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Sunday, November 13, 2011

FIGHTS - "Mr. Showtime's Birthday Bash 2009" - An ACW Retrospective and DVD review

By Bowie Ibarra

Two short years ago, I was introduced to ACW wrestling in San Antonio, Texas.  I attended on a fluke, driving back from business in Austin, Texas, ironically enough.  I had been following a blog by ACW Announcer Barry Savant ) that mentioned a free Monday night show featuring "The Underground Icon" Scot Summers.  

I had heard the buzz from a reputable source that Scot Summers was, indeed, the best in Texas.  I had seen him at a show in New Braunfels a few weeks before where he trashed some ham and egger in the ring at a bar.  He was antagonizing the crowd, and so I gave him my two cents.  

At the end of the fight, he came after me in the crowd, asking me for my legalization papers.  I verified my citizenship, and when he demanded to see my license, I showed him but was not going to hand it to him.  In fact, I ran away.  The guy was a bad man, and I certainly wasn't going to get in his face.  His tats were wild and his eyes were wilder.

So when this celebration was going down, I thought I'd attend.  It was free, and though I thought the promotion had a dumb, backyard wrestling sounding name, I thought I'd give it a chance.  In the very least, there would be beer and a chance to talk shit to wrestlers.

I posted up at the corner of the bar and was ready to enjoy the show.  Apparently, Modelo Especial was a sponsor of the event, and there were Modelo Ladies passing out Modelo swag.  Modelo Especial is one of my favorite beers, and is recommended.  I got a hat that I wore, even though I'm not a hat guy.  And a free glass with free beer.  This was pro-wrestling nirvana.  If I had a Frito-Pie, I'd be set.

This was also my first meeting with ACW SuperFan, Anna.  She had showed up with her mother and brother from Austin to watch the show as a faithful fan of the Smurf Nation and Summers.  They rolled up and sat right next to me.

So it was time for the show to start.  Scot comes out and brings his mom and sister to the ring.  I start singing happy birthday to him, and he calls me out saying I need to be cut off because I was already drunk.

Then, this strange jackass comes out dressed in regal ring gear.  He's also got a sash and a cape.  His entrance music is Journey "Any Way You Want It", and he is a goofball.  I wondered if this guy, named Robert Evans, was for real.  He was a crack up, saying he was thankful to be fighting in Mexico.

But the two start exchanging words, and things get heated.

Things got real when Evan Gelistico and Pierre Abernathy showed up and jumped Scot.  Then, Evans pushed Scot's sister to the mat after she sticks up for her brother, forcing Summers to put his U-30 title on the line, and the show began.

SUBMISSION SQUAD (Abernathy/Gelistco) vs. JAY & VEGA vs. THE SMURF NATION (Chingo/Breeze) vs. HATFIELD & McCOY
It's a fun first match, with both teams having some fun at the beginning with a dance off, straight into wrestling. The feud between the Smurfs and SS started here in my eyes.  Darin Childs and Biss call this match.  Good first match.

Gelistico was flabby, and has tightened up since then.  Vega and Jay look about the same these days, still fit, but smaller guys.  Vega's charm and skills have grown since then.  Gary Jay still looks like a homeless junkie.  And Abernathy looks like some kind of hillbilly uncle with raggedy hair and beard.  Today, he's cleaned up his look, which is good.  But he's still tubby.

Chingo has grown as a wrestler since then.  Barry Breeze has turned against the Smurfs and doing okay on his own.  Just Willy was out with an injury since then, but has since returned.  And Bubba Dumplin's hasn't been around ACW for a while now.

Another fun match, opening with a tribute to "Enter the Dragon" ala ACH's martial arts influence.
The match ends fast after ACH flips Problems on his face and injured arm from the previous night.  Knowing Problems is hurt, ACH works him over just enough to take the fight out of him and locks him out with his injured arm.

Since then, ACH has gone on to be one of ACW's shining stars, with amazing matches against some of the best on the Indy scene.  In fact, he was christened Lone Star Classic champion 2011 and ACW champion just last night.

Problems has not been seen since this injury.  I remember him coming by to visit with superfan Anna after the match.  He was nice.

Rachel and Erin throw down in a short match that showcased Erin Starr's speed vs. Rachel's power game.  It was actually Erin's debut.  Rachel finishes it with a big Lakeline Mall Power Slam.

Since then, Erin Starr had a run in ACW that fizzled out at this point in 2011.

Rachel Summerlynn has gone on to great success not only in ACW, but the national scene as well, making a splash at Shimmer and Ring of Honor.  She was most recently crowned Queen of Joshi 2011.  Adjusting her style to include more speed, she has trimmed down, de-emphasizing her power game to add speed, and a curious ferocity that has only recently bubbled to the surface.  The sky's the limit right now for Rachel.

This match is fun and fast.  Childs and Slasher keep the pace fast, and it ends fast as well.

No joke.

If the only Darin Childs you knew was the fit-as-fuck Darin Childs that competed this weekend at the Lone Star Classic 2011, you would not recognize the fat-as-fuck Darin Childs that competed at the B-Day Bash '09.  No shit.  The transformation of Darin Childs has been amazing, and I laud him for his great efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Slasher's grown as a competitor since then as well.  Never one to back down from a fight, he's had bloody brawls with Masada, and continues to be a dangerous competitor in ACW.

This is a spirited matchup.  The wiley Dell reprograms Super Electro to jump Colt Cabana.  JC Bravo comes to the rescue, and it becomes a good tag bout.

Since then, Mike Dell lost a "Loser Leaves ACW" match, in what was one of the best matches I've ever seen at ACW.  He has gone on to success in other Texas territories.

Super Electro became Portia Perez and Robert Evan's pet, until their relationship broke down.  He has been seen on occasion.  

JC Bravo went on to tag and U-30 gold.  Recently, he suffered a foot injury that required surgery. Blog wishes him the best.

Colt Cabana is still rockin' and rollin' on the indy scene, bringing his charismatic offense to fans around the country. He most recently lost in the first round of the Lone Star Classic 2011 to eventual winner, ACH.

A fantastic match that brings some great action and science.  Rachel Summerlyn and Darin Childs calls the action.  Arik Cannon brought ferocity to Vexx, who weathered the storm for the victory.

Cannon has since returned to ACW for some great matchups, and continues to mix it up in the ring and pick up the ladies outside the ring.

Vexx went on to ACW gold, and has most recently aligned himself with the Children of Pain.  We'll see how that plays out.

This match is an outstanding finish to a great night of what I would always associate with ACW:  Great action, great friends, great beer.  Scot showed me his signature mix of science and brutality.  Robert Evans showed me his skill and speed.  It was a great matchup.

Today, Scot Summers has been christend an ACW Triple Crown champ, had multiple brawls, and continues to be the backbone of ACW.

Robert Evans has since gone on to ACW gold, but also made inroads with Chikara Pro as Archibald Peck, and Ring of Honor as Barrister RD Evans.  He has also returned to ACW to continue his feud with former BFF Portia Perez.

All in all, it was an amazing show that I was proud to be a part of.  And at the very end, I offered Scot a beer through the ropes that he accepted.  I was an official fan, and understood why he was called "Best in Texas".

By the end of the night, thanks to SuperFan Anna, I was now one of the new ACW faithful.  We talked trash to every wrestler we didn't like, and we have never turned back since then.  It was one of the best birthday parties I had ever attended. 

To this day, when I can, I make the journey to Austin, Texas, to cheer and jeer the heroes and villains that put it all on the line for us.  And I have a blast every single time.

If you're in the San Antonio area and enjoy pro-wrestling, find this annual event and go to it.

To Scot, happy birthday, 2011 and forever.  May you have many, many more.
To SuperFan Anna, thanks for baptizing me into the Anarchy family.
To all the ACW wrestlers I cheer and jeer, thank you.


DVD review
This DVD was purchased at an event, and not the DVD that is available at  The packaging was custom, and the DVD was a DVD-R disc.  I have no problem with it, because the disc works.  The one available at Smart Mark has different packaging.

The title screen is a good preview of the fun on the DVD.  A rapper that sounds like Eminem is singing his song.  It's the second ACW DVD that has a ganster rap feel to the music.

ACW Play-by-Play announcer, Biss, seems lackluster, as if he was sick.  For some reason, he doesn't finish out the DVD commentary.  Rachel and Darin finish out calling the show, and do a great job.

The video quality is actually one of the best from the ACW video series.  The "Allow us to Reintroduce Ourselves" show video quality at the same venue was not good, but that's another review for another time.

The only complaint was the audio quality does not mesh at the very beginning.  But its forgivable.  I can respect a pro-wrestling outfit that tries to make it happen.

It's a good DVD that is worth buying if you have a chance.


Legends, Douchebags, and Pig Slop.  Just another Sunday at ACW Wrestling!

Peace, Love, and a smart phone being used as a weapon by Scot Summers!


Bowie Ibarra is the author of the "Down the Road" zombie horror series.  His upcoming books, the "Pit Fighters: Baptism by Fire" rerelease, and "Pit Fighters: Double Cross" is a combat sports themed action/adventure book.

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