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Friday, June 3, 2011

ZOMBIES/BLOOD-David Moody's Survivor's Interview Bowie V. Ibarra

Here's the interview conducted by the members of David Moody's Survivors - The Last of the Living.  It's a great group that talks up zombies, blood, and all things horror.  It's an open group that you can join if you dig that kind of stuff.

I just wanted to share the interview with the ZBF2.0 followers (all six of them), the Twatterverse, Facebook, and any other region of the internet the interview can go.  It's also my way of saying thanks to those that contributed.

And a big thank you to Jeremy Mahan for putting it all together.  Thanks, Jeremy.

So, without further ado, away we go!

"Life is like a boxing match.  You step in the ring and mix it up.  Sometimes, you get knocked down.  And it hurts a lot.  You can quit.  Or you can keep fighting.  The only way you're going to get anywhere is by getting back up.  You fight hurt, but you keep fighting."
--- Bowie V. Ibarra

Bowie V. Ibarra (1975- present) was born and raised in
Uvalde, Texas, to a school principal and a book keeper. For nearly thirty
years, Bowie has been active in theatre arts as a performer, director, and
house manager of a theatre. In that time, Bowie has also pursued writing. His
first book, "Down the Road: A Zombie Horror Story" was initially
self-published, but subsequently picked up by Permuted Press.  Simon and Schuester released the book in
January ’11.   Bowie has since written
two more chapters in the ‘Down the Road’ series, with his latest, “Down the
Road: The Fall of Austin” just hitting shelves.
You can find all you need to know about Bowie at

Let’s start with one from Mary Nilsson:

Q:  Do you feel that your teaching and extracurricular activities associated with drama help to mediate the ideas that make their way into your writing?

A:  Absolutely. I think a good artist is inspired by their environment, the people around them, and the madness in their heads. Put it all together, and you can have great ideas for stories.  Thanks, Mary.

Next up is fellow horror author David Dunwoody:

Q:  It seems like a lot of people actually yearn for a Great Flood or WWIII or zompocalypse, as if it might reset things for the better. Do you think humanity could recover and learn from the lessons of such
an event, or are we simply doomed to someday kill ourselves?

A:  Nah.  We never learn from history.  Thanks, David.

We now pause for station identification with horror author Shawn ‘Rotting Corpse’ Riddle:

Q:  Chocolate or Vanilla?             

A:  Vanilla.

Q:  What’s your favorite David Moody book and why?

A:  Autumn. It was one of the stories that was around when the first DtR was being written, so it was an inspiration. 

Q:  What's your preferred writing environment?

A:  I like a cup of coffee from Whataburger, sitting in a booth there and writing with my iPod.  However, the Family Guy joke about writers who write publicly has now made me insecure of that.  Thanks, Shawn.

And because one good turn deserves another, R Phillip Roberts wants to know:

Q:  Cowboys or

A:  Indians

Q:  Anne Rice or
Stephanie Meyer?

A:  Rice

Q:  Star Trek or
Star Wars?

A:  Star Wars.  Thanks, R Phil

Charlie Morgan, horror author and all around good guy asks:

Q:  What first got you interested in horror in general?

A:  Watching the very first “Friday the 13th” way too young.  That pretty much warped me.

Q:  Favorite author alive and dead?

A:  Dead - Alexander Dumas; Alive – David Icke

Q:  What would you do if you were not a writer?

A:  Sulk. 
Thanks, Charlie.

Next up we have Jude Felton, reviewer extraordinaire, with these questions:

Q:  With the first ‘Down The Road’ you self published the novel. Had you submitted it to any publishers beforehand?

A:  No.  The first DtR was completely self-published.  It was my story and I wanted it told exactly
the way I wrote it.

Q:  I personally loved the ending of that novel. Was that always the plan to end it that way or did you have an alternative idea for it?

A:  Absolutely.  I wanted a Romero ending from the start.  That’s the kind of feeling I want from the end of all of my zombie books.

Q:  Although I read that The Fall of Austin is not related to the previous ‘Down The Road’ books is it set in the same universe so to speak? Are the events concurrent with the events in the other books?

A:  Well, truth is, it is in the same world as the previous DtR books.  In fact, “The Fall of Austin” brings back some other characters from the first book.  So it comes full circle.  Thanks, Jude.

Apocalypse aficionado Ryan J. Fleming asks:

Q:  If you were asked to recommend 3 books and 2 films, all zombie-based, to someone totally new to the genre, what would be your recommendations?

A:  Books – Drop Dead Gorgeous, Tooth and Nail, Dead Beat. 
Movies – Night of the Living Dead ’68, Lucio Fulci’s Zombie

Q:  Is it easy to get a signed copy of your work sent to England?

A:  Yes.  Just ask at

Q:  If you were given free rein to write the next Romero film in the ...Dead series, what might you come up with?

A:  A screenplay of “The Fall of Austin”.  Thanks, Ryan.

And we’ll wrap up today’s question with these ones from up and coming reviewer and aspiring horror author Chip Fehd:

Q:  What scares you?

A:  The end of the constitutional republic that was once the US of A.

Q:  What non-genre writers have inspired you?

A:  Mick Foley, Chris Jericho.  Thanks, Chip.

I’ll leave it with one last question for Bowie, and call
in an interview!

Q:  What do you have lined up next, now that ‘DTR3’ has been released?

A:  Within the coming months, there might be up to five books being released within a full
year.  The latest will be “Codename: La Lechusa”.  Watch for it at  Thanks for the
opportunity, Jeremy

Thanks for taking the time to share with us, Bowie.  Keep up the great writing!

Jeremy L. Mahan


Thanks again to the David Moody Survivors on Facebook.  It's a great group and very, very active.

You can join their group here:

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