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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

FIGHTS: Preview - La Lechuza: Revelation of the Blood Queen

New adventure pits
La Lechuza vs. Vampires in the Border Patrol

First title of 2018 pits the hard fighting, hard loving Paula Belle Luna, Codename: La Lechuza, against the forces of darkness!  Vampires have infiltrated the Border Patrol, and its up to Paula to stop them.
In the following excerpt, Paula has discovered the menace and wants to confirm if the malevolent beings are capturing illegal immigrants and holding them prisoner for their precious blood.  She gets a ride to the Border Patrol facility just outside of San Uvalde by her arms provider, Reverend Farkas.
This book is a work of fiction.  People, places, events, and situations are the product of the author’s imagination.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or historical events, is purely coincidental. 

Copyright 2016, 2017, 2018 Bowie V. Ibarra and  All Rights Reserved.


          “Are you going to tell me anything, Paula?”

          “Didn’t Jesus say, ‘Silence is Golden’, padre?”

          “That wasn’t Jesus.”

          Paula had to reach out to Rev. Farkas if she was going to undertake her reconnoiter on the Border Patrol.  Making sure the kids were taken care of at the house, she had picked up most of her gear.  There was enough supplies for her recon, but she needed one last important element.

          A ride.

          “Why couldn’t you take your own car?” said Rev. Farkas, shifting the steering wheel to avoid a pothole on the road.

          “Because everyone knows my car.  Besides, your company and blessing are needed.”  She gripped her hands together, tilted her head, and fluttered her eyes in an insincere gesture.

          “You always have my blessing, Paula,” said Rev. Farkas patiently.  He couldn’t help but huff and shake his head with a grin as he turned onto a road just outside of town near the Purple Sage.  “But I’m not going with you.”

          “I’m just doing recon,” said Paula. “And I just need you to pick me up in an hour… right here.”

          Paula could see the Border Patrol building in the distance and called for Rev. Farkas to stop.

          “Alright.  Simonize our watches to one hour,” said Paula, prepping her timer on her teched-out googles.

          “Synchronize?” said Rev. Farkas, prepping his watch.

          “Whatever,” said Paula.  “On one.  In 3, 2, 1.”

          Farkas and Paula started their timer together and Paula slung her gear pouch, storing a rope and a grappling hook as well as a few other supplies, across her shoulder.  But before she stepped out, she looked to Farkas.

          “How about that blessing, padre?”

          Smiling and making the sign of the cross over Paula, Rev. Farkas gave Paula her blessing.  “Lord, bless and protect your daughter and servant, and bring her back to me in an hour.  Amen.”

          Their eyes locked.  A moment.

          “Amen,” said Paula, stepping into the night and running into the brush a few hundred yards from the facility.

          Without her original outfit, Paula had to improvise.  She had picked a pair of black spandex leggings with a thin green stripe running down the side of her legs to her green Addidas wrestling high tops.  Her throwing knives were strapped around her right thigh.  Her Bowie knife hung from her right hip.  The spandex top she was wearing matched her leggings, complete with green trim on the shoulders that ran down to her wrists.  Green trim also laced the material around her generous cleavage. And if you looked hard enough, you could see a soft belly behind the black spandex.  The lenses of her high-tech goggles were yellow and her hands were covered with loaded SAP gloves.

          Jogging through the brush, she crouched down and snapped a pic of the facility using her goggles.  Then, using the device’s projector app that produced two screens in front of her, she opened the screen and dialed up the coordinates of her location.  It was projected in one of the screens, then copied and pasted to a satellite imagery app.

          Even though she had resigned from the clandestine organization she once worked for**, the tech and apps still worked for her.  And Rev. Farkas, along with Sister Joyce, made sure to secure the apps and have access to any upgrades without ever losing info.

          As the satellite photo was being downloaded, Paula was studying a blueprint of the main building taken from the San Uvalde municipality database on the other open window.  She twisted and turned her hand in front of her face, manipulating the size of the image with the projector app.

          That’s when a text alert blinked above the open windows.

          It was Mickey.

          What R U wearing?

          “Dammit, Mickey,” whispered Paula as she checked out the now-available satellite image.  “Some other time, man.”

          The image was in great resolution, and showed not only the main office building, but the location of the warehouse, hidden in the trees and brush a few hundred yards behind the main office.  The same office from the vision.  Upon closer examination, Paula noticed a non-paved road to the warehouse was hidden in the trees.  Though a few vehicles were parked around the hidden building, there was no evidence of guard towers or people in general.  No security walking around.  Curiously, there were no windows on the upper level of the warehouse.  So there was no question the main target to investigate was the warehouse.

          So, staying in the shadows, Paula crept through the trees and brush to the warehouse.

          As she made her way, a deep sense of dread began to fill her heart with fear.  She stopped, cloaked in darkness and looked around.  She felt like a pair of eyes, or more, were looking at her.

          She turned on her infrared vision.


          Night vision.




          “Enough with the fear, Paula,” she whispered, returning the goggles to normal vision.

          Fighting through the fear, Paula emerged from the brush, still in the cover of darkness, near the building.  She clicked on the ‘Camera Freeze’ app on her goggles screen that freeze-framed security camera transmissions.  She then had the goggles perform an electronic assessment of alarms and locks.  While she let the apps do their work, she checked out the building exterior.

          Similar to the main office, this big warehouse had no windows with the exception of one large window on the third floor.  Paula assumed there was a matching one on the opposite side.  The building was made of cinder blocks and had two large metal doors at the front, big enough to drive a large vehicle through.  She switched to X-Ray vision app and immediately noticed she could not penetrate the walls with the app.


          The electronic assessment of the alarms returned, and she optioned to have them turned off.  But the locks to the main door were not electrical.

          Taking another look at the aerial shots, Paula noticed large vents and skylights on the top of the building.  That was a new option.

          “Glad I brought you,” said Paula, pulling out a rope and hook from the bag.  Finding a good edge that looked strong enough to allow the hook to grip on the flat roof, Paula spun the hook and rope before getting enough momentum to throw it up.  The hook caught hold of an edge, and after a quick test, Paula climbed the wall.

pouch after tying it up again.  She scoped out the rooftop and could see the skylights she had viewed in the satellite images.

          “Let’s take a peekski,” she whispered, walking to a skylight.  The rocks that were spread across the tar roof crunched under her boot.  She looked around her, sensing she was being watched.


          Looking down into the warehouse, the lights were off.  All she could see was the soft glow of computer monitors stuck on a screen saver and other electrical devices near the floor.

          “I need light,” she whispered, activating the night vision of her goggles.  Clicking it on, she peered through the skylight.


          Her eyes grew wide as the night vision app brought to light what was hidden.

          Help me.

          Below, in the large warehouse, were rows upon rows of white tables.  Lying on the tables, strapped down and set with multiple intravenous devices, were humans.  Apparently, they were dressed in the clothes they had been caught in and set on the tables.  Very clear streams of blood were passing through the IVs.  A mask was set over their nosed and mouths in which Paula assumed was the gas that kept them under and, perhaps, oxygen to keep them alive.

          But the most fascinating aspect was how the tables were arranged on multiple conveyer belts.  The belts ran diagonally in a cycle.  The setup reminded Paula of the old mills that cycled through with buckets scooping water into the mill, spinning it.  Even though this machine was not working now, Paula assumed that’s how it ran.

          They must cycle through every day and harvest the blood, she thought.  Fed intravenously.  Diabolical.

          “It’s quite a setup, wouldn’t you agree?”

          The voice startled Paula, who immediately turned and shined the light from her goggles on the source of the voice behind her.  The source of the comment held up her hand to the bright light.  Paula could see the woman’s lips, laced in red lipstick, curve into a smile.  She knew exactly who it was.  Bolts of fear shot through her body.

          “Why, Deborah Robins.  Taking a midnight stroll on a rooftop tonight?” said Paula, trying to stay calm.

          “You could say that,” she said.  She could feel Paula’s fear.    

          Ms. Robins was wearing a Border Patrol uniform.  Her top was unbuttoned.  Paula hated how the bitch showed off her rack.  The wind caught her jet black hair and ruffled her straight bangs.  “Just doing my job.”

          “Security, right?”

          “Right,” she replied, walking to Paula.  “You’re coming with me.”

          “How about ‘no’, dear,” said Paula, unsheathing three throwing knives from her thigh strap and jetting them toward Agent Robins.  They whistled through the air and struck true.  One struck Ms. Robins’ throat.  The second, in the chest, right between her two large breasts.  Third, her stomach.  They set in Ms. Robin’s body in a line.  Blood sputtered from the points of entry, soiling her top.

          Agent Robins gurgled in pain, removing the knives and staggering.  “You cunt,” she whispered.

          Paula pulled out the hook and rope again and untied it, ready to go over the side again.  “I’m the boss here, bitch.  Don’t fuck with me.”  Some confidence was returning.

          Ms. Robins’ gurgles turned to laughter.  Her throat sizzled and healed before Paula’s eyes.  Steam rose from the other wounds as they also healed.

          “No,” said Ms. Robins, dashing to Paula at an unearthly speed.  “I am the boss!”

          Not expecting the move and the speed, and with no time to respond, Ms. Robins shoved Paula into the air.  Taking flight, out of control, Paula was sent over the edge of the building.  Having just scaled the wall, she knew exactly what was below her.

          Paula’s body was on a crash course for the hard stones and dirt on the ground below.

          ** see ‘Codename: La Lechusa’
=  == === ==== === == =
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