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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

FIGHTS: Notes from 'NWA Branded Outlaw Wrestling Invasion' 2013

Bowie V. Ibarra

NWA-Branded Outlaw Wrestling out of San Antonio, Texas put on one of the best wrestling shows I've been to in a while.  Well, truth is, that's what they always seem to do with a roster stacked to the gills with the best in Texas talent right now.  I'm glad I finally made time to show up.
But the big news was that not only were the Texas stars going to compete, but members of New Japan Pro-Wrestling were scheduled to compete as well, including the legendary Hiroshi Tenzan and Jushin Liger.  It was Mongolian Chops and Koppo Kicks for everyone this past Saturday night in San Antonio.
Here's some notes on some things that went down.

MY LITTLE GIRL'S FIRST SHOW - My little girl has been to a WWE wrestling show before, but we were sitting in the rafters.  This time around, I got us front row tickets to the fun.
Well, those who know me know that I enjoy myself and understand the athletic magic show that is pro-wrestling.  But the brutal illusion was a little hard for her to take after the first match featuring RUDY RUSSO, WEEZY WOO, national talent CHASE OWENS, among others.  The intensity was too much for her and she started shedding tears for the good guys, so we stepped to the back for a bit and watched the following matches from the back.  She eventually got acclimated to the action and the fun and we moved back to the front.  It was an unexpected, but wonderful experience.
She really liked NWA-BOW heavyweight JAX DANE after he came out to help the new competitor, MR. MICAH, after his match with MIKE DELL when JEREMY SAGE'S friends came out to beat up Micah.  The way my little girl saw it, Jax Dane stood up for the new kid who has no friends yet in NWA-BOW.  My girl appreciated Jax coming out to help Micah and make friends with him.
She also enjoyed SCOT SUMMERS match against GEDO and wanted to give Scot a hug after losing to him and Gedo jumped him.  She eventually did, though.
By the end of the night, she was totally into the show and had a good time.  She's not quite ready for front row just yet, but I don't have any problem with that.
And the greatest thing that happened?  She got a picture with Jushin 'Thunder' Liger.
And for me, she got to see an honest to God National Wrestling Alliance show.
It was a great time for some photo ops with names I read about online, as well as watch them in action.  Here's some snaps.
Below is a pic with one of the architects of the current NWA product, TONY BROOKLYN.

Here's a pic with the newly crowned NWA Lightweight Champ, CHASE OWENS.

Here's a pic of south Texas pro-wrestling superfan, Tommy, getting an earful from CHARLIE HAAS.
Here's a pic with JASON KINCAID, one of the names from the east coast.  He was pretty good.

Snaps of Jushin 'Thunder' Liger!  He teamed up with HIROYOSHI TENZAN to take on BYRON WILCOTT and MICHAEL TARVER.

I got a chance to meet some of the NWA heavy-hitters from the east coast and Canada, DAMIEN WAYNE and 'THE CANADIAN LION' LANCE ERIKSON.  They've formed a tag-team called 'The Lords of Chaos' and looked alright during their four-corners tag match.  Erickson was a great power man, but he looked like he was struggling with his cardio as the match went into the deep water.  I still enjoyed finally watching them and wish them the best.
Truth is, I want to see a Kingz of the Underground vs. Lords of Chaos match.  That is, after Erikson gets that cardio up.

I had the privilege to meet the legacy to The British Bulldogs.  DH Smith, son of late 'The British Bulldog' Davey Boy Smith was in attendance.  Talk about a legacy to be proud of.  Smith looked outstanding in the ring, and Davey Boy would be proud.

Love him or hate him, learn to like him because BRUCE THARPE is doing what it takes to reconstruct the NWA.  After a year, I think he's doing a great job, and wish continued growth and success to him and the organization.

I also had a chance to meet two of the best pro-wrestling bloggers out there, BRANDON STROUD and DANIELLE MATHESON of 'Best and Worst of WWE' and 'Best and Worst of TNA' fame, respectively.
If you're not checking out their weekly blogs linked above, the time to start doing that is now.

All in all, it was a true dream come true.  I thank NWA-BOW for bringing this talent in.  Truth is, they have been putting together great cards since their inception with the best in Texas talent and athletes from across the nation.  Keep it up, NWA.  You've got a fan here that wants to see you succeed and bring the NWA Title back to the prominence it deserves.
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Bowie earned a BFA in Acting and MA in Theatre History from Texas State University.  Network with Bowie for updates and news at his official website,
And before you go, here's some more random snaps from the event.  Enjoy!

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