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Sunday, January 30, 2011

FIGHTS - Nick Diaz's career counselor should be praised...

"Buy all the tats you want, but your ink, your muscles, and your ugly don't mean s**t against science"

StrikeForce on Showtime put together a pretty good card Saturday night.  It was highlighted by matchups between Lawler and Jacare (Lawler lost via submission), Hershel Walker stomped a mudhole into a guy, and the final match was amazing. 

The main event, Nick Diaz vs. Evangalista Cyborg Santos was not a bad match up.  Check it out here.

Diaz vs. Cyborg

In truth, it was an easy pick.  Diaz is tough as nails and has amazing hands.  Cyborg is a brawler, and gasses himself out because he puts everything behind every punch and kick.  Like the main problem of guys who are ripped like bodybuilders, they run out of gas fast because of the muscles need for oxygen. 

People (including the announcers) point to another matchup as one of Cyborg's great fights against another wild and powerful brawler, the Dutch monster Melvin Manhoof.  Great fight, by MMA standards.  But the guys gas out.  Here's that fight.

Manhoef/Cyborg Run-out-of-gas slugfest

Which is why Diaz/Cyborg was easy to pick Diaz.  And it was great.  Diaz picked Cyborg apart with science, the sweet science, and grit.  Cyborg's wife stood a better chance with Diaz.

It's clear fighting is what Diaz does best.  And he found the right profession, because he put on a show making a Brazilian mauler I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley after someone told him I banged his wife and made him look stupid.  In fact, Diaz wins, then goes to the cage and talks trash to someone in the crowd as if he was going out there.  A drink was tossed into the pit in response.

For once, thank you, Nick Diaz, for punking that Brazilian.  Not since Don Frye stomped Amauri Bitteti have I been so happy.  Back in the days when you could attack the spine with downward elbow strikes, knees to the head on the ground, attack the back of the head with downward elbows.  Even headbutt a guy to the face.  Ah, those were the days!

Frye vs. Bitteti - A Celebration of an American Moustache stomping Brazil

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