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Monday, March 5, 2012

FIGHTS: RCW SuperShow '12 whips it up in SATX!

by Bowie Ibarra

Clearly, arriving sociably late for River City Wrestling's SuperShow 2012 was a bad idea.  Doors opened at 7:30, but by 8pm, there was still a line out the door.  There was a time I could show up late and still get a pretty good seat.  Not any more.  It's time to start reserving a front row seat, and that's a testament to the great enjoyment San Antonio pro-wrestling fans have come to expect from RCW.  And this night did not disappoint.

Good Job Texas was on the scene as well, and were broadcasting from the back.

Show opened with a mixed tag bout featuring the 'Ring King' Joey Spector and Kyra Maya.

Kyra 'Kyra-smatic' Maya arrived like a pink Main Battle Tank, ready to rumble.

Their opponents were Honky Kong, Baby Kong, and Kissey Dyer.  It was a fun matchup that found The Kong/Kissey connection taking the win.

In a matchup that had Chris 'Crisco' Sifuentes show-off his power as co-commissioner of RCW, he first interrupted the injured Sebastian Envy and then had one of Envy's masked friends take on what I thought was a Time Travelling George Washington.  He was complete in revolutionary coat and tri-corn hat.

If it was, indeed, a Time Traveling George Washington, then the masked friend was in deep trouble.  Washington was a known expert at the Catch-as-Catch-Can style.

That's pretty much how it turned out, as Time Traveling George Washington took the victory.

"New Style" Ben Galvan took on Quinton Allen in a hook-up.  But it was interference from the Littlest RCW Champion, "Brooklyn's Finest (Little Person)" AJ Summers that gave Allen the win.  Galvan tried to call out the Champion Lollipop Kid to a fight, even going to his knees to get to his level to no avail.  Once friends.  Now foes.  We'll see if Galvan can sign a matchup with the Tiny Titan Summers.

Earlier, Allen tried to use science to wear down Galvan.

The next matchup had the tag-team titles on the line in a wild matchup.  Coming out first was the Sinister Minister Rick David, who had no problem flaunting his kidnap victim, Felicia, to the crowd.  The Minister had to tag up with 'Boogaloo' Big Dogg, who was still wearing a maids apron after losing a lucha de apuesta last month.

The big pagan douchebag had his minions roll him out in a cloud of fog.

Next on the scene were Team DP, Darci and Pink.  I would have preferred Team PD, but whatever.  Or PDA, considering some of their video packages.  They looked great, and were ready to rock.

Next were the champs, the weird Nemesis and the cruel Muerte.  Indy Wrestling SuperFan Thomas was offering a hug to the beast, who was upset at the offer.

The match was wild.  Here's Darci and Pink going for a Double Pin.  Good times.

A tope suicida from La Reyna.

In the end, DP got a Double Pin and won the titles, becoming the new tag champs!

Muerte ended up intimidating the young child you see below.  Glad dad was laughing it up.

The little boy started crying.  And while his dad was Tweeting or updating his Facebook page, his son was given a box of girl scout cookies from Boogaloo!

Then things kind of got surreal.  The SATX Sith Council was on hand to lend support to RCW and help with fund raising.  But they also broke out in a light saber fight while a Good Job Texas rap ensemble hit the ring and sang one of their latest songs.  Darth Vader was also on hand taking pictures with children.  I swear, I picked a bad night to stop dropping acid.

The RCW Championship Match was next, featuring a 'fan Lumberjack strap match' stipulation.  The Tennis Champ Steve McEnroe was set to fight the Tiny Titan, AJ Summers for the midget's title.


"I represent the Lollipop Kids..."

McEnroe even busted out some Lucha science, slapping on 'La Campana' on little Summers.

'Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong'
McEnroe was turning a corner when Allen interfered in the match on behalf of Summers.

Did I mention these beasts were the lumberjacks with the strap.  Featuring jacked indy wrestling superfan Sean, whose strap tore pieces of flesh off of Summers.

The main even was international legends of violence, the twin brothers, Headhunter A and B, versus Ray Rowe and the 'Largedor' Micheal Faith.

These are the last two dudes I ever want to see walking to a ring.

But Rowe is braver than me, that's for sure.

The Achilles heel of the Rowe/Faith tandem became apparent early, as the two dudes did not like each other. The Headhunters took advantage early.

Even Indy Superfan Thomas was not spared, as Headhunter B called him 'Eddie Murphy'.

This might be the most frightening moment of the night, when Faith decided to fly and hit a scary plancha on Headhunter A and B and Rowe.  Respectfully, I guess I'm not so far removed from the Ion/Sorenson debacle, that this move frightened me.  I saw it coming and wished it had been called off.  Faith is a power guy that doesn't need to take these kinds of risk.  But considering the ferocity of the Headhunters, I guess it was just an opportunity he could not pass up to do big damage to the Headhunters, which he did.  But it scared the crap out of me.

In the end, the combination of Rowe/Faith not working together, and the treachery and experience of The Headhunters put another notch in the win column for The Headhunters.

And on the way out, it was a great sign of things to come.  After having two big dudes from New York show up and trash two RCW stars, it will be great to see two national female wrestlers duke it out next month. urges all fans to honor the legacy of pro-wrestling by seeking out and supporting good indy wrestling in your community.


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