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Sunday, June 5, 2011

FIGHTS - Chavez, Jr. vs. Zbik, Froch vs. Johnson, Guida vs. Pettis

It was a pretty good night of fights Saturday.  Not only did I get a chance to go see some live pro-wrestling, but some great fights on TV.  Well, more specifically, DVR. 

This fight was pretty good, but it didnt' endear me to Chavez, Jr., like I'd like to be.  He's got a boatload of toughness, that's for sure.  But the skill set Freddy Roach is trying to program him with is not fully loaded yet.

Chavez, Jr., opened the fight in the first few rounds with some great technique, head movement, and hand skills.  But then regressed into his habit of inside fighting.  Chavez said himself he's too tall to fight inside.  But he fell into his old habits as the fight progressed.  He ended up winning by judges decision.

He walked in 15 lbs heavier than Zbik, and the German was able to stick around for the whole fight, dishing out punches to a Chavez who lost the head movement from the first three rounds.  It will be interesting to see how long it will take for the science Roach is trying to teach Chavez will stick, and how Chavez will deal with guys who punch him just as many times as Zbik did who also have the 15 lbs Zbik didn't have.


This was another great fight.  Perhaps the best fight of the night.  Johnson was hardy and put all his money on putting Froch away with a big right hand.  He was slower than the quick Froch.  Though Froch ate heavy punches, he threw a lot more than Johnson and took the fight.


Clay Guida is one of the most exciting fighters in UFC right now.  And he took his boundless energy and used it against a game Pettis.  Guida dominated for a majority of the fight, though almost got caught in a submission at the end of round one. 

In the end, Guida won by the cards.  And I agree with him, I'd like to see him get a shot at a belt.  Like always, Guida will deliver.

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