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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

FIGHTS: Happy Chans-Giving Everybody!

Bowie V. Ibarra

Chans-Giving is upon us, my friends. 

What's Chans-Giving, you ask?

Well, Chans-Giving is an annual tradition created by one of my friends from the Pacific Northwest named Jake Stratton.

Basically, Chans-Giving is the day we honor one of the greatest film martial artists of all time, Jackie Chan, on Thanksgiving day.

How can YOU participate in the Chans-Giving tradition?  Simple!  All you have to do is watch one (or as many as you like) movies featuring Jackie Chan.

And that's it!

Here's the definition of the holiday straight from the originators mouth:

From Jake Stratton's official Facebook page - "HAPPY CHANSGIVING EVERYONE! This is the third year I have celebrated the soon-to-be-ancient tradition of Chansgiving, where we join with our families, spend the day watching old Jackie Chan movies and stuffing ourselves with food.
Please join me in spreading this tradition around the world, giving thanks for your family, friends, and fortune, and thanks for the fast feet and fantastic feats of Jackie Chan! Share in our Yuen Biaounty as we starts things rolling with Wheels on Meals! Mucho blessings to my man Bowie Valeriano Ibarra and my brother Gabriel Stratton!"

I mean, c'mon.  How can you not honor this kind of action?

So, after you've eaten your turkey and dressing and watched the Cowboys play, find a Jackie Chan movie from your personal collection, or even complete movies online or on Netflix, and have a happy Chans-Giving celebration of your own by yourself or with family and friends.

Watching a Chansgiving movie?  Let your friends know on your social networks with the title of the movie and the hashtag #Chansgiving.

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