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Sunday, January 9, 2011

FIGHTS - RCW New Years Evolution

It was a hard week at work and I was looking forward to letting off some steam at the RCW show.  It was worth the wait.

I crashed out and took a nap after work to be ready for the show.  I told my fellow SuperFan Sign Guy to call at 7pm.  Right on time, he did, and said he was at the show waiting already, getting "motivated", so to speak.

I pulsed out some cash and dashed to the arena.  And I'm glad I did.  There was a long line going out the door.  Longer than usual.  I like to arrive late, but I'm glad I came out early to hang with Sign Guy.

When I got in, the place was packed.  The lady working the door said there were at least 250 people in the Good Shepherd Activity Center.  Since I had to wait in line, I was happy to see that the great pro-wrestling action that I was about to watch would all be "dedicated to the glory of God".  Amen.

The RCW Princess, Ann Dromeda, opened the show with a little dance with his escort, who I guess I'll call "El Gimpo".  He looked like Zorro after having spent three weeks in a cave away from the sun and food.

"Whose Happy?  We are!"

Ann Dromeda had to take it to sinister newcomer Muerte.  She was doing a good job against the big gorilla, and ended up winning the match.  But the masked menace jumped her after the match, and gave him a spinebuster on a steel chair. 

"Anyone know where I can find a Ross?"

Ann Dromeda had a hurt back, but El Gimpo was there to share a manly back rub.

Scotsman Wallace Gordon, kilt with the Gordon tartan and all, made his debut with a very large bone.  Because Scotsmen carry very large bones, I guess.  He took on the Beantown Brawler Girard St. Christopher.  It's nice to have a Bean Towner in a Town of Beaners.  It was a good match up, with a great delayed high vertical suplex held for ten seconds as counted by the crowd.

"... Seven-Eight-nine... nine and a half... nine and three quarters..."

In the end, the Beantown hero did not take Wallace Gordon's life, but he took away HIS FREEDOOOOMM!!!

Then, San Antonio's Most Unwanted, SAMU, came out.

SAMU put up the tag titles against two darlings, Alissa Flash and Mercedes Martinez.

As per usual, SAMU came up with a stipulation in the contract that said all five members could take on the two PWI Top Ranked Women's Superstars.  It was five on one, and the girls held their own, but it was a numbers game.  They were gracious in their loss, however.  Okay, so maybe Martinez wanted to stomp them some time in the future.  I hope RCW brings them back.

"I'll take a beer."

A three way trios match came next, with Rudy Russo tagging with Team XL.  Ben Galvan teamed with The Texas Hitmen.  And the Karate Kids brought in Black Belt "Weezy" Jones to take on the six rivals.

"Did someone call for Hitmen?"

It was a wild match that found the team fighting around the arena, with the Hitmen and Team XL really throwing down.  I see a real rivalry there.  When the Hitmen lost, they blamed their partner Galvan and trashed him in the ring.  The Hitmen aren't much for making friends.

Lance Hoyt and Advisor Jeromy Sage came to the ring for the Main Event. 


The match was supposed to be a three-way, but Jax was jumped before the show by "The Mistake from the Lake" Ray Rowe.  It turned into a one-on-one with SuperMex Hernandez calling the match.

"Traditionally short, Mexicans can also be big, and have big guns."

Hoyt and Rowe threw down, with the fans backing the lesser of two evils in the Cleveland Steamer, Rowe.  In the end, Hoyt wins with help from Jax, who came in for some payback by trashing Rowe behind SuperMex's back. 
Jax took the belt, and challenged Hoyt to go in to get it.  SuperMex called for it.  Even owner Brandon Oliver challenged Hoyt, who was not going to step into the ring. 

"Get in the ring, chicken sh... I mean, please enter, sir."

After some sneaky sneaking around, Sage got the belt, stumbled back to the dressing room, and the fans had to wait for a possible matchup between Jax and Hoyt.

And in even cooler news, my buddy Sign Guy won a raffle.

And to think he almost wasn't going to check out the show.

Nice shrit, by the way!

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