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Monday, July 22, 2013

FIGHTS: REVIEW - 'Pacific Rim' delivers Throwback Monster Flick Action


When I read Vince Mancini's Pacific Rim Review on the highly-touted Film Drunk Movie Review blog, I was a little disappointed with his opinion.  Hip and smart, Mancini usually has a good perspective on movies and how the public will vibe to them.

Good thing he was wrong about 'Pacific Rim'.

The movie was a real tribute to all of the monster vs. robot movies that have come before, as far back as 'Godzilla vs. Mecha-Godzilla', King Kong, and even Voltron.

Very much like the Silurians of Doctor Who fame, the Kaiju's are giant beasts who were living in the mantle of the earth and were unleashed by earthquakes and a strange rip in the space/time continuum.  They slowly began to ravage the earth, and were ultimately finally challenged by the Jaegers, giant man-made robots piloted by two operators working in conjunction with each other.

Having just seen the original 'Godzilla', I was afraid PacRim was going to be all action with no emphasis on the response of the scientific community.  In the original Godzilla, no weapon could stop the monster.  The only way he was destroyed was not through brute force, but with science.

Fortunately, the movie did include that element prominently, as the two scientists who were able to figure out the biology of the creatures with scientific method and predict attacks with math.

I was happy to see that a combination of power and science were brought together to fight the monsters.  And you don't know how awesome it was when one of the Jaegers busts out the 'Sword'.  It's a monsters vs. robots flick you need to see today.

Don't expect Academy Award-winning dialogue, or even acting.  But the story and the performances from all of the actors was still outstanding.

The movie stands as one of the best flicks of the summer and is approved.  Go see it when you can.

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