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Monday, February 20, 2012

FIGHTS: Pics from ACW's The Show Must Go On' at Hoolligan's

by Bowie Ibarra

ACW brought their brand of pro-wrestling action to Hooligan's once again Sunday, and as per usual, it was a marathon night of action.  Here's some pics from the show.

The show opened with a great opening mixed tag four corner match, featuring some of the luminaries of ACW.  I couldn't help but notice the unusual number of yoga pants worn by the competitors.  That's not a complaint, mind you.  Just an observation.

Curiously present at ringside was Lady Poison, watching the match.

Is this 'downward dog?'
Vega would put his TV title on the line later in the evening against his own friends, Gary Jay, Abernathy, and Gelistico.  He would also retain that belt.

Here, BOLT BRADY suplexes HIGHROLLER HAYZE of Team Sex.

Word of note, JC Bravo had problems again with his association with Chingo.  JC was jumped by his former partner, who left the match shortly after.

One of the featured matchup was primadonna BARBI HAYDEN taking on the sinister LADY POISON.  Here, Lady Poison displays an ensemble of crows feather bra and beltline, with monster blood accentuating her stomach.

Barbi is wearing her favorite:  Tiger Print hot pants with matching bra and knee pads.  The pattern contrasts with her neon pink and shredded top.

Bari had a hard time finding the motivation to mix it up with the little devil woman, and had to be coaxed into wrestling.  In fact, it took about five minutes before Barbi would mix it up.  After that, it did not take long for Poison to turn up the heat.

In the end, Barbi tasted the poison kiss, and left the ring with a loss.

JT LaMOTTA just doesn't know how to make friends.  He claims this is his last year of wrestling, so he comes out yet again saying how great he is and calling out wrestlers to fight.  One man was ready to take the LaMOTTA invitational challenge, and it was STAN 'DA' SINNA' SUMMERS, who answered the call first, doing his best to take it to the wily guido.  But LaMotta came out on top, even going so far as to make a little girl cry behind me as he beat the little man up.

But JoJo Bravo got the call next to challenge LaMotta.

 One half of the tag champs, JASON SILVER, traps GREG JAMES in a headlock.

RACHEL SUMMERLYN took on perpetual rival ATHENA in another Joshi matchup.

Athena hits a huracanrana on Summerlynn.

These two have thrown down multiple times, and the madness of Rachel Summerlyn was once again unleashed.

Athena hit her 'O-Face' finisher, but before she could cover Rachel, Lady Poison jumped in the ring.  She taunted Rachel before giving a Poison Kiss to Athena.

In a show of respect for the fallen grappler SPIRO, MIKE DELL returned to the ACW ring to take on former running-mate JAYKUS PLYSKIN in a tribute for Spiro.  It was a great, scientific bout between the two noted wrestlers and close associates of Spiro.

SCOT SUMMERS got a measure of revenge against antagonist AWESOME ANDY, who had been interfering in Summer's match for the past few months.  It was a brutal matchup that found them fighting around the ring and all over the bar.  Even with the assist from the "Gun", Summers made it happen.

Summers locks out Andy, getting his revenge.

MATT FITCHETT teamed with MASADA to take on THE TAKEOVER combo of CARSON and CLAXTON.

MIA YIM took on Joshi Champ ANGEL BLUE in a hard-hitting affair. 

Here, Angel Blue fights dirty, fish-hooking Yim.

Mia locks in a Tarantula.

And hits a great arching German Suplex.

The girls didn't get to finish the match as the men from the main event jumped in.  SHAWN VEXX, ACH, and CHILDS threw down in the main event.

Childs hits a big senton splash.

ACH flies high for a splash and double pin win!

It was another great night of wrestling, and another proud night of 'rasslin' in Texas.

If you call yourself a fan, urges you to seek out and support good indy pro-wrestling in your area today.


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Bowie Ibarra is the author of the 'Down the Road' zombie horror series.  His upcoming book, "Pit Fighters: Baptism by Fire" is a combat sports themed action/adventure story celebrating combat sports and the people who train for them.

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