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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ZOMBIES - The Moody Mastermind Shawn "Rotting Corpse" Riddle

"I'm sorry ensign, there's nothing more annoying than a corpse with a mind of its own" Constable Odo-Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Full Name: Shawn M. Riddle
Code Name/Alter Ego: Shawn 'Rotting Corpse' Riddle
Primary Specialty: Horror/Zombies
Secondary Specialty: Horror

Q – Shawn, you were really excited to be a part of “Holiday of the Dead”. What inspired your story?

I was definatlely stoked to be a part of "Holiday of the Dead" It's a real honor to have the first story I ever wrote placed in such elite company. It's hard to say what inspired the story, my lady kept on me to write something and i used people and places from my daily life, the rest simplay wrote itself.

Q – Zombies are big these days. When were you first exposed to zombies?

In 1978, i was 7 years old, my mother took me to the theater with my step brother and stepdad, she put me and my step brother into "The Secret of Nimh" and her and my stepdad went into the "Dawn of the Dead" theater. After 20 minutes of a really boring cartoon, my step brother and i snuck into "Dawn of the Dead" I loved it, I guess you can say i was sick and twisted since childhood.

Q – When you’re not writing, what do you enjoy doing?

Im a real movie buff, I enjoy watching horror as much as I can, i also am an avid gamer, again mostly in the horror genre.

Q – Have you always wanted to write?

No. I didnt even like to read until just a few minths ago, I read "Hater" by David Moody from a friends suggestion. I liked it so much i started expanding into other books and authors, my FB group is what really inspired me to start writing back in January.

Q – You are one of the people responsible for the “Moody’s Survivor” Facebook group. Why did you put that group together?

After reading David's work and searching for a fan group for him, I couldnt find one and was shocked he already didnt have something in place. I emailed David and asked his permission to start the group, he very graciously allowed me to do so, and it just took off from there. I put it together strictly as a fan group for David, but as anyone who is now part of the group knows it has evolved into much much more. It is still based onn his work, but we now have many fine authors and good people who participate, i think its a real success.

Q – “Moody’s Survivors” is probably the most active group I am a part of. Why do you think the people of the group are so passionate about their zombies and horror in general?

It's hard to say for sure, most of us in the group are passionate to the point of fanatical about the horror genre, zombies in particular. As to why we are all so passionate? Perhaps we skipped our therapy sessions as kids and are still a little sickj in the head. Lol. Seriously though, i think the group is so active because we have an atmosphere of no holds barred fun among us and everyone is very cool and respectful, little to no bickering or infighting.

Q – You are a champion for the works of David Moody. What Moody title would your recommend to the uninitiated?

Thats a tough one, I would have to say "Hater", it's the book that launched me into being such a fan of Davids work. Its gritty and hardcore protrayal of the end of civilzation as we know it draws you in and keeps your attention 100% of the time. Excellent book!

Q – What makes a good zombie horror book?

To me its the atmosphere the author creates and the interaction of the characters. David Moody is a MASTER at creating atmosphere, as well as Iain McKinnon, Wayne Simmons and Bowie Ibarra. They all draw you in and force you to read after page one. If you have a lame atmoshere and dry characters, it ruins ANY written work.

Q – You don’t have to name titles, but has there ever been a zombie horror title you think fell short?

Yes, there have been a few that just didnt do it for me, the author tried to set a tone, but just didnt quite make it.

Q – What would you say to authors to help them with what readers are looking for?

The most important factor for me is, locate and identify your target audience. Whether its males 18-35, or females 12-19 it doesnt matter. Put yourself in the mindset of your target audience and do a first draft of your work. Find several people who will give you honest feedback and are part of your target audience, let them Beta read your work and take all feedback into account on your first revision. It is still your story, but if 5/6 say theres a problem you may want to rethink something. No one is ever going to get 100% positive feedback, so dont even try. Take all opinions into account on your next draft but aleays remember it is YOUR story, do not change something that you really love unless you are absolutely sure it is for the best.

Q – What is your weapon of choice for the Z-Poc?

Good old fashioned military grade machette, sharpend so sharp it can cut paper.

Q – So, Zombies, Fights, or Blood?


Q – What celebrity would you like to watch being dismembered and eaten by zombies?

Wow, thats a long list, but if i had to choose one it would be Paris Hilton.

Q – Where can people find more about you and what you are doing?

Join my FB group "Moody's Survivors-The Last of the Living" I am always in there and anything you need to know about me can be found in there.

Q – Any last words for the readers?

Never stay in one place too long during a ZPOC, itll just draw the Pus-Bags in and youll end up surrounded.
You can join the Moody's Survivor's Facebook fan page here and interact with a real cool crew of horror lovers:
Moody's Survivor's Facebook group:!/groups/maddicts/


Bowie V. Ibarra is the author of the Permuted Press and Simon and Schuster zombie horror series "Down the Road".  His newest release, an action-adventure story called "Codename: La Lechusa" is now available as low as $4.99.  You can purchase his books and network with him at

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