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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

FIGHTS: 'The Lone Ranger' wasn't that bad, people


From the word 'go', it seemed like everyone was out to get Disney's 'The Lone Ranger' movie epic.  From the lead Armie Hammer's lack of 'social networking' to Johnny Depp's allegedly disrespecting Native American culture, it seemed like no one wanted to give it a chance.

Well, did.  On opening day, of all days.  And was it as bad as everyone predicted (from a majority who hadn't even seen the film)?  Well, let's talk about that.

The story revolves around a very 'The Princess Bride' convention of telling a story from the past in the present (present being early 1900s).  Tonto has been reduced to being put on display as a 'living' example of the 'noble savage' in a circus tent.  A child, who knows the legend of The Lone Ranger and Tonto, discovers Tonto is real and asks him about the past.  Tonto proceeds to tell the boy the origins of the Ranger.

The story itself is not so bad, either.  It's your classic good guy vs. bad guy, with colorful characters in between, strong family relationships (the Ranger and his brother, Tonto's tribe), and truly bad guy characters.  One who happens to be a cannibal.

I wasn't much for the Lone Ranger being set up as a bit of a coward at first.  But I understand it was a good set up to have him develop into a brave hero, so that was fine.  Johnny Depp seemed to go from respectful indian to silly caricature at times.  But those jumps were fine to see the range Tonto could shift from emotionally.

The action sequences were ridiculously fun.  But I expected that from the producers of 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.  The big final fight scene on a clichéd runaway train was great fun.  And it was nice to hear the finale to the 'William Tell Overture' during that final boss fight.  That classical music piece by Rossini will forever be the definitive theme for the Lone Ranger, and I would have been severely disappointed if they didn't include it in the movie.

I guess the 'Princess Bride' setup was necessary to illustrate how Tonto was left alone in the end, but I don't think it was necessary.  Even though that set up was what bugged me the most as unnecessary, I overlooked it for the enjoyment I got from the rest of the movie.

Was it 'Pirates of the Caribbean' great?  I wouldn't go that far.  But was it worth my hard-earned dollar to see on the big screen?  Absolutely.  I had a good time.

'The Lone Ranger' is approved.  Go check it out on the big screen when you can.

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  1. I didn’t like this movie, but I’ll absolutely despise it if we get a sequel or anything more. I’m super serious. Good review Bowie.

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