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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

FIGHTS/BLOOD - ACW Evolution of the Revolution '11, or #EotR2011 rocks #ATX @mohawkaustin

Anarchy Championship Wrestling is one of the best promotions in central Texas.  They brought the great action back to the wild bar Mohawks in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas.  Fans were ready for the great action, and were even encouraged to experiment with ACW.  Here's what they did.

Fans with Twitter accounts were encouraged to tweet their thoughts on the action with the hashtag #EotR2011.  It was a cool experiment that I think paid dividends.  More on that at the end.  In the meantime, here's what went down.


Straight out of Mississippi, Pay Day opened the show with some good skill and courage against ACW's own Matt Palmer (@matthew_palmer1).  The guy did well and got initiated by the madman Palmer, but it wasn't enough to stop the experienced Son of Anarchy.


The powerteam The Takeover came to the ring telling us how great they are before Big Rig and Stan "da' Sinner' Summers was replaced by his big brother Scot Summers (@scotsummers1), who took to the ring in a Triangle Match.

"That's So" Draven didn't think much of Big Rig.  After "Maximum Over-Eat" Big Rig is eliminated, Scot Summers took the win with a Dragon Punch to "That's So" Draven.  And it's really a dragon punch, because I'm pretty sure he's got a tattoo of a dragon on his fist.


Today's guest is the hoochie with the derby name, "Miss Maul-ie".  Today, Miss Maulie is looking dangerous with her traditional black/red combination.  Today found her wearing her custom "Takeover" shirt, delicious vinyl pants, and deadly red boots.  A true devil's concubine.

In contrast to Hell's Hooker, "The Strong Style Diva" Rachel Summerlyn (@rachelsummerlyn) looks great in a great fitting tank top, blue jeans, and black boots.  She's accessorizes the look with a can of sugar free Red Bull and necklace.  She's Austin chic with a touch of toughness that makes her shine at ringside as she comes to support her tag partner, Jessica James.


The wild and crazy James took it to "The Metro of Pain's" bff, Angel Blue, in a rough matchup.  James dominated, but Blue took the win with some skullduggery.



Apparently, Gary Jay ripped off some donation clothes for fire victims in Bastrop with this piece of trash from the 80's.  The fierce Culture Club inspired colors clash with the orange of his trunks like Gary's mom at a truck stop.

Gary offered to sell the jacket to ACW SuperFan Thomas.  But it looks like Thomas clearly is haggling over the price, offering one dollar.

Gary informs ACW MC Barry Savant (@bayou_926) that he is, indeed, wearing a hat.

Speaking of fashion, Pierre Abernathy borrowed his mom's razor and shaving cream and cleaned up his face. Pierre's the Belle of the Butterball with the close shave and a great faux hawk affectionately dubbed by the ACW fans, a 'chicken hawk'.  In truth, it was good to see him all cleaned up and not like the night shift clerk at a 7-11.

The friends from St. Louis thought they could get away with a 'fingerpoke of doom' win, when Bolt Brady and Big Ricky (@RichardBanner1) came out to challenge them.  It was a competative match that found the Submission Squad taking a dirty win.


Newcomers The Hired Guns mixed it up with some of the best of ACW.  It was a competitive match that found the Lost Boys Jason Silver (@JasonSilverTX) and Sky DeLaCrimosa (@skydelacrimosa) taking the win with a little help from Berry Breeze, who still has serious issues that need to be resolved with the Legion of Shroom Chingo del Santo (@ChingoDelSanto) and JC Bravo.

'THE BUSINESS' (Johnny Axle/Highroller Hayze/Amanda Fox) and KILLAH KASH(@Killahkash05)

'The Business' took it to the ACW stalwarts, who threw down with all they had against the team.  But in the end, The Business took the win.

Killah Kash took it to another level, defending his team against retaliation from the frustrated opponents.  Though they tried to attack again, they were punished for it by the team. 

Kash unleashed a cruel power move on Greg James, crushing him with a variation of the Boss Man Slam.  James took a Killer Krash from Killah Kash.

Which brings me to another issue.  Where the hell was King Dingleberry, Chris Trew (@christrew)  The homeless douchebag, who is supposed to be their manager, established this team last show and was going to be the key taking them to the top.  Now, they achieved a dominating victory without him.

Looks like put his invitation to the soup kitchen above his responsibility to his charges.  And I'm not talking about the soup kitchen at the homeless shelter he's living at.  I'm talking about the 'soup kitchen' he was invited to in the back seat of some random 6th street reveler's car under the I-35 bridge.

All I got to say is I might not like the people in 'the business', but ya'll better read your contracts and make sure that dipshit is not taking a cut of your winner's purse without being there to help you guys.  And you better not have paid anything to him up front.  Don't give that hippie pothead any of your winnings until you read that contract, because it looks like he took your money and ran.

LILLIE MAE(@LillieMaeD) vs. PORTIA PEREZ(@pperezninja)

The bad blood has been set on the stove at boil since Queen of Queens 2011, and has done nothing but grown hotter and hotter since then.  Upset at getting slopped at the last show, Portia Perez challenged Lillie Mae to a Bunkhouse Match.  

Portia, looking like a mechanic from Cooter's in Hazzard County, Georgia, put her new signature Canadian brutality on display by jumping "Five Star" Amanda Fox "Trapper Keeper" from behind and delivering a severe DDT on a chair from the venue.  She then called out ACW's Joshi's for disrespecting some of the traveling Joshi veterans who have made the national circuits to ACW.

Then, the Hostile Hoser took it to the Hillbilly Hottie with a vengeance.

That's not 'red eye' from a camera flash.  That's actually her eyes!  She's a Canuk in the zone, ready to set ACW on fire like Vancouver.

Lilile Mae committed a great sin for a big advantage, dousing the Canadian with Lone Star Beer.  Please forgive her, God.

Blinded by the beer, Lillie Mae took off her leather belt and gave Portia a good old fashioned ass whipping.

But Portia responds with a desperation Canadian SuperKick!

It's then when the "Metro of Pain" Darin Childs shows up with Portia's deadly weapon of choice:  The Socket Wrench.

Driven mad, Portia even assaults a fan!

After subduing Lillie with the wrench and splitting her open, she chokes the cowgirl out.

Rachel Summerlynn took issue with Portia not breaking the hold and came out to defend her ACW sister.

Portia escapes with her wrench...

... before splashing the fans in the face!

Seriously, I don't know how those Canuk 'guns' made it through customs.  Look at that!


The two ACW Joshi's threw down, matching science for science.

But then, out of nowhere, The Lost Boys jump Rachel, sending a message to the tag champs.  The sparkling vampires are coming for "Bacon and Eggs" RaJETT.

ACW fans enjoy drink.  Here's ACW newbie Robin taking a little rest in the chair.  Truth is, we thought she was dead.  But we were going to let the death marinate for a little bit to make sure before we made a fuss.  There was another match on the way after all.

SCOT SUMMERS (@scotsummers1) (C) vs. DARIN CORBIN (@DarinCorbin)

Talk about Twitter wars, these two ACW superstars went at it.  Trash talking back and forth, culminating in the ring in Austin, Texas.  Darin Corbin came ready for battle in his finest clown pants.

The Ginger Clown Prince took it to the Ringmaster of the Psycho Circus, taking the action to the outside.

Even Stan 'Da Sinner" Summers got in the mix, but was punished with a clown kick from the ginger.

The man from Gingergistan was punished as 'Da Sinner' kicked him in the biscuits.

Scot called it on Twitter.  We got to see it live.


Corbin kicked out, though, making Summers take the drastic step of repeating the move on a chair, sending the red head back to his home on Red Head Island.

And, thankfully, it looked like Robin was alive after all, as she blows kisses of victory to Summers.

LADY POISON (C) vs.ATHENA (@wg06athena)

Athena has been chasing the belt for a long time.  Would tonight be the night as she took on the diabolical Lady Poison.

Poison attacks with strikes.

Athena responds with science.

And her own "Submission Squad" brand of brutality.

The Squad tries to get an advantage to Athena, but are met with a double Poison Kiss from the Green Death.

With the Squad immobilized, Poison goes on back on the assault.

Athena responds by adding power to science.

In the end, it took two of her signature Flying Cutters to put Poison away, but she did, and became the new ACW Joshi champ. 


Matthew Palmer was mysteriously absent from his title match with Masada, replaced by Awesome Andy and Matt Fitchett (@therealFitchett).  The two had a time taking on the Beast from BJW, but could not put him away.  Then, Palmer showed up, revealing he's playing mind games with Masada.  What's next in this bizarre rivalry?

MIA YIM (@MiaYim) vs. ACH (@AcLeroy)

These two Twitter Ragers have been talking trash for a while now, teasing each other back and forth with the social media outlet.  It came to a head at Mohawks.

ACH tried to promise he would not strike her.  Mia had no problem attacking ACH with strikes.

It didn't take long for Mia to adjust to the wild ACW style, taking it to ACH on the outside.

ACH used his speed to avoid a Mia Yim Kick.

And after a long struggle, Mia hit a Flying Guillotine.

After a second flying guillotine, ACH was almost put out.

Yim knew she needed to wear the conditioned wrestling machine down even more, so she went to work with Muay Thai-style kicks.

Mia tried another running kick, but was countered by science from ACH, who won with a rollup.

The Twitter BFF's made up.

I regret to say I missed the defense of the ACW Heavyweight Title held by Davey Vega (@TheHairOfVega) against Darin Childs and Jaykus Pyskin and Shawn Vexxxxxx (@v3xx).  It was a battle, though, that saw Vega eliminated early, and Childs taking the title.

So, why did ACW ask their fans to Twitter away with the #EotR2011?  Here's why.  May I say it's a great concept that needs to catch on.  Social media is where its at these days.  Here's ACW using it to the fullest.

You can get more information and pics of the show here:

If I've missed your Twitter account, please contact me here!

To all the wrestlers I cheer and jeer, thank you.

And Vega, if your reading this, I hope to buy one of those shirts at the next event!



Scot Summers is the backbone of ACW. Here's a retrospective of the annual birthday bash
for "Mr. Showtime" Scot Summers in '09

Chain reaction of Evil!  It's Austin.  It's wrestling.  It's awesome!

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