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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ZOMBIES: Recap - #TheWalkingDead 'Dead Weight' coup d'etat

Bowie V. Ibarra

One minute, the Governor is ready to cash out.  The next, his new family is lighting his fires of life again.  This guy is nuttier than squirrel turds, and it comes to the fore again in the episode 'Dead Weight'.

But before we get to the notes, lets take a look at the 'wild speculation' for this episode from my trusty Z-Day enthusiasts.

ARMY ED, Special Weapons and Tactics advisor to

The Governor turns face... until the kid dies.  Then, he'll fall apart.

The little girl gives him a reason to recapture what he's lost.  She will die because at some point he won't be able to save her.

author of
'The Flu' series from Permuted Press

It is a well known fact that we are going to be without the prison group for one more week until the mid season finale. Last week we saw the Gov in a flashback of what happened before he got to the prison.

I believe we will see a major character change in the gov. He found a greater purpose in that little girl. I predict a few more flashbacks and they meet up with the bad camp. I don't believe the gov will be responsible for the prison demise. I think he'll try to help because he needs a safe group for his new family.

Watch a for a new Governor to emerge because no one is expecting it.
author of
If God Doesn't Show from Permuted Press

1) looks like we're stuck with the "new" Gov for a bit, oh joy
2) the writers will continue to dismantle and destroy the season 3 Gov ( let's face it, he can't get any more cliche, right? Right?)
3) I really don't see logically, the Gov being allowed refuge with Rick's group, but that's the direction the writers are headed, I fear
4) would love to see the Gov team up with the exiled Carol, fingers crossed



Okay, so maybe that headline is still a stretch.  There are a bunch of wild things that can happen during the zombie apocalypse.  And naturally, those things can be similar ideas that others have shared.  The whole 'flu' epidemic in the prison seemed straight out of Jackie Druga's book.  I remember only weeks before releasing 'Down the Road' that there was a 'heel wanting suicide but not having bullets' bit I had written into my book that played out just like on 'Resident Evil: Apocalypse'. 

And now, the decapitated folks with signs on their dead bodies was completely reminiscent of a scene from my book 'Down the Road: On the Last Day' in which local survivors confront a boy taking advantage of a young girl in town.

Look, you'll have to read it to understand how when I saw this as a part of the show, I knew a writer had cribbed the bit from my book.

But its logical something like that would happen in a world filled with chaos.  Get it on Kindle, cheap, and decide for yourself here.  You'll see what I mean.


I'm not a golfer by any stretch of the imagination, but was Martinez using a putter to fire off balls down the zombie fairway?  I know I am probably wrong, but aren't golfers supposed to use woods?

*Martinez was using an iron (or pitching wedge), that's why he was hitting off the mat and not using a tee.  My guess is Martinez used a 9, the Governor used a 7.

(Thanks, Chuck!)


There are going to be a lot of tragedies when the zombie apocalypse finally rolls around.  Death, destruction, mayhem.  But none of those will be as sad as the existence of skunk beer.  With refrigeration being undependable in the zpoc, any beer that was refrigerated will be considered skunky.

But there's hope.  Any beer that has NOT been refrigerated has a chance of not being skunky.  Beers in dark bottles also stand the best chance not being skunky.  And, unfortunately, the only beers they found were bottled in green bottles, reputed to get skunky the fastest when exposed to light.  Better to drink beer from green bottles that were stored in boxes that didn't expose them to natural light.

But did they drink it?  Hell yeah, they did.

Would I drink it?  Hell yeah, I would.


Okay, so what the hell was that horde of zeds sloshing around in the mud like some kind of rained-out outdoor concert?  Were they rising from a mass grave?  Perhaps victims of the folks that jumped those people in that camp the Governor and friends stumbled on?


The Governor gives his new ally, Mitch the Bitch, the excuse to cover up for pretty boy Pete's murder.  Once he brings Mitch the Bitch over to his side, the party line is going to be that Pete died on the supply run in some kind of noble exchange.  His reasoning?  'People believe what they want to believe' and 'Everybody loves a hero'. 
Pat Tillman, anyone?  (ohhhh, he went there...)

Next week, the Governor moves on the prison.  But will that other group of survivors show their face?  Was the person that wiped out that camp of survivors Carol?

Until next week.

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