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Monday, July 22, 2013

FIGHTS: Samantha Ann turns back on Meal Ticket Ray Rowe at NWA-BOW


End of an era:  Samantha Ann with then partner, Ray Rowe.

I'm not going to lie to you.  I was drawn in by the seductive allure of Samantha Ann

The chick's a knockout, there's no denying that.  I even offered to take her out to coffee once.  A futile gesture, I know.  I don't have enough tattoos or muscles.  But if you're going to step to the plate, you take a swing at the ball, right?

Once aligned with one of Texas' most dominant indy wrestling competitors, Ray Rowe, this past Saturday at the NWA-Branded Outlaw Wrestling card, Samantha Ann turned her back on her former ally and love interest, Ray Rowe.  The card featured the best of the best on the Texas Indy scene and was filled with tremendous matchups, including the main event:  Ray Rowe vs. Alex Reigns.

Creepers like myself might have noted bizarre Facebook updates about a 'stalker' at the shows, culminating in the man jumping Rowe and confronting her in the ring.  It was revealed to be Reigns, and Rowe was ready to stomp the newly-revealed stalker's ass.

But her public, but cordial, breakup with Rowe seemed to signal something was not right.  It was as if there was still no resolution.

So when the Rowe/Reigns matchup occurred, Samantha Ann was still aligned with Rowe.  But Rowe told her to stay in the back as the two men mixed it up for the winner's purse in a hardcore match.

It was a wild time in the ring until Rowe's music blasted and the tiny devil appeared, clad in Rowe's signature gear, wielding a sledgehammer.  It was clearly Samantha Ann, and the fans were stunned.  But I knew something was up.

Sure enough, she cracked Rowe in the ribs with the sledgehammer for her new man.  But it wasn't enough, and the match continued until Samantha Ann had another opportunity to slip the weapon to Reigns, but was cut off by Rowe.  Rowe ended up taking the victory, no thanks to Samantha Ann.  And even in defeat, she reveled in her newfound bad-girl switch by updating her Facebook status with #heel.

For me, the end of the match was a foreshadowing of Alex Reign's future if he chooses to bring Samantha Ann to ringside.  As a manager, she was never much of a factor for Ray Rowe's victory and probably had clauses in their contract for guaranteed money in her pocket.  Rowe's made a name for himself here in Texas, and with that comes big paydays.

But now that Samantha Ann seems to have broken her managerial contract with Rowe, will Reigns provide the same meal ticket?  Considering she was THE reason Reigns lost Saturday night by throwing in the sledgehammer at the wrong time, Reigns seems to be on the verge of getting the 'loser' payout at the pay window for the foreseeable future.

It's clear money is not what Samantha Ann wanted all this time.  It's the man.

I hope Reigns enjoys the affection from the salacious tramp when he's making her car payment.

Shoney's is hiring fry cooks.  Chacho's needs bus boys.

Just saying.


If you're a fan of wrestling and aren't making it out to the NWA-Branded Outlaw Shows in San Antonio, Texas, then you're missing some of the best competitors on the Texas Indy scene.  Names like Scot Summers, Ryan Genesis, Lance Hoyt, Mike Dell, and so many others bring all they got for the fans.  Check them out here today!  Come out next time and help me jeer Reigns and the tramp!

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