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Sunday, June 5, 2011

FIGHTS - RCW The World Isn't Big Enough III, 6-5-11

I missed the Frito-Pies, Nachos, and soda at the RCW Arena, smack dab in the middle of God's gymnasium of The Good Shepherd Church.  And baby Jesus blessed SATX with yet another night of great pro-wrestling action for RCW's The World Isn't Big Enough III card.

The card opened with a guy named Quinton Allen returning to the ring after an injury.  Joey "Sasquatch" Spector took issue with that.  After attacking Allen, he was then dumped out of the ring by a rallying Allen.  We'll see how Allen pans out against some of RCW's best.

"Someone hand me a razor and some deodorant!"


RCW gave the members of the roster a chance to win a title shot for any title they wanted at any time in an RCW Rumble.  The participants were Spector, a John McEnroe clone, Nemesis, Big Dogg, Dingo Wallaby, Honky Kong, Numero III, Skitzo, Muerte, and Mini-Hernandez.  It was a wild brawl.
There's a ant on the ring that is sighing right about now.

Mini-Hernandez shuffles to the ring.
Muerte's knees are in trouble. 
Actually, it was Death's genitals that were in trouble, as Mini-Hernandez attacked the giant with a head butt to the cods.
Honky going to the back to make a burrito
 In the end, Big Dogg and Honky tossed out Muerte, before Dogg double crossed Honky.  Then, Dogg tossed out Mini-Hernandez for the win.
RCW Internet Anchor Felicia interviewed Bigg Dogg afterwards.  He said big things were coming for the Dogg.


Ann Dromeda was excited about the soccer game, wearing a "Chicharito" Hernandez jersey.

Darcy apparently just got off work fighting crime to hit the ring in her Wonder Woman inspired gear.

Pink made it to the ring to join her partners.  It took some time for them to trust her, considering the past they've all had with the wiley Pink.  She put together a sweet ensemble, a contrast to the Red Bull singlet she once had.

They took on the scrubs of the West Coast Connection, consisting of Small, Medium, and Large.
RCW is the new AT&T.  More bars in more places.
It was a fun match, wth the girls taking the win. 

Pink left the ring with some assistance after a Tadpole Splash from Small.  Here' hoping she's okay.

To be specific, the girls that won were Darcy, Pink, and Ann Dromeda won.


The martial arts students took to the RCW ring to fight for the belt. 
"Man, you're right out of a comic book."

"Hand clap-ah!"
But the kung-fu fun was short lived as Big Dogg took advantage of his Anytime Title Shot and came in and crushed JoJo Bravo.  It seems 99.5 KISS DJ Chris "Crisco" Sifuentes was in Bigg Dogg's ear, as he has taken on the managerial duties.  Watch out, Bigg Dogg.  He might book you in some good matches, but check your bottom line.

Crisco contemplating how to get in the ring


RCW Champ St. Christopher had the biggest challenge to his title tonight, taking on two of the biggest physical specimens in RCW. 

I don't fear "The Mistake from the Lake" Ray Rowe so much, considering he uses a showtune to lead into his sinister music.  He's not Jesus Christ Superstar, Billy Graham, or Don Muraco.  But he has been a threat to the RCW title for months in the everchanging RCW Heavyweight Title landscape.

Rowe might be from Cleveland, but that doesn't take anything away from his power.  Here he is with a steaming suplex on the massive Hernandez.

This suplex has been brought to you by the letter L
Hernandez returned the suplex in kind, with a delayed suplex that was just under the 50 second mark.  I'm not exaggerating, either.  He held him up for a really long time.
Have you seen my new wrestling boots?

More power moves from Rowe
Hernandez with a big suicide dive
After a move like that, you can showboat a little.
Beantown Brawler busting out the Boston Deathlock

Then takes to the sky with a Boston Blockbuster

That Mexican can fly!
After a ref went down, a replacement ref started a count as Hernandez took flight, trying to break the count to no avail.  Rowe takes the title.
Girard in the shadows of the new champ
And the evening ended with a shunned proposal.  That's alright, when she's ready for a real dork, I'll be waiting.
I made sure to look as stupid as humanly possible.  Wasn't hard.
Thanks, RCW, for another great and manageble night.  And to all the wrestlers I cheer and jeer, thank you.


Support Independent pro-wrestling.  Seek out indy wrestling in your community.  Don't let the sacred art die.


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This has been a production.


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