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Thursday, February 21, 2013

FIGHTS: A Collection of Alberto Del Rio's MMA fights

by Bowie V. Ibarra

As a follow up to one of the all-time most read blog entries about Alberto Del Rio, a Facebook post today prompted me to remind people about Del Rio's MMA career.

To verify some of the fights, we at were surprised to see that not only had Del Rio had more fights since the last time we checked, but a winning MMA record (9 wins, 5 losses).

The people that say the dudes he won against were all tomato cans can kiss our asses because he still had the courage to participate in a money fight, even a money fight against Mirko 'CroCop' Filipovic during the height of his career on three weeks notice.  That's still more than Brock Lesnar (5-3), Bobby Lashley (7-2), and Yuji Nagata (0-2).  Until you can amass that kind of record stepping into a pit to face off against a dude with a puncher's chance at giving you concussion or locking you out, will basically wipe our asses with your opinion.

Check out his official stats page at the home for MMA news,, here.

The best thing about Alberto Del Rio participating in MMA is that he actually fought with HIS MASK ON!  How awesome is that?  Japan fight sports commissions understand and respect the tradition of lucha libre and looked the other way when he wanted to fight under his mask.

It is exactly the kind of real-life lucha exploits I created with a character years ago named El Aire in my combat sports-themed book called 'Pit Fighters: Baptism by Fire'.  In it, a lucha libre legend from Mexico decides to try his hand in MMA.  And like Del Rio, he does alright.
Noted 'Down the Road' author and MMA
enthusiast, Bowie Ibarra.
Okay, Marco Ruas.  Bowie Ibarra is
Marco Ruas.

And one of the funny things that is also super cool is that Del Rio was trained by Marco Ruas, the vaunted master of Vale Tudo who chopped down 'The Polar Bear' Paul Varlens in the finals of UFC 7, his debut in the states, and also would not reveal his age. 

He's fought greats from the early days of mainstream MMA such as Remco Pardeau, Oleg Taktarov, and Maurice Smith.  Check out his highlight video here.

He also looks like me.  In fact, he is me.  I am Marco Ruas.
Okay, maybe it was a stretch.
Circa late 1990s
With that said, it is distinct honor to compile a selection of available videos of Dos Caras, Jr./Alberto Del Rio's MMA fights!

Here's one of his most high profile fights.  It's a fight he took on just over two weeks notice.  It was in Japan's 'Pride Fighting Championship' spinoff, 'Bushido'.  It's made doubly awesome because it reveals that he entered to the arena's with his uncle, Mil Mascaras music, from his run in Japan many, many years before.  There again, honoring family and tradition.

Not only that, but his dad, Dos Caras, mask and all, is ringside with him, as well as his cousin (or is it his uncle), Sicodelico (Jr?).

Check out Dos Caras, Jr., go up against one of the most dominating fighters in MMA during the height of the Croation fighter's career.

Dos Caras, Jr. vs. Mirko 'CroCop' Filipovic

You're probably wondering how Alberto did in his first MMA match.  Well, like all MMA competitors who are talented, he made a splash, putting his Greco-Roman skills on display.
Check him out here in his first MMA fight in Deep 2nd Impact
Dos Caras, Jr. vs. Kengo Watanabe I
 Dos Caras, Jr. brings some fury in the grudge match at Deep 4th Impact
Dos Caras, Jr. vs. Kengo Watanabe II
Here's another fight for the Deep Organization, at 9th Impact
Dos Caras Jr. vs Hiroyuki Itou
 Here's his battle at Deep 6th Impact
Dos Caras, Jr. vs. Tatsuaki Nakano
 I need everyone to know that Dos Caras, Jr., beat Brad Kohler.  I cannot find the video, but this video of the devastation Brad Kohler can bring is a testament to Del Rio's skill
The legendary Brad Kohler video of him providing Steve Judson a concussion
that will last forever
 For the final one, its a preshow and post-show segments of his fight against Judoka Nakamura at a Pride show.  I remember the fight, it went to a decision.  I remember really wanting Dos Caras, Jr., to stay busier.
This segments notable because the focus the camera away from his face, and he talks about the mask being important and how he had to adjust it for MMA competition.
In short, if anyone questions Alberto Del Rio's street cred about not only being a great lucha libre star, pro-wrestler, and shoot fighter, this blog should have adequately shut down any argument against it.  His is, indeed, a true legend of lucha libre, and his story is still being written.  That's the awesome part!
 I hope you enjoyed the collection, and if you are a fan of Del Rio, lucha libre, and the masked tradition, and I urge you give the story, "Pit Fighters: Baptism by Fire" a chance.  It's available at for $7.99 paperback and .99 cents on Kindle.

The lucha libre star in the story is a fun character, and I think you will enjoy his fighting style in the pit, and how he also honored lucha libre's sacred masked tradition in the cages and money fights of NHB/MMA competition.

Yeah, that's definitely Bowie Ibarra
 BOWIE V. IBARRA is the author of the 'Down the Road' zombie horror series from Permuted Press and Simon and Schuester. 

His combat sports themed book, PIT FIGHTERS: BAPTISM BY FIRE, features a luchador from Mexico who transitions to mixed martial arts competition.  It is available in paperback and on Kindle for .99 cents.

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  2. He never fought Taktarov, Smith, or Pardeau. What a bunch of bullshit. You should really fact check your articles. Oh, and Brad Kohler wasn't shit.

    1. Hey Mike Ortiz, you dummy,

      The article clearly stated that Marco Ruas did, in fact, fight Taktarov, Smith, and Pardeau. The same paragraph had a link to video footage of those actual fights. So, you're wrong, and should brush up on your reading skills.

      Also, Brad Kohler has fought 27 professional fights. That's 27 more pro fights than you and 12 more wins than you have.

      So go earn a record better than that and then come back and talk your bullshit. Until then, go fuck yourself.

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