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Thursday, December 5, 2013

ZOMBIES: Book Review 'Doll Parts' by Wayne Simmons

Bowie V. Ibarra

Irish author Wayne Simmons delivers yet again in his sequel to his first outstanding and bizarre take on the zombie apocalypse, 'Drop Dead Gorgeous', with 'Doll Parts'.

The story builds on the previous title of the strange mass death in Belfast and the survivors who tried to maneuver their way around it, only to be attacked by an all-female rising of the people who had dropped dead.

In 'Doll Parts', the story continues with a diverse group of scrappy survivors holing up in an airport amid the strange living dead girls.  As per the zombie apocalypse, the folks do their best to continue living, but things fall apart.

The book is constructed in 'bite-size' episodes, lasting only a few pages long.  That pattern serves to propel the story forward, adding necessary development without being weighed down by unnecessary clutter.  Each small chapter quickly builds on relationships between the characters and advances the story at a good clip.  And Simmons efficient use of words and writing style is different and fun.

The characters are diverse and imperfect, creating great emotional dynamics between the characters as the pressure gets turned up.  Everyone is good at something, which eventually helps the community they've created.  But like Arn Anderson once said, 'Adversity introduces a man to himself.'  That is definitely the case at the climax of the book.

Like 'Drop Dead Gorgeous', Wayne Simmons is in no rush to get to the end.  He builds the story at a steady and great pace, with good peaks and valleys that build to the disastrous finish.  And when it comes to zombie apocalypse stories, the strange revelation at the end really packed a punch that no other z-day story can match, a true product of the cruel world of living dead 'bitches' Simmons created running roughshod over his beloved Belfast.

'Doll Parts' is one part human cruelty, one part human frailty, and all emotional and outstanding read.  This book will creep you out quick.  "Doll Parts' is completely approved.  Pick it up today in paperback here.  Also, pick up his zombie book 'Flu' as well here.

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