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Sunday, August 4, 2013

FIGHTS: welcomes the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi

Bowie V. Ibarra

The landmark decision to introduce the newest Doctor took place today 8/4/2013.  The Dr. Who Universe had been waiting in anticipation for the call, and it turns out Peter Capaldi was tapped to be the next Doctor.
Capaldi is a Scottish actor with a great resume.  He has been in movies and television for years now.  And though he is quite good at comedy acting, he looks to bring a more sophisticated air to the role. 
Capaldi is the third Scottish actor to take the role of the Doctor.  The first was Sylvester McCoy, with the second being David Tennant. 
The trend for the new Doctor Who series had been to cast 'younger' men for the roles, starting with Christopher Eccleston on to David Tennant.  Both men were phenomenal actors, with Tennant carrying the series into the new era of global popularity.
It was almost jarring to see such a young actor like Matt Smith be cast into the role.  Though Eccleston and Tennant were youthful in their appearance, there was still a maturity and depth to their performances and interpretation of the Doctor.  Smith took some time to get used to.  He had flashes and good moments, but even as he developed on-the-job as an actor and Doctor, he could still not reach the emotional depth Tennant and Eccleston reached without seeming artificial.
Capaldi is a welcome addition to the Doctor who canon.  Here's hoping he ushers in a new era of fun and sophistication to the role that has been lacking in the modern era since Tennants departure and since the classic era as well.
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