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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

FIGHTS: Dana, Klitschko Mgmt. Group, make Dos Santos/Either Klitschko happen

Bowie V. Ibarra

So, SB Nations MMA Department reported that Former UFC Heavyweight Champ Junior Dos Santos (6' 4", 239lbs) claimed he could beat any of the Klitschko brothers in a boxing match.

For those who aren't familiar with the Klitschko brothers, they are two Heavyweight Ukranian dudes who have been two of the most dominant heavyweight boxers in boxing history.  Vladimir 'Dr. Steelhammer' (6' 6", 243lbs) and Vitali 'Dr. Iron Fist' Klitschko (6' 7", 248lbs) have had a stranglehold on the entire weight class, disposing of competitors left and right.

So many readers like myself who appreciate combat sports in all its forms might have had the same gut reaction of 'Rolling On The Floor and Laughing My Ass Off' when you read that headline.  Dos Santos feels he can compete with the two professional boxing champions because he 'boxes' with 'sparring partners' during the early parts of his training.  That's cute, Junior.  That's real cute.

But taking a step back from the initial reaction, truth is Dos Santos has a 'punchers chance' at defeating a Klitschko.  Let's look at some big facts of the matter.

1.  FIGHTING CAB DRIVERS - The Klitschkos are on top of a division that is at a historic low for heavyweight competition.  That's part of the reason why the Klitschkos have remained on top.  There's just not a lot of dudes who can run with them in the division right now. 

Now I joke that they're fighting cab drivers at this point because there's not a lot of competition for them out there right now.  Like dudes fighting St. Pierre or Anderson Silva before he became MMA's jackass, the Klitschkos are just on another level as compared to their competition right now.  Dos Santos might not be a professional-caliber boxer, but he's got enthusiasm and a punchers chance.

2.  THE BROTHERS HAVE LOST WHEN INJURED OR PUSHED - Both brothers have suffered losses as well.  The two losses on Vitali's record come from stopping a fight after his left hand became injured against Chris Byrd and his face was mauled by Lennox Lewis.  Vladimir lost to three fighters, Lamon Brewster, Ross Purrity, and Corrie Sanders.  All three of the fighters pushed the pace with Vladimir and ended up taking TKO wins.  Dos Santos might not be the pretties puncher in boxing science terms, but he would definitely push the pace.

3.  DOS SANTOS HAS 12 KOs WINS - Of his 16 fights, two were won by decision, two were losses, two were submission wins.  But 12 of them are KOs.  I remember watching Dos Santos and noticing his hand speed was pretty good.  And though that hand speed and wild swinging he does works for MMA, it won't work so well in boxing.  Guys in MMA walk back in a line and leave themselves open to those 'Wanderlai Silva' type flurries.  And heavyweights with five-ounce gloves?  Forget it. 

So Dos Santos, who carries on the tradition of cocky Brazillian combat sportsmen, believes that because he 'boxes' with 'sparring partners' and has 12 KOs with 5 ounce MMA gloves, he can handle a Klitcshko?  Truth is, maybe.  The key to defeating them is pushing the pace, and Dos Santos can do that.

But those 8oz. gloves and 10 rounds will present a problem for Dos Santos if it goes into the later rounds.

4.  GIVE DOS SANTOS A BOXING PAYDAY - UFC pays big stars pretty good.  But nowhere close to a boxing payday.  Let Dos Santos get a boxing payday, Dana.  Hell, lets get you and the Fertittas a boxing management payday, too. 

And think about the potential if he does win.  First, you can say your MMA champ stepped into a boxing ring and beat a boxing legend.  Then, there's your rubber match money.  Everybody, including fight fans, win.

All in all, its a fight that needs to happen, mainly because of the money to be made.  I know you boxing promoters like money, so let's do it. 

Dos Santos is a warrior.  That's his career choice: punching people about the face and body, kicking them, choking them, or locking out limbs.  He thinks he can beat another warrior skilled a giving dudes concussions with his fists, then let them go at it.  That's what they do for fun and profit.  That's what fight fans want to see:  Two dudes throwing down for combat sports glory.

It could be the shot in the arm the boxing heavyweight division needs.  And its two dudes who think they are the best punching each other in the face to determine who the best face and body puncher in the heavyweight world is.

Think about that money, guys.  Make it happen.

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Bowie earned a BFA in Acting and MA in Theatre History from Texas State University.  Network with Bowie for updates and news at his official website,


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