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Monday, November 4, 2013

ZOMBIES: Recap - #TheWalkingDead Late Speculation/Notes "Indifference"

Bowie V. Ibarra

Another week down in the weekly z-day soapie, 'The Walking Dead'.  In 'Indifference', Rick finally addresses the large pink elephant in the room, a social issue of the old world rears its ugly head, and zeds get pwned.
But first, here's some predictions for this episode from my trusty wild speculators, R Thomas Riley, Jackie Druga, Army Ed, and Thomas (The VW Tech Guy)
Check it out:

author of If God Doesn't Show from Permuted Press

I've got a real sick feeling in my stomach this week, folks. The prison is quickly becoming the new Farm. When I first starting writing this guest spot, I said I had a really healthy Love/Hate relationship with THE WALKING DEAD and that continues with this week's past episode. So here goes for this coming episode.

1) like I predicted, the group has been separated, Rick and company at the Prison, Daryl and company somewhere in the woods.

2) I'm thinking the goings on at the Prison may take a back seat this upcoming episode and we'll focus on Daryl and company.

3) This group will possibly lose a member, it should be "Bob" or whatever the heck his name is.

4) Daryl will be left in a very dangerous spot for the cliffhanger

5) there'll be a new group that's holed up in the Vet college, violence will commence

author of 'The Flu' series from Permuted Press

First just let me get my typical gripe out of the way. I hate the fact that they wrote all the Woodbury residents into the series, and now they have found a way to write them off. Gotta love that the immune are original cast. Hmmm. Maybe that has something to do with the illness.

My prediction is the illness is not what you think. I think Kirkman and writers got a hold of my book Flu 2 and stole the idea of taking a germ from a BSL lab. The Gov did that. It’s all him.

I called the Carol killed them thing. She and that little girl are doing the deeds. My prediction for next week, Rock finds out Carol is not alone. Hershel saves people but gets sick in the process and we find out that Michonne was actually a stay at home mom of a little boy who was snatched from the crib by walkers.

Special Weapons and Tactics Advisor to

Not sure where next weeks episode will go....I feel like the plague story arch will draw itself to the break... I think the second half of the season will involve to Gov. It would be interesting if the kill Glenn off to open the story up to new characters. they will keep Carol around because killing her would be too convenient, unless she sacrifices herself to save the sheriff. the next few episodes hopefully bring Tyrese into the fold as a major character and solidify his place in the group.


I see the team going out for meds having enough for a few, and Herschel gives up his meds for Glenn.



So, we've seen that Hyundai made the right call for having its Hyundai Tucson set center stage in the Zombie Apocalypse.  And we've seen how Dodge has made its presence felt as well, with a Ram and a Charger being featured.  Ford got some action this weekend, too.  All I got to say is keep taking that free promo money, Walking Dead.

But what about fuel economy?  Here's how they stack up:
Hyundai Tucson:  4 cylinder, 2.4L, 21 city, 30 hwy, 25 average
Dodge Ram:  6 cylinder, 3.7L, 14 city, 20 hwy, 16 average
Dodge Charger:  6 cylinder, 3.6L, 18 city, 27 hwy, 21 average
Ford Taurus Wagon:  6 cylinder, 3L, 17 city, 25 hwy, 20 average
Plymouth Voyager:  4 cylinder, 2.4L, 18 city, 24 hwy, 20

So, what this says to me is the Tucson has the best fuel economy of the vehicles for those long trips.

Truth is, they need to find a VW TDI Turbo Diesel Passat or Jetta Wagon.  2L, 4 cylinder Turbo Diesel engine that will get in the 40s on long drives.


Daryl and the search team uncovered a Plymouth Voyager on the trip hidden under some leaves.  Cover it back up, ya'll.


We learn in this episode as Carol and Rick are picking fresh tomatoes that Lori was a bad cook.  Specifically, she messed up pancakes.

How do you fuck up pancakes?  Did she not use eggs?  Was there not enough oil in the pan?  Was she not watching the bubbles?  Seriously, WTF?  The instructions are right there on the box.

Maybe she is better off dead.  Imagine her telling everybody she was going to make pancakes for everyone, and Rick is all like, 'Shit, I want to say something,' but then doesn't and everybody all looks at him all embarrassed and mad that he didn't say anything.  Lori has to stand there all dumb wondering what she did wrong.


A social angle takes root in the series so far.  It's alcoholism, and Bob is the dude that is having to deal with his problem, and it has twice affected the folks around him.  The dude was ready to die over a bottle of whiskey. 

But lets face it, folks.  That was a premium bottle of whiskey by the look of it.  However, he should decide there whether he enjoys living, or the drink.  If its the drink, then cut him loose.  I'm surprised they didn't, even after he confessed to starting the ruckus at the grocery store.

I'm not going to front, I drink.  But I've got priorities.

Oh, who am I kidding.  I would have fought a small squad of zombies over that bottle of hooch, too.  I'm drinking some Jim Beam on the rocks as I speak.  Or write.


At the end of the supply run with Carol, Rick makes the executive decision to cut her from the roster as she's going to be a liability once Tyrese finds out she lit his sick girlfriend on fire to try to contain the outbreak.  She gets the Ford Taurus Wagon as a consolation gift.  As we've established, she could have done worse with the Voyager.

So with Carol riding the rails, will The Governor pick her up on the waiver wire?  Will the Voyager have enough gas to get back the 50+ miles to the prison?  There's my prediction.  We'll see how it plays out next week.

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