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Friday, September 23, 2011 owes a debt of gratitude to this guy. Donate - Heart of Rock

Donate - Heart of Rock

You might not know Gary Crawford. Hell, I hardly know him. But that's what makes him great.

In short, Gary had the confidence in my ability to let me announce my first ever Mixed Martial Arts event, Puro Combate 1 in Houston, Texas in 2010.

He then also gave me the opportunity to share my love of zombies and my works at as well as my time in derby in his podcast, Gary Worldwide.

On that same show, Gary and his crew also stuck up for me when people called in to talk shit. Gary and his crew didn't have to do that for me. But they did.

For that, I owe him a debt of gratitude. I can't do it all. But what I can do, I will do for Gary.

Apparently, Gary has had some serious health problems that I was completely unaware of. And like the champ he is, he's worked through all of them.

But now, he's had a second heart attack. He needs help.

I know times are tough, and we've all had to tighten our belt. But if you would consider giving just a little to a guy that has done so much for artists, his community, and the Houston area in general, it would be greatly appreciated.

Every little bit counts. Many hands make light work.

This guy gave me a chance. By doing that, he gave a chance to the zombie, derby, and combat sport community. I am forever grateful.

Pitch in a little and help give him a chance, too.

The Boys and Girls at

Click on the link at the top of the page or below to give a little today.

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