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Friday, February 8, 2013

ZOMBIES: Wild Speculation on the return of 'The Walking Dead: Suicide Kings'

by Bowie Ibarra

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We've been 'Made to Suffer' for over two months now since the mid-season of the 'Walking Dead'.  You can get the full recap here.

Lots of loose ends to manage.  So I've asked several 'Walking Dead' fans and enthusiasts to give me there predictions for how this return episode is going to play out, and what they expect for the season with the next episode, 'Suicide Kings'.

Here we go!

WILD SPECULATION:  DL SNELL, author of the Permuted Press titles 'Roses of Blood on Barbed Wire Vines' and 'Pavlov's Dog'

Like most fans of THE WALKING DEAD, the cliffhanger mid-season three has left me fearing for Daryl Dixon’s life. As Rick Grimes has implied, the god of the TWD universe is ruthless (a sentiment echoed by creator Robert Kirkman). So while it would surprise me if they killed Daryl—arguably the show’s biggest sex symbol and fan-girl favorite—it’s certainly within the realm.

What I think will happen, though, is that somehow something will intervene. Rick’s team is just outside the walls; Merle will probably land squarely in Daryl’s corner of the ring; and Andrea is right in the Governor’s blind spot. But I don’t know if Daryl’s allies are enough, here. I think it might take an inventible zombie infiltration to get Daryl out of that arena and over the town walls.

The question is, who will let the zombies in? Rick? Andrea? Or will it be an act of God?


How ya'll doing fellow Walking Dead Fans?

So tell me something:  Does anyone out there loathe Andrea as much as I do?  Whose side is she on?  She pretty much turned her back on Michone.  The reason I talk about her is because judging from the previews, she looks to be the main focus in the premiere.  Looks to me like she's doing some recon for the ol' Governator, who I think is a good guy trapped in a bad world.  But that's another post.

So what do you think, fellow ZombieBloodFighters?  Will Merle die in the premiere?  If not, then who?


The Governor seems to have sold out Merle to fight his brother, Daryl.  So, my prediction is that when the WD Fire Team, still outside Woodbury, makes a move to save Daryl, Merle helps his brother out, only to get shot by the governor and his people.

As for the season, I think the governor will make a move on the prison with his deathsquad in the coming episodes.  We shall see.


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