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Saturday, August 27, 2011

ZOMBIES/FIGHTS/BLOOD - La Voz de Uvalde article, featuring Bowie V. Ibarra

This is a press release that appeared in a July issue of La Voz de Uvalde.  Special thanks to Louie Neira, senior editor at La Voz, for publishing the release.

The zombies that laced the south Texas landscape in Bowie Ibarra’s previous books now take center stage in the state capitol.  “Down the Road: The Fall of Austin” is the third and final installment of the Permuted Press zombie horror series.

“It’s a great, strong finish to the series,” says Ibarra.

But that’s not the only book that has been released in 2011.  A violent superhero story based on an old south Texas legend had its debut in June as well.  “Codename: La Lechusa” puts a modern twist on the classic superhero genre.

“Codename: La Lechusa’ was inspired by social media culture, Batman and Power Girl, and the Uvalde nightlife of the thirty-something crowd,” says Ibarra.

“Down the Road: The Fall of Austin” follows three groups of people as they struggle to survive the zombie apocalypse.  One group is a splintered military fireteam that goes to war with each other in the city after securing the state capitol.  Another is a policeman who tries to uphold justice amid the chaos.  And the third is a gang of released prison inmates pillaging their way through the outbreak.

Fellow author Craig DiLouie called “The Fall of Austin”, ‘Zombie Apocalypse delivered like a punch.”

“Codename: La Lechusa” is a cruel story of a single mother with a double life.  By day, she’s an unassuming secretary who works hard, supports her daughter, and enjoys time away at the club with friends.  But she’s also a superhero working for a US agency as an assassin.  With sharp knives, elevated strength, and high tech goggles that assists her missions (and social networking), a mysterious necklace given to her by a curandera also grants her supernatural power.

“My editor thinks it’s the best story I’ve put together so far,” said Bowie.  “It was inspired by a lady I knew in Uvalde who oozed beauty, strength, and confidence.  The Lechusa character immediately formed in my mind, and I started writing it soon after.”

Bowie is proud of his new works, but it hasn’t come without personal struggle.

“Life’s like a boxing match,” says Bowie.  “You step in the ring and mix it up.  Sometimes you get knocked down, and it hurts a lot.  You can quit.  Or you can keep fighting.  The only way you’re going to get anywhere is by getting back up.  You fight hurt, but you keep fighting.”

Does Bowie think the zombie apocalypse will arrive? 

“They’re us,” he says.

And will La Lechusa save Uvalde?

“I hope so.  I like to imagine her fighting crime, keeping the city safe.  As for the inspiration, she remains only in my memory.”

You can find more information, book trailers, and network at his official website, here:

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