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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

FIGHTS: New NWA World Tag Team Champs crowned in SATX

by Bowie Ibarra

Photo credit Scot Summers official Facebook  page salutes the newly crowned National Wrestling Alliance World Tag Team Champions, Scot Summers and Ryan Genesis: The Kingz of the Underground.

The National Wrestling Alliance has been wallowing in the mire of mismanagement and neglect for over a decade now, and in spite of the history and tradition the organization represents and the wrestlers who tried to keep the spirit and respect alive (including Adam Pierce, Colt Cabana, and Blue Demon, Jr.), no one was willing to resurrect the group.

But the controversial Bruce Tharp and a management team including the motivated NWA Vice-President/CFOTony Brooklyn (of NWA-Houston) are hoping to return the name to glory.

Being a Texas indy wrestling fan, giving the KotU a shot at the NWA world tag-titles was a step in the right direction.  The Dark City Fight Club has held the titles for a very long time now.  Whether that was a matter of not having quality competition or lack of actual contests is debatable.  Considering the way NWA was run prior to this year, there's lots of reasons people could speak up against the legitimacy of the Dark City Fight Club's title reign.

The fact remains that they earned the titles and defended them during that long time period, so whoever wanted them could fight them for it.

With Branded Outlaw Wrestling taking on the NWA mantle, the KotU were ready to make a run at the titles.  Jon Davis, one half of the champs, was absent in the defense and replaced by a more-than-capable replacement Lance Hoyt, one half of the IWGP World Tag Champs in Japan, who teamed with Kory Chavis.

In the end, the more prepared tag team took the titles.  And its this blogger's opinion that the KotU will represent those titles with respect and honor to the tradition it holds.

On that note, Lance Hoyt offered a challenge to the new world champs.  His claim was to be able to call themselves 'real' world champs, they should battle it out with the IWGP World Tag Champs, The Killer Elite Squad of Hoyt and DH Smith.

If that matchup is to ever go down, it will be a huge step in returning the glory and respect the NWA titles hold.  And there's no better tag team in Texas, and perhaps the nation, to defend that honor than Scot Summers and Ryan Genesis: The Kingz of the Underground.


NWA Branded Outlaw Wrestling Notes

-- New Branded Outlaw Heavyweight Champ Jax Dane was crowned Sunday as well, defeating his ally Ray Rowe.  Rowe was game, but could just not handle the power advantage Dane had, which makes me wonder who can beat the 'Vanilla Godzilla'.  The NWA championship committee needs to consider Jax Dane a top contender for TokyoMonster Kahagas' title.

-- Houston Carson defended his NWA North American Title against Mike Dell and Jaykus Plyskin.


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