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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ZOMBIES: THE FLANGED MACE - The New Ultimate Zombie Smashing Weapon (With Video!) by Bowie Ibarra

It's time to talk ultimate weapons for the zombie apocalypse yet again.

You might remember the blog featuring the Hanzo sword as the ultimate weapon.  As it stands, it is still a premium weapon for the zombie apocalypse.  And Travis Adkins, author of the "Twilight of the Dead" series and audio book, is correct in his use of the sword by trained zombie killers.

You can revisit the article here:

The Hanzo sword still holds true as an ultimate weapon for the ZPoc.

But the one and only problem (okay, one of two problems) is that to use it effectively, ala "The Bride vs. The Crazy 88's", you need training.  And, as with any edged weapon, there is upkeep in keeping the blade sharpened.

But there is a weapon that any man or woman can wield, without formal training or upkeep.  It's called the flanged mace!

The flanged mace was designed to penetrate plate armor.  It's also a pretty convenient tool for smashing people's heads in.  Used by Mongols and ceremonially by religious figures, it was a variation of the round mace and the spiked maces.

The flanged mace brings all the destructive power of a traditional baseball bat or cricket paddle with the durability, strength, and power of steel.  And at 5.5 pounds, it's lighter than most bats.

Now, if removing the head or destroying the brain is the key to zpoc victory, then the flanged mace is the key to victory.  No training is necessary, just general hand/eye coordination, two hands, and the ability to swing it at the heads.  With no edges, it can't get stuck in their heads, either.

Check out the pictures from the demonstration below:

Here's our friend.  He's going to demonstrate.  He is qualified to demonstrate the effectiveness of the flanged mace the Mongolians used because he is Mongolian.

Three simulated skulls were set up.  One was a skull without flesh, but, apparently, a big ass balloon filled with blood in its melon.

Here's a close up of flesh-free skull getting pwned by the flanaged mace.

Now, we'll bypass the skull covered in flesh, as it was immediately knocked off the pole.

However, the middle and final simulated human head with flesh, simulated skull, and spine, is the key indicator of the effectiveness of the mace against zombies.

Here's the before.

Here's the during.

Here's the after.  Notice the skull damage and how the mace does not stick in the simulated skull.

Here's another angle.

Notice the neck torquing at a cruel angle as the mace makes a hole in the head.  A complete and total hole in the head.

I'm no doctor, but I think this single blow qualifies as "destroying the brain".

In short:
No reloading.  No upkeep.  No sharpening.  No training.

Below, you will find a video from YouTube of the demonstration.  Enjoy!

Say hello the the ultimate weapon for the zombie apocalypse.  Get yours today.


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Bowie V. Ibarra is the author of the zombie horror series "Down the Road" from Permuted Press and Simon and Schuster, available at in paperback and kindle format.

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  1. Flanged maces deliver the full kinetic force of a swing concentrated at the weighted head, supplying enough power to shatter bone, tear muscles and tendons, and generally make a bloody mess of any lightly armored/unarmored foe. If the opponent happened to be wearing steel plate it would grant little reprieve as the crushing force of the mace would often deform and push armor inwards creating a rather tight and painful prison for life and limb.

    As far as the walking dead go, a mace is a fine choice for dispatching the shuffling or raging hordes. Be sure to wear proper protection to keep the splatter out of your various orifices and membranes!

  2. Definitely need to be prepared for the splash zone.