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Monday, October 28, 2013

ZOMBIES: Recap - #TheWalkingDead Late 'Wild Speculation', Notes for 'Isolation'

Bowie V. Ibarra

'The Walking Dead' returns with another dark episode that just gets darker.  It seems this season they're balancing the action with a crueler theme at this point.  But before we get to the notes/recap, let's see how some of the 'wild speculation' played out

JACKIE DRUGA, author of 'The Flu' series from Permuted Press

First just let me get my typical gripe out of the way. I hate the fact that they wrote all the Woodbury residents into the series, and now they have found a way to write them off. Gotta love that the immune are original cast. Hmmm. Maybe that has something to do with the illness.

My prediction is the illness is not what you think. I think Kirkman and writers got a hold of my book Flu 2 and stole the idea of taking a germ from a BSL lab. The Gov did that. It’s all him.

Carol is doing the killing. She and that little girl are doing the deeds.

ARMY ED, Special Weapons and Tactics Advisor to

I think Carol will turn out to be the one responsible for the rats and burning the bodies.

R THOMAS RILEY, author of If God Doesn't Show from Permuted Press

1) there will be more minor character deaths due to the "superflu", characters who we barely know their names, a major character will get sick, my prediction is either Rick (though he'll recover) or Daryl.

2) supply run, yep, and then the supply run will experience a setback, separating the two groups for an episode or 2.

3) a new group will (at least should) be introduced, Rick and company are going be faced with some tough decisions, possibly expelling the sick ones to protect the core group, of course this will be met with resistance and Rick's position will be in jeopardy as group leader.

So how did they do?  Looks like both Jackie and Army Ed scored with the prediction that CAROL WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR EXECUTING THE FIRST TWO SICK FOLKS by burning them.  Well done Army Ed and Jackie.  That confession by Carol to Rick was pretty cold.  Not to mention the fact that she was asked by Tyrese to watch after Sasha while he was away.  Now we'll have to see how the possible revelation to Tyrese plays out.  And we get to see if Carol executes Sasha, too.

That's an issue, though, because Tyrese made the SUPPLY RUN that EXPERIENCED A MAJOR SETBACK (way to go, R Thomas) when the team that was sent 50 miles out to get antibiotics was jumped by the proverbial zombie mob and their Dodge Charger was disabled.

Here's some notes and observations from this episode:


So, looks like the character Zach happened to have a stylish black Dodge Charger that Daryl had the ability to fix for the supply run.  We've already seen our hardy survivors use Dodge Rams.  Dodge trying to get that Hyundai Santa Fe/Death Dealer promo dollars.


Eesh.  The harsh truth of the Zombie Apocalypse has been a part of this series from the first five minutes of the series:  Kids are going to die, too.  Remember when Rick's first action was shooting a little girl who had turned into a zombie in the face?  Remember when they spent an entire half of season two looking for a kid?  Remember when The Governor kept his dead daughter, Penny, around after turning and Michone put a sword through her head in front of her father?  Here we go again with one of the kids Carol tried to train coming down with the virus that killed her dad.


So, the weirdest moment was when Carol knocked over the water barrel.  What was that about?  There was still a lot of water in there.  If she wanted more water, couldn't she have tilted the barrel to get to it from the spout.  Could she have tainted the well with zombie blood and spilled it out of guilt?

JACKIE DRUGA chimes back in with WILD SPECULATION for next week's show: 

My prediction for next week, Rock finds out Carol is not alone. Hershel saves people but gets sick in the process and we find out that Michonne was actually a stay at home mom of a little boy who was snatched from the crib by walkers.

Will the squad sent out for antibiotics make it back on time?  Did Tyrese get bit or get all that gore in his mouth and get infected?  Looks like we'll have to wait until next week to find out more.

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