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Thursday, February 21, 2013

ZOMBIES: 'I Ain't a Judas' #WalkingDead Wild Speculation

by Bowie Ibarra

Welcome back, folks. is back with another entry of Wild Speculation.

Last week, Army Ed hit the nail on the head about the Dixon brothers relationship.  Let's see what Army Ed and other zombie apocalypse enthusiasts have to say about the upcoming episode, 'I Ain't No Judas'.

C. DULANEY, author of the zombie horror series, The Road Less Traveled

                My predictions for next week’s episode are just common sense, I think. First, there’s going to be an altercation between Merle and somebody. Who? Pick one. I’m sure they’ll all want to smack him in the mouth at some point during the show. Then again, we might get to see a new and improved Merle. Daryl stood up to him, which might make the older brother reconsider many things. One being his habit of letting his mouth fly open before his brain has time to think.
Second, Rick-N-Gang will start fortifying. They need to prepare for an attack they should know is coming, after what happened at the end of last week’s episode. To do that, they need to get out there and find those weak spots in and around the prison. But, to do that, they’re going to need to pull themselves up by their boot straps and stow the drama. Although I understand what’s going on with Rick, and really can’t blame the guy, he needs to put his vacation in Crazytown on hold. At least until the Governor is dealt with. The group will pull together, see what needs done for their security, and get started on it. Which leads me to…
Number three. They’re going to need supplies. Namely, ammunition. From the looks of things, they’re in bad shape in the ammo department, especially after wasting so much during the shootout in the end of the last episode. This means a road trip. Which also means whoever goes out is going to have to be extremely cautious and sneaky. It would be pretty easy for the Governor to have snipers in position to take out anyone who leaves the prison.
That’s it. Now go and enjoy the show.

JACQUELINE DRUGA, author of the Permuted Press title 'The Flu'

Just as I uttered the words, “This was a waste of my time” to my daughter …. The episode sucked me in.

My speculations for next week’s episode: Merle is back with the group. Yes. They need him and he has to display another round of heroism for the viewers to cheer him on like me. Look for that to happen. Another Merle hero moment. Let’s watch for Rick to finally make a mental snap to reality courtesy of his son and go out seeking the governor. Don’t look for Andrea to stay with our prison group. She sees promise in Woodbury.

My fear is the baby. Walking Dead has proven a few things. If you rarely have dialogue and suddenly you are featured a lot in the first five minutes … you die. If you are an African American man… you die. (For some reason they can’t process more than one main black character nor can they allow for him to live or stay. WTH?) and finally they foreshadow in the first ten minutes what is going to happen. Poorly foreshadow, it’s evident.

It was said, “Walkers are in the prison and the Governor is on his way.’ Remember when that was said. Well, Uh, did no one but me notice that Maggie left the baby alone in the prison? If the foreshadowing about the governor came true, what about the walkers in the prison. Hopefully she secured the baby, but I think the baby is gone when they get back. The motivator for Rick and Carl.

ARMY ED, Weapons and Strategy advisor

My biggest WTF moment was the Governor not closing the deal with the prison.  The Governor and his death squad catches the prison off-guard, split up and vulnerable, knocks down two sets of defenses in the gates, has Rick and his friends up against the ropes, and he doesn't close the deal?

We'll have to see the return of Tyrese group soon.  I don't think they left the prison, so they're somewhere inside its labyrinthine confines somewhere.  Tyrese and his friend has been ready to play ball with Rick's team, but his friends have held them back.  I sense Tyrese making a move against the two dissenters to prove his loyalty to Rick, maybe even by killing the dissenters if the time was right.

Previews have already indicated that Andrea is going to visit the prison, but its not going to be for a reunion.  Andrea's in The Governor's pocket and that's where she's going to stay, since the Governor has provided empowerment to her, even though he's going to play her like a puppet on a string.

This whole 'Phantom Lori' hallucinations have got me thinking the 'Zombie Lori' theory from might play out.  Rick is going to come face-to-face with her and have to put her down.  The moment that occurs, he'll have his closure and be able to focus on the task at hand, which might be moving against Woodbury.

Merle is going to keep his shit together.  Since he sees his brothers emotional and social growth and ability to leave him, Merle's pragmatic enough to know he can't go out alone.  In a preview for an upcoming show, Merle states to Hercshel that when the Governor comes back, the Governor's hit list, in order, will be Merle, then Michone and Daryl.  Next, everyone else, then Rick, in order to force Rick to watch it all fall apart. 

So the last thing Merle wants is to be kicked out, because Daryl won't back his play anymore.  R

Truth is, I'd rather have Merle around because he doesn't play the victim and he makes hard decisions.  Let's face it, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  With that said, he's going to have to mend fences with Glenn, Maggie, and Michone, and bury the hatchet with Rick.  Merle's presence will be a good source of tension and make for some good TV.


Andrea drove the truck and infiltrated the prison.  I believe Andrea volunteered for the job to get into the prison and see her friends again.  I'm in the camp that Andrea really wants to get back with her friends and used her affection for the Governor to get the spot for the assault.

BOWIE IBARRA, author of the library

I agree with Army Ed.  What was the point of the Governor catching the WD crew with their pants down, completely vulnerable and split up, and then bailing?

I think the Governor played it that way to spark the WD crew to make a move, which many, including Herschel, have seen as foolish.  Yank the chain of the prison to take them out of home-field advantage.

Glenn, who wanted so desperately to go on the offensive, is going to go on his own, forcing the hand of Rick and the other team members.  It's just not going to pay off like they'd hoped, and Rick and the Governor are going to face off.


BOWIE IBARRA is the author of the 'Down the Road' zombie horror series from Permuted Press and Simon and Schuester.  His latest zombie story, The Fall of Austin, tells the story of military, police, convicts, and citizens of the Texas capitol as they deal with the zpoc.  It is available in Kindle and Paperback.

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