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Saturday, February 16, 2013

FIGHTS: Adrien Broner/Gavin Rees Recap/Notes

by Bowie Ibarra

Adrien 'The Problem' Broner, WBC Lightweight Champ of the world, put his title up against Welshman Gavin Rees at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Rees claimed he didn't think much of Broner, and this was his chance to grab the gold.

--  'Champ' Adrien 'The Problem' Broner came out to a unique entrance.  Broner likes to rap on his way to the ring, so tonight he came out to his rap tune, "We Niggas, but we Loud", which was a pleasantly rhythmic urban tune.  He seemed pretty happy with it, though it made me uncomfortable.  That might be part of the point.

-- That loud 'ch-ching' noise you might have heard at 10:49pm central was the million dollars going in to Micheal Buffer's bank account yet again.  Forget meteors falling in Russia.  That deposit is always fun to hear.

--  Rees started the first round very aggressive, unintimidated by Broner, who seemed to be letting Rees do his thing.  Broner ate a lot of punches in the first round, even punches in the back of the head as Broner weaved.

-- Broner woke up in the second round, getting cocky and landing some solid blows in the midst of showboating, but the Welshman kept the pressure, and the punches, on the champ.

-- In the third, Broner was able to take advantage of his reach and bring the power against Rees, even seemingly dazing the Welshman and working him up against the ropes until the spirited European came back.  First solid round to Broner.

--  Fourth round found the cocky Broner finally brought some power, knocking Rees down with an uppercut.  But Rees got back up and into the fight and stayed on the inside, giving back as much as he could and making it through the round.  The knock down puts Broner up on points.

-- The word was Gary Lockett, the trainer for Rees, was ready to throw in the towel for Rees in between rounds.  But Rees was still ready to go in the fifth, and came back to give it all he could in a great display of heart and courage.  But a serious body blow put Rees down, and though he got back up and gave all he got, he was overwhelmed by the confident Broner.

In the end, Broner's reach, power, and championship experience were too much for Rees, and his trainer decided to call off the fight by waving the towel.  Ref stopped the fight in the fifth.

It was a great test for Broner, and a good showing from Rees, who had never been knocked down before.  In the end, Broner had his fun and put on a good show for his fans and is a good rep for Golden Boy.

Pundits are ready to put Broner with Mayweather and Ward, but its's assessment that its still to early to put him up there just yet.  He's good, but not at that level just yet.

However, in regards to arrogance and trash talking, he's cut from the same cloth as Mayweather.  Broner is a boxer that's pretty good with a confidence that is annoying.  Like Mayweather, I look forward to watching his next fight, if not to watch his slick technical skill and strong chin matched up against another opponent, but to watch that other opponent knock him down a notch.

Check this fight out if you get a chance on HBO, or online.  It's a good showing by Broner as well as Rees.


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