star Classic 2011 Lines up!

An ACW No Rope Barbed Wire Cinder Block Deathmatch?  You got it!


Bowie Ibarra is the author of the 'Down the Road' zombie horror series.  His most recent book, "Big Cat" is the story of three friends who are thrust on the trail of a dangerous beast.  It's 80s horror with blood, sex, and geeks.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

FIGHTS: UFC 130-Excitement in Reverse...

UFC 130 goes to show that a card that looks like garbage on paper might actually be better than originally anticipated.  However, it was excitement in reverse.  What does that mean, Blogger?  The best matches were at the beginning, starting with the opening PPV match (Stann vs. Santiago), peaking at Browne/Sturve, then falling into the pooper with Mir/Nelson and Rampage/Hamill.


It was a great pleasure to watch the former Marine Brian Stann completely dominate Brazillian Jorge Santiago.  The Marine beat up the former Sengoku Champ with serious punches and kicks.  He had a great fighting style, sticking in the pocket and dominating Santiago on the feet. 

Great example of an MMA arm punch hook by Santiago
 Santiago tried to keep up with the brutal Jarhead, but to no avail.  Punches that would usually make the average MMA practitioner back up in a straight line had no effect on Stann.
Great example of a Marine making some extra cash outside of work.

This just makes me smile.
 So, in the end, a great opening to the pay per view.  This will just get better, right?

Then, THIAGO "THE PITBULL" ALVES took on young upstart RICK STORY in what I thought was going to be a bout of the Pitbull stomping the no-name newcomer.  But I was pleasantly suprised to see this guy Story sticking in the pocket and also making the Brazillian look stupid, showing a toughness I never expected.  Story came away with the win, which was awesome. 

Can I get a USA chant?

She's watching you... or trying to join the Illuminati...
I might be behind on the times, but was this Kim Winslow's debut as a ref?  First time I've seen a woman ref an MMA bout.  Hell, any combat sports in general.  The fiery redhead had a long braid that  fell down her back and was ready to officiate.  Truthfully, I thought she did well and didn't interfere with the work of the ring girls. 

My hats off to you, Kim.  Good job, and way to open the door for women officiators.  Just don't be like that other redheaded bespectacled lady from the commission that used to call off fights quick from outside the cage.

Oh, and see if you can talk Gina Carano into officiating as well before "Cyborga" mauls her again.

I hate you, Travis Browne
What was turning into a lackluster fight ended with a sonic boom as Travis Browne leveled the Dutchman Stefan Struve with .... (go***mmit)... a "SuperMan Punch".

I swear to Buddah this is the worst gimmick/technique to come out of all of MMA.  95% of the innovation MMA has presented us (groundfighting, throws, fish-hooking ... okay, mebbe fishhooking was back in the day) is pretty awesome, and what Bruce Lee was trying to tell us years ago.

But this SuperMan punch is the stupidest punch ever invented.  Ever.  And thanks to you, Travis Browne, it is going to gain more legitimacy as an effective MMA technique.

Would Steven Segal please Snap Kick this guy.


All announcers are shills. 

Let me say that again.

All announcers are shills.

You know it.  I know it.  But there's nothing wrong with that.  I have worked as an announcer and know that the number one job is to get the product over with the people watching.

But jeez, Goldy, you have to use more articulate phrases than, "Roy Nelson is in great shape for a fat guy."  Whaaaat?

Roy "Big Country" Nelson was playing up his "just your average redneck tubby guy with skills" by sporting a mullet to make '90's Billy Ray Cyrus jealous.

"Don't break my heart/My Achy-Breaky heart..."
 He looked like the love child of Kane Hodder and Kenny Powers.  Don't believe me?

See?  You know it's true

So, Mir and Roy Hodder-Powers Nelson threw down in a battle of "Who will give up by being out of shape first".  And, they were both so out of gas by the 3rd round that it went to the cards.  To Mir's credit, he dominated Nelson in the 2nd and 3rd, throwing him at will.  Mir won at the cards, and what started as an exciting card suddenly became stale.
Wish I could say this was the two jockeying for position during the fight.  It's them with the sportsman-like hug afterward.  Nelson needed a cot.

In the end, Rampage dominated Hamill.  Hamill was being hit so hard, I thought might hear again.  Rampage with the dominating win.

I was left with some questions at the end of the event.  The first of which, "Was this a date?"

Mike Judge and David Spade.  Metro?  Yes.  Bromance?  No.

In the end, it was a shame the last two "Main Event" fights were lackluster.  The opening matches with the hungry fighters were the best.  Sometimes the cards don't pan out.  Just wish the show at least finished with some excitement. 

In the end, the best part about this card was the opening two fights.  I can't, as a fan of the science of fighting, support a fight finished with the Superman.  The Main Event sputtered.

In spite of my criticism, thanks to the fighters for stepping into the ring and putting it on the line.  I do admire you.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

FIGHTS: The treacherous Hopkins schools the youthful Pascal

"This is how it's done, kid"
Formidable boxing pugilist Bernard Hopkins schooled the youthful Jean Pascal on the 21st.  Having survived The Rapture thanks to "Macho Man" Randy Savage negotiating with Jesus in heaven, he walked to the ring with cruel intent.  The old man in the fight, he was set to be the oldest man to win a major boxing title, taking that particular mantle from George Foreman of Ali/Foreman and Foreman Grill fame.

In short, Hopkins had called Pascal a "four-round fighter" before the fight.  And as the match progressed, it was clear Hopkins was using that as a foundation for his strategy.

Pascal, big and muscular, seemed to go to the "Wanderlai Silva/Melvin Manhoef" school of fighting.  Like those fighters, Pascal showed a tendency to flurry with cruel and undisciplined punches for a few solid seconds, hoping for the knockout.  But once the flurry was done, he was mostly inactive. 

In the 5th round, Hopkins turned the corner and started to pour it on the Creole French Canadian, suddenly hurting Pascal.  As the rounds passed, Pascal was hurt and was even knocked down twice.  Once could have been questionable.  The second was legitimate.  But the ref bought the line from Pascal that he slipped on the promotional banner on the ring.

Hopkins had more gas in the tank as they swam into deep water.  Pascal would sit in his chair until the exact moment the bell rang.  Hopkins took that opportunity to showboat by doing push-ups, and even immediately assaulting Pascal when the bell rang as Pascal rose from the seat.  That was, by far, my favorite part of the match.

In the end, Hopkins used a combination of science and toughness to become the oldest major boxing title holder ever, beating Pascal on all the cards, and taking the Canadian's title in his own back yard. 

Well done, Hopkins.  Well done.

Can I get a USA chant?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

FIGHTS/BLOOD - ACW Prom: Beer-infused Enchantment Under the Stars at Mohawks...

When you're standing by Joshi Star Rachel Summerlynn, you can't help but smile.
Prom was always awkward for me.  But wrestlers like Rachel Summerlyn and the rest of the roster of the Anarchy Championship Wrestling Prom: There's Nothing as Real as a Dream made me feel right at home.  I showed up with my newest ACW shirt in honor of "ShowTime" Scot Summers.  Tucked in, of course, and with a bow tie.  This is a formal event, of course.

It was yet another exhausting ACW marathon, but like the others, worth the exhaustion.

Prom pic with my date, Shanell.  SuperFan Anna on the iPhone.
I took a picture with my date, ACW SuperFan, Shannel.  We're holding the phone for our missing SuperFan, Anna, who was, unfortunately, in the hospital.  Here's to you, Anna.  I think we held it down for the SuperFans.  Get well soon!

Joey believes bad guys would be running Austin when the Z-poc hits.  I tend to agree.
Joey, a cool cat who helped me out with my "Down the Road: The Fall of Austin" book trailer went stag because he's cool like that.  You rock, Joey.

Sign Guy was dressed in his Sunday best as well.

We support Independent Pro-Wrestling
It's not prom without someone spiking the punch.  Arik Cannon took some time to do the honors.  Well done, Arik.

And then, the festivities started.

It was a different opening for the prom, featuring an Austin douchebag who was ripping off Wes Anderson's "Royal Tenembaum" by looking like tennis pro Richie Tenenbaum.  He provided a speech, ala School Principal of Anytown High, which was greeted with boos and middle fingers from the fans.  "The Baumer" as I was calling him, really got the fans riled up and ready for the first match.

ACW Tag Titles: RAJETT (Rachel Summerlyn/Jessica James) vs Cali Crush vs Halloween Crew vs Portia Perez/ Super Electro

Someone should have checked Jessica's water bottle before they let her in the door.
Cali Crush was greeted with boos, as per usual, and so were the lucha libre disgraces, the Halloween Crew.  Portia Perez showed up with her robot, Super Electro. 

Spokesperson for Omni Consumer Products, Portia Perez
And RaJETT showed up with an intoxicated Jessica James.  She was probably going to score by the end of the night.  It was a fun start.

Legion of Shrooms (Jc Bravo/Chingo) vs Just Sexy (Just Willie/Slim Sexy) vs Berry Breeze/Killah Kash vs Team S.E.X. (Highroller Hayze/Viper) w/ Amanda Fox

It was good to see Willie back after having been out due to injury by those bastard Takeover bastard bastards. 
I"m Just Willie.  Remember me?

This one was fun as well until Principal Douchebag The Baumer showed up, cussing out the fans and helping Team S.E.X. and Berry Breeze/Killa Kash jump LOS and JS after the match. 
Principal Douchebag, "The Baumer"

I hope Principal Douchebag comes back, as I'm sure me and the SuperFans will have something to say to him.

JT LaMotta vs. Lillie Mae
"The Walking Roofie" JT LaMotta

JT LaMotta proved what a guido bastard he is by manhandling Lillie Mae.  I'm all for sport, but that damn LaMotta was taking it too far.  LaMotta takes the win.

St. Louis Anarchy Title Match:  Evan Gelistico vs. Pierre Abernathy

Wrestling can be done standing
These two Submission Squad stalwarts threw down for their home state title.  It was a bit of a "bromantic" match, with Gelistico sharing a kiss on the cheek with his road buddy.  Gelistico and Abernathy even stuffed each other's sweaty faces in the punch.  But Gelistico retained the title.

The Takeover (Plisken, Claxton, DiAngelo, Sinister Ginger, New Scrote)
Then those bastard Takeover bastard bastards showed up with The Sinister Ginger and some new scrote who took to their corner.  They trashed Big Ricky, Bolt Brady, but really took it to Cali Crush. 


... Welcome to Anarchy, guys.  Takeover then got some punch.  Guess they missed the Gelistico/Abernathy match.  Drink up, Takeover.  Drink up.

Masada vs. Darin Corbin - ACW Hardcore Title
Masada took on the Rainbow Ginger Darin Corbin for the Hardcore Title. 

Arik Cannon's new mother in law thought Masada's bleeding was fake

Hey lady.  Ask The Flying Ginger if Masada's beating was fake.

Even better.  Go on the stage and let Masada fake throw you into chairs.
Corbin thought he could use his rainbow pants as a distraction to Masada.  Masada was not distracted and proceeded to take it to Corbin.  Great match.

Scot Summers came out to assist his friend, Masada, after the match as well.

The U-30 Title was up for grabs between Tozawa, Gary Jay, Champ ACH, and Arik Cannon. 

Arik was eliminated, but was consoled by a fan.

Then, Gary Jay as booted.  Meanwhile, Arik Cannon was making it happen.

Tozawa took the title.

And Arik Cannon made plans for an after-Prom paaar-tay!  This Cannon was ready to bang!

"Father of Pain" Darin Childs vs. Jeff Gant

Then The Father of Pain Darin Childs came out with his friends to beat up Jeff Gant.  Darin won after schooling him.  Big bully. But the real news was that Darin brought as his date to the prom, Angel Blue.

Gaw, I can't believe Darin brought her to prom.  Like, gag me with a spoon.  Gross me out the door!

Oh, and Angel Blue almost threw down with The Cannon's new mother-in-law.  That was crazy!

ACW Evening Gown Match

The controversial Evening Gown Match began with the rockin' Sara del Rey saying she was not wearing a dress. 

Athena arrived with date, Davey Vega, looking like Tinkerbell. 

Shanell and I were immediately doused with a glitter money shot as she passed.

Jessica James arrived, along with RaJETT and Amanda Fox, and the match was on. 

RaJETT ended up putting a dress on SdR, who immediately removed it, eliminating her from the bout.  SdR proceeded to kick the dress' ass outside the ring.

And when do you see a plancha in an evening gown?

In the end, Rachel dumped Portia in the prom cake.

And, though I hoped the show would not end up like Carrie, it did.  LaMotta showed up and jumped Rachel, pouring the punch on her.  Rachel did her best Sissy Spacek and called out LaMotta for the next show.

"Showtime" Scot Summers vs. Shaun Vexx

"Showtime" trying to take Vexx's arm home

Then the two close friends Scot Summers (c) and Shaun Vexx threw down.  It was a good match, but I was concerned for their safety as they slipped on occasion on the punch/cake soaked mat.  They put on a great mtach, adding their blood to the mess.

ACW Title Match - Matt Palmer (c) vs. Davey Vega

New champ.

Then ACW Champ Matt "The Son of Anarchy" Palmer threw down with Davey Vega for the title.  In a cruel match, Palmer was about to punish the hardy Vega by taking off the canvas, revealing the wood below.  He punished Vega on the wood, but was met with Vega's Air Raid Crash for the victory.  New champ, Davey Vega.

Also, there seems to be a collision course set for The Takeover and Summers/Masada.  We'll see how that plays out.

Once again, ACW put up a marathon.  In spite of it being exhausting, it was still a good show and me and the ACW regulars had a good time whooping and a'hollerin' all night in the capital of the repubic of Texas.

To all the wrestlers I cheer and jeer, thank you.


Special thanks to for letting me rip off some of the pics. 


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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ZOMBIES - Zombie Book (and Star Wars SuperFan) Gil Martinez sounds off on Han Solo, the Jedi Council, and Zombies!

"Do or do not.  There is no try."

I'm proud to present the following blog interview with one of my most ardent supporters.  He is a talented actor, eccentric artist, and a good friend.  ZombieBloodFights 2.0, here is Gil Martinez.

Vital Stats
Full Name: Gilberto Martinez, Jr.
Code Name/Alter Ego: Gil Martinez, Jr. (aka NOVA)
Primary Specialty: Oral Story Teller
Secondary Specialty: Popular Culture Warrior
Quote or Favorite phrase/word: See you in Summerland!

Q – So, Gil. I’ll start with the obvious. How many times have you watched the Star Wars trilogy?
Actually, I stopped counting when I was in my 20's. I've watched them multiple times. I wouldn't say thousands, but who knows? Perhaps? (but only original, new trilogy not so much)

Q – Considering the fact we’ve had a chance to see members of the Jedi Council in action, who was number two behind Yoda?

You know, we didn't see him much, but I'd have to go with Ki-Adi-Mundi. He was there in the very end, and like most Jedi Masters didn't go out like a bitch! It is said, that Yoda mourned him most of all. At least that is what they say!

"You talkin' to me?  You talkin' to me?  I'm the only one here?"

Q – Was it wrong for LucasFilms to make Greedo shoot first?

Uh, Yes. I'm not sure who would say no here, but Han was no saint. It ruins his arc by doing that. I mean, you probably had kids thinking "Oh, he's gonna come back and save Luke, remember? Greedo shot first!" So yeah, bad form.

Q – If Darth Vader and the Empire offered a good health plan (health, eye, dental) and a 401k matching plan, would you sign up and throw on the old white suit?
You know, 10 years ago I might have said yes, but not today. While I probably need more healthcare than ever before, I recently found my soul again after being apart for so long, and well, I'd rather have that then Healthcare. Besides the Empire would never offer a 401k they would honor.
"I told you.  The deductions will come out of your paycheck every two weeks.  Check your stub."

Q – If you didn’t have to work, what would your rather be doing?

 I'd actually like to try my hand at play writing or something of that nature. Poems, essays, and the occasional novella. But mostly I would probably go on a lecture circuit of some kind. Probably one called "How I managed to never work again." Or something like that!

Q – Gil, you’re probably one of my greatest supporters and one of the greatest friends I met in college. What do you look for in a good zombie book?
Okay, I'm going to get sappy here, but in one word: HOPE. That is the one thing that sets zombies apart from anything else. No matter how much ammo you have or what hide outs you find, it doesn't matter. The aura of hopelessness is all around. But once in a while you find a story with the exact opposite. Now, I'm not talking about the magic spell snaps everybody out of it kind of hope, no I'm talking about the kind where the protagonists learn something about themselves and accept their fate, full of hope. That's what I loved about your character George. There was hope there, in the end. That is what I look for, and I'm happy when I find it.

Q – What are you going to do when the zombie apocalypse drops?

Make my way to my parents house. Pick up the AR-15 and AK 47's we have there. We also have a radio ready to go. Probably keep the Prius for gas purposes, but maybe switch to the truck, still thinking about that one. Then I'd head to the airport (picking up survivors along the way) Wait to hear about safe zones and then try to make it over there. Always full of hope mind you!

"Prius.  Good on gas.  Excellent against zombies!"

Q - What do you think is going to be the most unexpected thing no one will be ready for during the Z-Poc?

 No matter how much we know we have to be prepared for it, it's gotta be how hard it is going to be to put down your loved ones after they get infected. That's gonna be tough. Oh, and also, get ready for the constipation! We ain't gonna be pooping for a while, out of pure adrenaline! So no one is going to be in a good mood that's for sure!

Q – If you were to join me for a beer after a book signing, what would we be drinking and where?

If you did another book signing in San Marcos, I'd say we would have to hit the Tap Room! You were a pro there, and well, it's always good to have choices... but I'd probably stick to XX or Tecate, and the occasional Coors!

Q – So, Zombies, Fights, or Blood?
Zombies, hands down. So much to be learned there, and a great way to bring people together (well the non infected kind).

Q – If you could fight a character from Star Wars, who would it be?
I'd like a crack at Bobba Fett. Legend has it, he was better than his father, and one tough MO-FO. (I would never fight a Wookie though).

"Artist's rendetion of Gil throwing down, Jedi-style!"

Q – We were in theatre together. What would be a role (roles), any role, you would like to play?

I'd play Horatio, cause no one likes to play that guy, but he was one cool dude. Defending his sister's honor and shit! I'd also like to play the Common Man in Man For All Seasons. When I saw our buddy Napier play him, I thought, man what a cool role. Also, anything in a Mamet play. I love that guy!

Q – What would you like to tell all the authors writing away for your pleasure?
Don't be afraid to kill off a main character in the middle of your story, and then have a supporting character finish the job. What a cool story that would be. Sometimes it doesn't matter who finishes the job, just that the job gets done! Allow me to explain: J.K. Rowling implied that Neville could actually be the "chosen one" and not Harry. Well, now we know that is not true (by the way this isn't a spoiler alert, because the books have been out for years, it's not my problem if people only watch the movies) but how cool would it have been if Neville had to finish the job? Well, now that I think about it probably not that cool, but still I think it could work! Especially in a romance novel (although I'd never read that) Oh, and also, HOPE

Q – Pizza Hut or Dominos?
The Hut! but shit, I'd eat Dominos any day too! I don't discriminate when it comes to pizza.

"No one discriminates against pizza.  No one."

Q – Where can people find out what you are reading or watching?

On Facebook or basically via email. My website is, uh, under construction!

Q – Any last words for the people reading the blog?
Heaven is real. It's called Summerland, and if you don't believe in God or anything like that, that is cool, just be cool to people, be as cool as you can, because Heaven or no Heaven, life is to short to be dicks to one another... In other words:

"Be Excellent to Each Other!"

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