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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FIGHTS - Mayorga vs. Cotto


If you truly enjoy combat sports, and have Showtime on Demand, you need to go ahead and dial up the Ricardo Mayorga/Miguel Cotto fight.  Pure action from start to finish.

Mayorga has, and always will be, a brawler.  Cotto is strong and disciplined and can bring the science.  I remember how exciting the Mayorga/DeLaHoya fight was.  But also how DeLaHoya picked him apart with science and put him away in the early rounds.

I figured it might be the same here, considering Cotto has been in the ring with vicious technicians like Pacquiao. 

Cotto seemed a little tenative, though it looks like he was willing to take his time and take Mayorga into deep water.  Mayorga brought the brawl, even going as far as to back himself into a corner, trying to draw Cotto into a metaphorical boxing phone booth to swing.

Without spoiling it for you, the fight was great.  Boxing isn't going anywhere.  When you have warriors like this who will throw leather from bell to bell, that's the heart of combat sports.

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