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Monday, March 28, 2011

FIGHTS x 3 & (KOREAN) ZOMBIES - Bute/Magee, Gamboa/Solis, UFC FN 24


Lucien Bute and Brian Magee threw down in Canada this past weekend, and it was a great boxing match.  Magee was a game competitor, but Bute picked him apart with devestating body shots.  I swear I could hear the cornerman from the old school "Punch-Out" arcade game yelling "Body Blow!  Body Blow!" as I watched the fight.

Too young to remember the glory days of coin-op cabinet video games.  Here's a MAME version of "Punch Out" with the call for "Body Blows".

Piston Hurricane - Arcade version of Punch Out!

If you've ever been hit with a body shot, you know how bad it feels.  The fact is, the gritty Irishman stuck around to the tenth round after repeated body blows in the previous rounds that took him to the mat.

I have to say, its always great to see science used with such ferocity.  Bute is a boxer to watch.

"Someone will not be smiling when its all over."

The Gamboa/Solis fight was short and brutal.  These two guys threw down something fierce.  In the end, Gamboa, with a combination of science and sheer power, leveled Solis.  It was a good fight, and there's a lot of good matchups for Gamboa in his weight class.

"Right foot Green.  Left hand yellow.  Wait.  Wrong Twister."

UFC Fight Night 24 was a great card highlighted by two pretty good main events.  Anthony Johnson scrapped it out with Dan Hardy, beating the englishman.  And Phil Davis made Antonio "Lil Nog" Nogeuria look stupid.  In my opinion, especially after CroCop's most recent defeat, the days of the old Pride FC fighters are over.

However, for me, the highlight of the night came early in the Leonard Garcia VS. "Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung fight.  Nearing the end of the third and final round, after a see-saw battle, the clock was ticking down as the fighters were on the mat.  Zombie had Garcia's back, and as Garcia was trying to get out, The Korean Zombie wrapped one of Garcia's legs with his, then positioned himself under one of Garcia's arms and cranked Garcia's body with "The Twister", a cruel spine lock that had Garcia tapping in the (literal) final second of the fight.

Check out the video of him applying The Twister

Pretty good for a zombie!


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