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Monday, October 14, 2013

ZOMBIES: Recap/Notes - #TheWalkingDead returns with '30 Days Without an Accident'

Bowie V. Ibarra

The noted zombie horror TV series 'The Walking Dead' returned October 13th with a great new set up of a world turned upside down by the zpoc.  Here's a brief recap of the show.


Daryl leads some of the folks from the prison into town for supplies.  They come across a 'Big Lots' style store that was once some kind of FEMA camp.  Little do they know a chopper had crashed on the roof, leaving the roof unstable for the mass of zombies (?) that had found their way on the roof.  So as the team goes inside to find supplies, the roof caves in during a struggle, and the boyfriend of one of the WD Prison Originals, Beth, doesn't make it out.

When Daryl fills in Beth on what went down, she isn't as affected as she used to be, which is why she didn't tell him goodbye.  She then resets the 'Days Without an Accident' board to 0.


A daily routine of killing zeds up against the fence is put on display, with folks stabbing zeds in the brain to kill them.  But Carol talks about it being an issue, as there are more and more pushing up against it.  Look for a collapse soon.

And it might be a good time for the WD Prison Crew to be reminded of bloodborne pathogens, as Karen kissing Tyrese after work on the fence was kind of unsafe.


Rick has been helping out in the garden, and apparently, the group has put together quite a garden.  With so many mouths to feed, it was a good move.  Rick welcomes Michonne back, who has been hunting for goods and the Governor.  Rick goes out to check some snares and comes across a sickly woman who tries to get at an animal in his snare.  She leads him back to her camp where she tries to kill him to feed him to what seems to be her living dead husband.  She kills herself before answering the 'three questions' (How many walkers have you killed?  How many people have you killed?  Why?)


Carl gets a chance to hang out with some kids his age, finally.  Even though he's named the sick pig Violet, Rick reminds him not to name the animals.  By the way, the sick pig ends up dead at the end of the episode for some mysterious reason.

Carl finds some kids naming zeds along the fenceline and encourages them not to name the zeds.  They invite him to storytime, where Carol uses it as a sneaky time to teach the little kids how to defend themselves with knives.  Carl catches her and she begs him not to tell Rick.

But a kid named Zach leaves the room, claiming he's sick.  He goes down to the shower room, coughing into the water used to bath and passes out.  Within moments, he turns into a zed.


The Hyundai Santa Fe.  Dodge Ram.  And now Blue Moon Beer.  I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one that saw how neatly placed those cases of beer were at the Big Lots before the zeds fell from the sky, and how prominently placed they were throughout the fight.  Hell, they even created a character that had a drinking problem to start the whole madness.


It looks like they're starting slow with the pacing this time around.  I'm alright with that so far.  They provided enough story and enough action to keep me interested.  It was a good balance.

I'm okay with this set up.  We'll see how this develops and if anyone else gets sick like the kid Zach, and if him coughing into the water supply will be an issue.

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