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Saturday, March 22, 2014

FIGHTS: Another Retro #WWE Program from the early '80s

Bowie V. Ibarra

I'm sure you already saw how cool the first retro WWE program from the 80s was.  Well, my buddy had two of them that his grandmother gave him.  Here's the second, featuring Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine.  Check out what's inside this one.


The Grand Wizzard has very lofty plans for Greg Valentine.  He feels in the blond bomber he has found a man capable of defeating Bob Backlund for the coveted W.W.F. Heavyweight Championship.

Valentine's ring style will prove hard to top.  The blond bomber simply tears into his opponents, literally pounding them into submission.  Over the years he has earned the reputation of 'The Hammer', for use of wicked elbow smashes that have demolished all wrestlers put in his path.

In addition Greg is very effective with the figure four leglock.  He has the holds and desire, but will they be enough to overcome Bob Backlund, one of the greatest champions in modern wrestling history?

Take a look at these featured grapplers.

THE MAGNIFICENT MURACO - The muscular young man from Hawaii claims that the Inter-Continental Heavyweight Championship is just the first of many honors that he intends to capture.

PEDRO MORALES - If this former champion has anything to say about it, Muraco's title reign may end being a very short one.  Pedro feels that Muraco used a foreing object to steal the crown from him in the first place.

KING KONG MOSCA - This big man is used to having things go completely his way, with his size and power he can usually back up his demands and get them.  An All-Pro nine years in a row in football before turning to pro-wrestling.

DOMENIC DeNUCCI - One of the most beloved all time stars of the W.W.F. grappling scene, Domenic is neer too busy to sign an autograph or pose for a fan picture.  Another cagey veteran, he knows all the tricks.

W.W.F. promoters are finding it hard to sign opponents for Killer Khan.  Many wrestlers point out the fact that they normally don't mind wrestling any other wrestler, but in Khan's case they run the risk of permanently being put out of action.
It is true that the big man from Mongolia has managed to cripple two of the sport's top stars in recent weeks.
A short time ago Killer became the first man ever to hand Andre the Giant a broken bone.  'The Eighth Wonder of the World' was forced to spend some painful time in a hospital bed recovering from his wounds.
And more recently Khan injured Rick 'Quickdraw' McGraw during a torrid T.V. encounter.  Khan suplexed McGraw with such force, neck first into the canvas, that now Rick won't be able to wrestle for months.
The question is who will Killer Khan injure next?  His manager Fred Blassie has boasted that Bob Backlund, popular W.W.F. Champion will be the next to feel the wrath of the vicious Killer Khan.

More featured grapplers!
ROBERTO SOTO - Like his big brother Manuel, Roberto has become a big fan favorite with W.W.F. fans with his fast and exciting ring style.  Although he prefers to wrestle within the rules, he has an explosive temper when fouled.
S.D. JONES - Many fell that the reason S.D. Jones' great success since his return to the W.W.F. has been his tremendous conditioning.  Also an important factor is that Jones has now developed a true killer's instinct, and knows when to go for a pin or submission.
JOHNNY RODZ AND JOSE ESTRADA - These two veterans stars are always difficult to defeat in the ring.  From time to time Jose and Johnny form a very effective tag team combination.  Needless to say in those situations they tend to become double-tough.

BARON MIKEL SCICLUNA - The big man from Malta is another veteran star who really knows his way around the ropes.  At one time he was one half of the W.W.F. Tag Team Champions.  On a good night he still has all that it takes to defeat the toughest of opposition.
And check out who gets the back page.
Fans everywhere were happy when the smooth working duo of Tony Garea and Rick Martel were able to defeat The Moondogs in a rematch for the W.W.F. Tag Team Titles.
But they won't be able to rest on their past glories, already new and dangerous competition have been eye-balling the coveted title belts.
Leading the list of serious title threats is Japan's top rated team of Saito and Fuji.  Fuji of course is no stranger to either the W.W.F. or the tag team title.  In the past he has worn those same belts with Prof. Tanaka.  Fuji has complete confidence in his new tag team partner and feels it is just a matter of time before they go on to win the title.
Tony and Rick certainly will have something to say about that!  Now that they have rewon the title, they have vowed to defend against all worthy contenders, but are determined not to leave a ring as ex-champions once more.
How cool was all that?
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BOWIE V. IBARRA is the author of the acclaimed 'Down the Road' zombie horror series from Permuted Press.  He earned a BFA in Acting and a MA in Theatre History from Texas State University.  His latest titles explore superhero themes, including 'Codename: La Lechusa', 'Room 26 and the Army of Xulhutdul', and 'Tejano Star and the Vengeance of Chaplain Skull'. 
Network with Bowie at his official website,, the leader in Tex-Mexploitation literature.


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