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Monday, April 4, 2011

ZOMBIES/BLOOD - Gina Ranalli's heart explodes on the ZBF Blog!

I love my readers so much my heart is going to explode & cover the planet in a gooey mess that drips from noses and tastes like cherry jam.”
--- Gina Ranalli, from an April Twitter post (@GinaRanalli)


Today is the first installment of an interview series for the ZombieBloodFights blog, which will feature people across the spectrum of Zombies, Blood, and Fights. 

Today, kicking off the ZBF Interview series is noted author Gina Ranalli.  Without further ado, here she is!



Vital Stats
Full Name: Gina Ranalli
Code Name/Alter Ego: The Mighty G!
Primary Specialty: word slinger
Secondary Specialty: impervious to caffeine
Quote or Favorite phrase/word: "Bloody hell!"

Q – So, Gina. This is my first time doing a web log interview with an author. Should I be afraid?

Nah. I'll be gentle.

Q – Gina, you’re one of the many authors out there making a run at writing. You have a lot of books out that sound great. What made you decide to write?

I didn't really have a choice. It's just something I've always done and it's at the top of a very short list of things I'm good at.

Q – How am I doing so far?

Pretty good.

Q – I see your updates on Twitter (@GinaRanalli) through out the day. What do you think of all these great networking tools that are available to the world these days?

I think they're fantastic. If used properly, they are extremely useful for self-promotion, which, for a writer, is almost as important as the writing itself.

Q – With bookstores in crisis, what do you anticipate for the future of printed text?

I'm not really sure. Time will tell, but I do think there are still a lot of folks who will always want a physical book in their hands. If they disappear completely, it won't be for a long time, but it's interesting to imagine a far-off future where they only have hard-copies in museums. Sad-interesting, but interesting.

Q – How about now? How am I doing?


Q – When you’re writing, what do you do to keep your focus? How do you keep moving forward?

Usually threat of death is what keeps me going. Publishers and editors are fierce creatures. Writing is similar to being a gladiator. And I'm only half kidding.

Q - Tell us about your most recent work.

Well, I have a couple of new things coming out in May. Unearthed (Delirium Books) which is my first attempt at writing something vaguely Lovecraftian. Also in May, Dark Surge (Dark Regions Press) will come out and it's a nasty little novel about persevering in the face of a bizarre, terrifying and unknowable evil.

Q - Which piece is your favorite?

I have to say I really like the new stuff (the ones I just mentioned) along with House of Fallen Trees, which is basically a classic haunted house tale best read by candlelight.

Q – So, Zombies, Fights, or Blood?

I can only pick one? Gotta go with Zombies, those lovable, misunderstood walking abominations. They're just hungry, after all.

Q – If you could date a celebrity, who would it be?

Good question. I think I'd have to say Batwoman and Shemar Moore could be our Cabana boy. Best of both worlds.

Q – Nice!  Which of your book titles would you like to see performed as a theatrical piece?

Hmm. Probably House of Fallen Trees or Suicide Girls in the Afterlife, because they're both sort of self-contained stories that would work well on a stage. Same with Wall of Kiss, which would be especially easy as it would be a one-woman show.

Q – What would you like to tell all your fellow writers?

"Are we nuts or what?"

Q – So, how was the interview?

Excellent! Is it over already?

Q – Where can people check out all that you have to offer online?

All things Gina and then some can be found at my official website, come say heyyyyyyy!

Q – Any shout outs to your fans?

Yes! you guys rock harder than Elvis's hips! Love you madly!!



ZombieBloodFights would like to thank Gina Ranalli for taking the time to participate in the blog.  Keep rockin', Gina!

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This has been a production.


  1. Gina is the best! I can attest that House of Fallen Trees is my favorite G-book to date. I'm really looking forward to Unearthed and Dark Surge.

    Great interview!

  2. Very cool! Thanks, Andrew. Gina was excellent!