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Monday, February 18, 2013

ZOMBIES: #TheWalkingDead crew gets caught with their pants down in "Home"

by Bowie Ibarra

Photo credit Gene Page/AMC
Things start in the realm of fantasy, it seems, but get real really fast at the prison as 'The Walking Dead' brings another episode to our screens of humans being more dangerous than zombies in 'Home'.


The pressure put on Rick has pushed him over the edge.  Yet again, he's chasing the ghost of Lori out of the prison walls into the outer wall, making himself vulnerable in the sticks around the prison.  Michone, taking it upon herself to be a lookout from a position near the gate, sees it all play out.

Young Carl is working with Glenn to secure the prison, because if what Michonne is saying is correct, the Governor and his deathsquad will be making a move on the prison soon.  Glenn thinks they should mount an offensive against Woodbury, with Michone's knowledge.  But Herschel thinks it would not be a good move.

As they set up to defend the prison, Glenn and Maggie have an awkward conversation about the threat of rape the Governor used against Maggie.  It really seems Maggie has had this issue in the past even before the ZPoc, and Glenn doesn't know how to deal with it.

Axel and Carol flirt while building the defenses.  Axel's even cleaned himself up as well.  He lied about being a druggie because he was really in for armed robbery.


As 'Army Ed' astutely pointed out in our 'Wild Speculation' post, the Dixon boys were going to have to face the updated versions of each other.  And it didn't take long for them to butt heads on what direction they were going.

They eventually had to face off on their philosophical differences when helping a Latino family trapped on a bridge and attacked by zombies.  Daryl's idea was to help because they had a baby to take care of, hearkening back to his time and affection for 'Little Ass Kicker'.  But Merle's idea was to pillage after securing the zeds.

After having to put his crossbow to his brother's head to leave the Latinos alone, Daryl was walking away to head back to Rick's camp.  Merle knew he couldn't go back to Woodbury.  But then again, he couldn't go back to the prison because he had beef with Glenn and Maggie.


Knowing he's lost some street cred after shooting a bitten resident of Woodbury in the face in front of its citizens, Phillip the Governor petitions Andrea to act as interim Governor as he takes a hiatus to pull himself together.  Andrea has always wanted to show her value, and had occasionally screwed up that chance.  Remember when she almost shot Daryl in the face?  I haven't forgotten that.

But the Governor clearly knows she wants to be a leader, and appeals to that part of her pride to keep her in his pocket.  He does the same to Milton, but with a little bit more menace because he knows he can with him.  He's Team Phillip for Life.


Glenn apparently takes the new truck sponsor for the zombie apocalypse, the Dodge Ram, to drive to find where the breach to the prison was as Herschel moves to the first fenceline to talk to Rick, who reveals his problem with hallucinations as Michone watches.

Axel and Carol arrive on the scene.  But the tranquility of the scene and the budding friendship is ended quickly by a shot to Axel's head by the Governor.  His deathsquad arrives and raises hell, getting into a gun battle with the prison population.

Vulnerable, a milk truck batters through the first two fencelines and unleashes a crowd of zombies from the back of the truck.  The mysterious masked driver leaves the truck and returns to the Governor's position.

Its a wake-up call to Rick, who needs to get his shit together, as it seems his team, disorganized and caught with their pants down, was spared by the Governor.

We'll see if Rick can pull his head out of his ass and rally the team for the next move.  But who makes it?

We'll find out soon enough.


BOWIE IBARRA is the author of the 'Down the Road' zombie horror series from Permuted Press and Simon and Schuester.  His latest zombie story, The Fall of Austin, tells the story of military, police, convicts, and citizens of the Texas capitol as they deal with the zpoc.  It is available in Kindle and Paperback.

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