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Monday, February 25, 2013

ZOMBIES: Notes on #TheWalkingDead 'I ain't a Judas'

by Bowie Ibarra

We've hit some peaks in past weeks, now we hit one of those valleys in regards to action and adventure in zombieland and get some character development in 'The Walking Dead: I ain't a Judas'.  Here are some notes, courtesy the boys and girls at


-- That was the big question that started the show out.  After having been punked out and then spared (?!) by The Governor and his death squad, the team had a decision to make.  Merle let everyone know the Governor would be back.  So they had to decide what to do.

--  Carl looks out for his dad, telling him he needs to take a break.  Rick has been running pretty hard, and rest might stop the hallucinations of Lori.  Or finding Zombie Lori and putting her to rest once and for all.

--  Folks in the prison aren't to keen about Merle being part of the group.  Daryl has to stand up for him several times.  Glenn thinks they should sell him out to The Governor as a sign of peace.

--  The two dismembered members of the Prison team, Merle and Herschel, have a talk.  Merle spells out the ruthless intentions of The Governor.  In the immortal words of 'The Red Queen', they're all going to die in the prison at the hands of The Governor if he has his way.

--  Carol and Daryl are reunited.  Carol has no reason to bring up Axel, who was her bad-boy crush before he got shot in the head by The Governor.  Her bad boy is back.  But Carol also believes Merle is a bad influence on him.

--  Merle tries to mend fences with Michone to minimal avail while she works on her strength training.  He recommends conditioning work as well.  Merle the personal trainer.



-- The Governor wants his revenge and will stop at nothing to destroy the prison.  So he begins to recruit all the able-bodied people in town for the mission.  It's also established that there are only thirty-five people total in the city, so he's ready to sacrifice some of his own people he was once so happy to address to get his revenge.

-- Andrea hears about the assault on the prison and the follow-up and wants to go. Governor says no, but she ends up going anyway.  Milton finds out and rats her out to the Governor, but the Governor says let her go and keep tabs.

--  Great Nicotero special effects as the Governor looks at his gouged out and healing eye.

-- Andrea and Milton sneak into the nearby woods to snag a zombie, and we get to see some great Greg Nicotero special effects with Andrea chopping off limbs and performing a 'curb stomp' (as seen in 'American History X) to secure her a zombie to travel with, ala Michone.

--  It's here that Andrea and Milton run across Tyrese and company, who are ready to do what it takes to get along in Woodbury.  They reveal that they were at the prison to The Governor, who paces himself and lets them get comfy before a probable interrogation.


--  Using the armless and mouthless zed, Andrea gets the cover she needs to walk to the prison.  She's let in and disarmed.  She tries to work a truce, but no one is ready for something like that.

--  Andrea catches up with the gossip from Carol, who updates her on the body count since they were last together, including Lori.  She also sees Judith "Lil' Ass Kicker" Grimes.  This is a fun moment when Carol suggests the old female spy routine:  Bang out the Governor, "Give him the time of his Life" says Carol, then kill him in his sleep.  It's the perfect way to stop the feud, and its actually a pretty good assassination plan.

--  Andrea asks Michone about her grudge against the Governor.  Michone makes it clear when she was the target of one of his ragtag death squads, it became all about revenge and hurting The Governor AND Andrea.

--  They give Andrea a crappy car to drive back to Woodbury and say their goodbyes.


--  Andrea returns to her Governor, who is listening to Chopin's Raindrop Prelude as she comes in.  They embrace, and get it on.

--  Back at the prison, Beth begins to sing one of her family's traditional songs to put everyone at ease.  It's then Rick says he's going to go do some scouting and getting supplies, and he's bringing Carl with him.

--  Cashed out and satisfied, with Tom Waits 'Hold On' in the background, Andrea pulls a knife and walks to The Governor.  That was the first mistake.  Killing a dude is hard enough.  But stabbing a guy to death takes a special kind of psycho that Andrea just doesn't have in her.  She's had enough experience capping zeds with guns, she should have picked up one of them instead.  But she didn't, and she couldn't close the deal.

That is going to come back to haunt her.

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