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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FIGHTS: ACW's An Absence of Law '12 arrives in SATX

by Bowie Ibarra

Anarchy Championship Wrestling brought its wild brand of pro-wrestling to Hooligan's Bar in San Antonio, Texas once again for ACW's An Absence of Law.  And it was a wild time.  I attended late, but can tell you the fans were still abuzz about the great Hardcore match Matt Palmer had against Greg James. Not only that, but the fans also were talking about how I missed the Barbie Hayden/Rachel Summerlynn match.

But there was still plenty of action.  Here's some images from my arrival.

Gary Jay took on Shawn Vexxx in a brawl.  Gary's father was at ringside with his son.  It's great to see such support from his dad, especially considering his son is a homeless junkie.

Vexxx pulled out the win with Sky Delacrimosa at his side.

Lillie Mae came out with some bad news.  She is joining the ranks of the ACW injured as she confessed that she had a series back injury that was going to require surgery.

That's when ACW Joshi Champ Angel Blue came to the ring and attacked her.

But Rachel Summerlynn came to the ring to stick up for Lillie, and the match began.  Here are some snaps from the match.

But then something strange happened....

Rachel somehow became very sick, and some kind of curse put on her by Lady Poison took effect.  It gave Blue the advantage, and the naughty angel took the win.

Englishman Pierre Abernathy showed up with new gear, featuring what looked like King Ghidora.  But he says its a martial arts clan he trained with for over six years.  Abernathy backed up Davey Vega, who showed up wearing a Street Fighter Vega-style outfit.

And holy guacamole, Californian Jordan Jenson tagged up with JoJo Bravo.

The scoundrel Robert Evans made an appearance, taking on Evan Gelistico.  Here are some snaps from that matchup.

Then the madman professed his love for Portia Perez and planned on taking her to prom.

Just Willie made an appearance, and delivered a moonsault to Chingo and Steele.

Chingo drops his buddy, JC Bravo, claiming its all business.

Steele works over Willie.

Matt Fitchett shows up like a rockstar with his new friend, Murphy!

He took on ACH in an exciting match.

Then the Takeover arrived, arrogance and all.

Biohazard and Claxton took on Big Ricky and Bolt Brady and Jason Silver and Sky Delacrimosa for the tag titles.

Silver and Sky let The Takeover do all the heavy lifting as they wait in their corner.

In the end, Masada took on Jerry Lynn for the CZW Hardcore Title.

It was a great technical bout, with Masada putting his scientific skills to the test against Lynn.  

In the end, Masada slapped on a Texas Cloverleaf on Lynn, who quickly tapped out.  Having had back surgery just months before, he couldn't take it.  And to be honest, tapping out quick was the best move.  He doesn't have any more to prove.

But that's when the Submission Squad and Gary's Dad jumped in, but were quickly run off when the numbers became even with a save from the injured Scot Summers.

It was a great night of action yet again for a city that's very lucky to have so much great pro-wrestling to go and see.  It was also cool to see fans of Branded Outlaw Wrestling there as well, proudly wearing their shirts and enjoying the Anarchy.  Wrestling fans in San Antonio know where to see the good stuff, and ACW certainly delivered.

Do the legacy of pro-wrestling a favor and seek out good independent pro-wrestling in your area and support it.


Bowie Ibarra is the auhtor of the 'Down the Road' zombie horror series.  His upcoming combat sports book, "Pit Fighters: Baptism by Fire", features a Mexican pro-wrestler who crosses over into No Holds Barred fighting during the advent of the sport.

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